The Friday Read: Grand Rapids, Basic Outfitters and The Esquire Man

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.

Phew — what day is it? Friday? If so, you’re in the right place with another edition of The Style Guide Friday Read. What a couple weeks it’s been — in a good way! Between hitting up menswear trade shows and New York Fashion Week: Men’s, followed by a winter trip to Grand Rapids (more on that in a second), I’m more than ready for this weekend. It was a heck of a start to the week as well, what with a unique  and fun spring campaign launch event via my day job drumming up menswear PR for Timberland (A hint: The brand’s sneaker-boots are where it’s at this coming season). With that being said … are you as tired as I am? Even still, there’s plenty of winter style to work — get shopping with the best men’s winter accessories and upgrade your space with stylish men’s home goods.  Or maybe you’re traveling this weekend — in that case, get smart with essential winter travel style. Before you close out the work week, I hope you’ll tune into what we’ve got ahead for you — namely, a fascinating look at the ongoing energy and focus that Esquire is bringing to the men’s media landscape in a time of turbulence. It’s a great piece. Oh, and we’ve got a look at a neat brand that’s helping you up your basics game. Yes, it’s all here. For a look at what’s going on in the #menswear world this weekend, join me on Twitter and Instagram. TGIF!

Beckett Simonon

  • A sharp addition to your summer footwear arsenal might have just arrived. What’s that, you say? Well, you can now pre-fund the smart, refined and waterproof footwear offerings from Gambino Alliance, a  recently launched Kickstarter that’s combining Italian leathers, liquid-resistant technology and memory foam comfort with versatile silhouettes like a sleek pair of Chelsea boots or a simple-yet-classic Oxford. Check them out — and pre-order them — via the Gambino Alliance site.
  • There’s certainly a lot going on in the menswear world this week, including the release of an unexpected — and unexpectedly awesome — new fragrance line from AXE. The AXE YOU grooming line includes everything from a daily fragrance to a body wash in clean, masculine scents; it’s certainly different from the old days of the brand! And it’s worth a look.
  • What is the mission of a men’s magazine nowadays? To provoke? To explain? To shed light on the world as it ought to be? Maybe a little bit of all of these things — the team at Esquire — and excellent, recently appointed editor-in-chief Jay Fielden — are setting out to answer these questions one issue at a time. So far, I think they’ve done an outstanding job — if you agree, you’ll love this piece from the New York Times on the future of Esquire.
  • As y’all know, we’re all about stylish, durable travel gear for this winter — check out how to dress for winter travel (in real life!) via my latest menswear trip to Grand Rapids. It’s a city with a stellar craft beer scene, some neat menswear shops — like Brothers Leather Supply — and plenty of classic Michigan scenery.

One more thing before you log off…

  • Don’t call it a comeback — call it an upgrade, if you will. It was great to learn more about Basic Outfitters for The Manual recently — here’s why you need to know this brand.
  • Before we close out for the weekend, I’d advise you to upgrade your gym gear — and possibly get ready for spring — with the Myles Apparel Everyday Short, my latest feature for the fine team at GearMoose.

OK, amped for the weekend? Beer at the ready — at least later in the day? Bingo.

Have a great one,



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