#OOTD: How to Style Casual Spring Basics

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

Sometimes, you reach a point in your quest to build great style where it’s refreshing to turn back to the basics. After all, style doesn’t always have to be complicated or overly formal, as we’ve talked about in past #OOTD posts here on The Style Guide. Taking well-crafted, well-fitting and versatile pieces is a skill that’s underrated in a #menswear world where $10,000 suits are floated out in the digital style space on the regular. Now while there’s a time and a place for that, today’s #OOTD goes back to basics in a bit of an unexpected way — namely, lots of upgraded products with a premium feel. That approach will pay off no matter the season — and just keep in mind that great style is an evolving process. Know your fundamentals, know ’em well and don’t be afraid to stick to ’em. Shop on, and thanks for reading!

Pieces that you know and love, with some premium upgrades thrown in the mix.

Pieces that you know and love, with some premium upgrades thrown in the mix.

The Oxford: Taylor Stitch The Jack in White Everyday Oxford, $98: The backbone of many an outfit, including this one. Crafted exceptionally well in America, you’d be wise to grab this number while it’s still in stock. (A heads-up that you can also snag it at Spring now, and shipping is free).

The Sweater: JACHS NY Heather French Terry Crewneck, $79: So you’ve got your white Oxford, but what if it gets a bit cold out there? This crewneck sweater combines soft French terry fabric with a rich indigo wash. High-low style at its best.

The Jeans: Raleigh Denim Workshop Jones Original Selvage Raw Denim, $285: So, nearly $300 is a heck of a lot for a pair of denim (it’s still no $10,000 suit, though!). But this could be the first and last pair of selvedge denim you buy.
The Belt: Tanner Goods Classic Belt, $100: Again, this is quite the price for a belt. But it’s a classic piece that’ll age well over time, and look great with casual or formal outfits.
The Sneakers: GREATS Royale Chukka in Oxblood, $169: While oxblood as a color definitely leans more toward colder weather, the suede keeps things texturally in line with spring, and the chukka cut is versatile and stylish.
The Socks: American Trench Rugby Stripe Boot Socks, $18: In keeping with the theme of super-luxe upgrades to style staples, American Trench crafts these solid boot socks in an eye-catching color combo using Italian-spun wool and silk.
The Watch: Daniel Wellington Dapper Reading Watch, $299: Rocking such a crisp, sharp watch with a laidback outfit? Certainly. The black leather combo between the belt and the watch is unexpected (in a good way). Give it a try sometime.
If some of the above prices gave you sticker shock, know that reaching for less, but reaching for better pieces, certainly pays off down the line — and it can add a premium feel to more laidback outfits, too! It’s always refreshing to realize the difference between a great pair of denim, say, and an average pair, for example. So the above #OOTD aims to nail that delicate balance in style.  Do you agree? Disagree? Any picks you’d substitute in instead? Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page!


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