The Friday Read: Ethical Clothing, The Best Food in Los Angeles and The SuitSupply Online Outlet

It’s pretty hard to fathom that already, eight days have been crossed off 2016 – it’s been a whirlwind start to the year, what with a weekend in Detroit exploring top menswear spots, followed by a trip this week to the famed Outdoor Retailer Conference in Salt Lake City, where I’ve been busy representing Timberland. It’s been great to meet with lots of trade and lifestyle media, establish new connections and learn more about what others in the editorial and public relations industries have going on.
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And with that being said, I’ll probably be looking forward to a good day of rest on Sunday! As to matters in the #menswear world – how are your 2016 style resolutions holding up so far? I’m already looking to make headway with a few of mine (i.e. wearing less blue), but it’s a work in progress. If you’re looking for a different sort of a revamp, like a stylish pair of winter boots or a warm winter peacoat, click on those links. We’re far from out of the woods with the cold weather though – in that regard, we’ll be rounding up the best men’s winter accessories – from gloves to scarves and socks – on Monday. For now, get ready for happy hour later and enjoy the weekend!

  • (RIP to the print mag) reports that, according to an Ohio State University study, those who don’t frequently shop for clothing made ethically are perceived as “boring and fashion-challenged.” Yikes! I’ll stick to my Apolis  chinos (and so will DETAILS, apparently).
  • Is L.A. the most exciting food city in America? GQ says yes, yes indeed. I must say, I unfortunately didn’t get to many of these during my trip to Los Angeles this past fall — maybe one day!
  • Ever on top of the digital style game, Dappered reports that the SuitSupply online outlet has returned, filled to the (mostly-stocked) brim with all of your tailoring needs — some of it is quite flashy but other pieces are just right.
  • Long Read of the Week: We’re back with another long read, and this one’s a doozy — Nautilus dives right into the search to find extraterrestrial life, and what it might mean for us mere earthlings.

Can’t get enough #menswear writing? Read these:

    • Throne Watches is producing premium timepieces inspired by great American cities, like the Throne 1.5 x Brooklyn Watch — I found out more for GearMoose (a new writing venture I’m taking on this year!).
    • And not to be outdone, JackThreads is back at it again with its Geo Sweater, as profiled in my latest GearHungry feature.


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