Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Home Goods to Upgrade Your Space

Seeing as we’re getting into 2017 now, how are your men’s style resolutions coming along?  Hopefully, pretty swimmingly. Whether you’ve resolved to suit up more, buy that new winter jacket or upgrade your winter boots rotation, I wish you the best of luck.  And in the event that your resolutions are less about style and more about your lifestyle, today’s set of online shopping picks will have you more than set when it comes to matters outside of what’s on your feet. Yes, upgrading your living space is a sometimes-overlooked part of the men’s lifestyle equation — as you dress better, that can lead to an interest in new books, new music, art … the whole nine yards. Now, this is coming from a guy with a habit of hanging old concert posters on his walls … but it’s a work in progress. And as it turns out, brands and sites like Huckberry and Apolis, among others,  offer everything from gorgeous books to excellent art and neat, more refined touches for a guy’s home. That’s what we’re getting into today — not all of these pieces are full-on essentials, but many of them can go a long way toward making your home, office, apartment or work space a little more stylish and enjoyable. Weigh in over on The Style Guide Facebook page, and to see some behind-the-scenes menswear action, hit up yours truly on Instagram.  Shop away!
Beckett Simonon

The Candle: Farmhouse Pottery Pine Candle — $29.98

A masculine, but not overpowering, scent for your home or office.

A masculine, but not overpowering, scent for your home or office.

If there’s one thing that can go a long way to upgrading a guy’s study, office, etc. — we don’t say man cave around here — it’s scent. And something with a clean, masculine aroma, like this Farmhouse Pottery Pine Candle, is the way to go. The price is right, the candle container itself is no-fuss and the overall package should blend in handsomely with your bookshelf or desk. Is there anything better than putting on a nice candle and a good book — or the latest issue of Esquire? It really is the little things, folks.

The Wall Art: Meridian Line Comfort Zone Canvas Print — $43.98

A rugged, unique finishing touch to a workspace.

A rugged, unique finishing touch to a workspace.

While a candle might be a smaller detail, what’s hanging on your wall is much more noticeable — and carries with it even more potential to upgrade your space. And while we all love a good neon beer sign (I do wish I had one), a piece of simple, well-made and unique wall art can work wonders for a small space. Enter the justly named Comfort Zone Canvas Print as sold by our pals at Huckberry — from the leather hanging rope to the wooden dowels, it’s as masculine and yet versatile a piece of wall art as you can get. And it looks classier than that PBR poster — right?

The Planter: Friday and River Leather-Wrapped Planter — $50

An eye-catching addition to any small space -- when filled with an air plant, that is.

An eye-catching addition to any small space — when filled with an air plant, that is.

If you perused our last Style Guide Q&A, you know the home goods and lifestyle visionaries behind Friday & River. They focus on essential, well-made pieces for your everyday carry and your home — from slim wallets to smartly made candles and coasters — and they do it by blending a design ethos that’s part minimalist, part rugged and very essential. Even if you’re not a guy who goes crazy for gardening or plants, a leather-wrapped planter with a small air plant adds some color and a bit of a personal, brighter touch to any space.

The Fan: Stadler Form Otto Fan — $199.99

Do you need a stylish fan? Yes, yes I'd say you do.

Do you need a stylish fan? Yes, yes I’d say you do.

OK, so here’s the argument for upgrading your fan — if you’re going to need to have one anyway (say, if your office or apartment gets toasty in the summer), why not grab a fan that’s uniquely … stylish? Made from African saeple wood and designed with the sort of sharp minimalism one would expect from the Swiss (seriously), the Form Otto Fan could just be the last fan you need to buy — and that’s saying something.

The Unique Touch: PILLBOX Bat Co. Pinstripes Bat — $159.98
A visually interesting way to add some sports flair to your wall or bookshelf.

A visually interesting way to add some sports flair to your wall or bookshelf.

If you’re shopping for style on a budget — and who isn’t after the holidays — then dropping some dough on this cool-looking, yet not truly essential Pinstripes Bat  probably shouldn’t be your first priority. But if in fact you or someone you know is a big sports fan and wouldn’t mind seeing an upgraded take on the baseball bat hanging in their office or resting on their shelf, then by all means — swing for the fences (Bingo!).


The Magazine: Gear Patrol — $39 per Subscription

A supremely well-edited magazine done up for the modern man.

A supremely well-edited magazine done up for the modern man.

Among the essential tomes that should line a guy’s bookshelf, I’d humbly submit the beautifully designed, expertly crafted and just plain neat-to-read Gear Patrol. Everyone’s favorite purveyors of rugged-refined gear and sweet gadgets do a truly remarkable job producing biannual print issues that span the globe and feature relatable, well-executed content on everything from spirits and adventure to gourmet dining. It’s the type of magazine you really can pick up repeatedly and find something different each time — get out there, read and explore.

Are you ready to upgrade your living room or office as of yet? Or have you already started? Getting things going with a few small touches — a nice coffee-table magazine or a smart, masculine candle —  can lead to bigger changes, like hanging some rugged wall art or buying a better fan or even … *gasp* picking up a plant for your office or study. Like building great style, it’s all a process — and it can be fun to explore, add on and see how your tastes change over time.  But with that being said, you’ve got to start somewhere — and I hope the picks above help you out.

Start shopping, keep shopping and stay stylish!


Editor’s note: Portions of this post use affiliate links, from which a small commission on purchases might be earned.



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