Style Guide Recommends: Why You Should Be Reading Style Girlfriend

Hanging with Megan of Style Girlfriend — and wearing some classic essentials, including Apolis chinos, a Life/After/Denim patchwork shirt and Allen Edmonds Liverpool Chelsea Boots.

Every day, I try to carve out some time to do a bit of reading — both related to #menswear and otherwise. There are certain sites that I always check out, with good reason — these sites bridge the gap between style and lifestyle. And without a doubt, Style Girlfriend does both quite well — making it a favorite daily read of mine (as well as an inspiration to start this blog, way back in college). The site features men’s style advice from women and covers plenty of other helpful categories, too. The team consistently delivers great work, day in and day out, to the benefit of all us who appreciate sharp style and a life lived well. Today, we’ll tell you why you should be reading Style Girlfriend — it’s all in a day’s work!

Not familiar with Style Girlfriend? You can catch up in part with our 2015 Q+A with Megan, which covered everything from men’s fashion to starting a business and helping guys lead better lives. The Style Girlfriend philosophy is an approach I’ve long admired for its attention to detail and its mission. Really, Style Girlfriend is all about helping men “be their best selves.” Whether you’re looking for  input on how to dress for the office or how to impress women , the SG team has you set.


All throughout the site, the Style Girlfriend team recognizes that there are so many different facets of men’s style that can — and should — be of interest in leading a better life. Whether it’s useful advice on advice on how to match clothing or their engaging, easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement “Five Days, Five Ways” series, there’s really no limit to how much time you could spend researching. The SG team really does have your back in matters beyond style — for instance, the site’s “What a Woman Wants” section covers, well, what women really want. That goes for little things like revealing date questions and helpful everyday advice. Pair those features with handy grooming tips, and you’ve got plenty of helpful, smart and well-done life advice in front of you.

Once again, I really do hope you take the time to check out the Style Girlfriend site. The work being done by the team, from style coverage to relationship advice and how to approach life’s challenges, really is invaluable. What are you waiting for?

As always — thanks for reading and stay stylish!




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