The Friday Read: A Taylor Stitch Giveaway, Portland Travel Tips and Stylish Sweatshirts

Is it just me, or has it been a long week? For your Style Guide author at least, it took a bit to recover from a fun trip out West to the lovely city of Portland! That’s  a long flight back to Brooklyn, but while in the City of Roses, I visited som excellent craft breweries, dined at a few great restaurants and took in a live show by the excellent synth pop band Future Islands! Again, you can read my trip recap and get some travel style tips of your own at that link. All very cool, exciting things to do on the road — and a nice way to cap off a month of travel, which also included a weekend trip to Nashville! Given all the hustle and bustle over these past few weeks, I’m definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend exploring Brooklyn and of course, working on more #menswear content while listening to some excellent tunes and perhaps enjoying a refreshing cold brew. On that note, The Killers released a  new album, “Wonderful Wonderful,” last week — despite some mixed reviews, it’s on track to be the band’s first No.1 album in the U.S. How about that? Maybe give that a listen as you dive into the below men’s style news? And most importantly, enjoy the weekend and check out tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. Cheers!

  • Let’s kick things off with news of an important giveaway — perhaps the most important giveaway you’ll enter all week! No, definitely the most important giveaway you’ll enter all week. GearMoose is giving you the chance to win a Taylor Stitch giveaway featuring pieces from the stellar Good Acre Collection. That includes a durable Chore Shirt or two, hard-wearing Chore Pants and plenty, plenty more — enter the Taylor Stitch giveaway at GearMoose and you’ll (hopefully) be rewarded! A heads-up — it runs for two weeks, so you’ve got plenty of time to again, enter this stellar Taylor Stitch giveaway.
  • What’s more quintessentially American than the crewneck sweatshirt? With athletic roots and a heritage that’s decidedly not high-fashion, this staple has stuck around for decades — and the stylish crewneck sweatshirt is being brought back in all kinds of forms by designers and brands new and old. You probably even know some (including the Todd Snyder x Champion Classic Pocket Sweatshirt, yes?). That’s why it was such a treat to write about the best men’s crewneck sweaters for The Manual — shop away and enjoy!
  • With roots in sporty and collegiate style — at least where I’m from in the Midwest — a stylish hooded sweatshirt can be tough to come by. But a hooded bomber jacket is an easy, grab-and-go piece that can actually look pretty smooth in more casual style situations — don’t take my word for it, though. Style Girlfriend tells you all about how to wear a hooded bomber the right way this season. It can indeed be done, friends!
  • Let’s end on another music-related note. Here in Brooklyn earlier this week, I had the pleasure of seeing the fantastic, fun and bright British pop duo Oh Wonder. They dropped their second album, “Ultralife,” earlier this summer, as it were — it’s filled with vibrant hooks, beautiful singing by Josephine Vander Gucht and some great live tracks. It’s an unexpected second album from a duo that never intended to make an album in the first place, and this Toronto Star profile captures the innovative, fun spirit that went into this album (and a heck of a show at Brooklyn Steel!).

We’re going to get the weekend started a little early today, my friends — we’ve got the Michigan State-Iowa football game coming up tomorrow, and I’d wager that we’ve got some men’s style and craft beer adventures around Brooklyn on the way, too. Follow along on Instagram for more, check back tomorrow for a new Style Pick of the Week and make sure you see us on Sunday for another See Now, Buy Now entry — #SundayFunday style.

Thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts, Style Girlfriend and Taylor Stitch

We’re here on the cusp of another weekend — and the start of another Friday Read — here at ye olde Style Guide. Can you believe June is flying by? And we’ve got a big weekend coming up, too — it’s Father’s Day, after all! But more on that in a bit. It’s certainly been a momentous summer here already, what with my weekend trip to see The Killers in New Jersey, preceded by a joyous weekend of live music at Governors Ball 2017 and then a Memorial Day weekend trip to Florida before that.

And if you can believe it, I’m on the road yet again this weekend — my travels are taking me South to lovely (and sweltering) Charleston for a family wedding. I’ll of course be doing my best to dress in style for a summer wedding — that means wearable, breathable staples like a classic navy blazer and stylish leather loafers, for starters. In addition to getting dolled up for the occasion, I’m also looking forward to catching up with family and spending some quality time with my own dad. On that front, I do hope your Father’s Day shopping is going (or went) smoothly — and if you’re in need of some last-minute Father’s Day gifts, I’d highly suggest you check out the gift guide we pulled together last week. And if you’re still in search of a few other ideas? I’ve assembled my favorite quick #menswear picks below. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week and enjoy Father’s Day! I’ll be recapping my trip to Charleston on Monday, and you can follow along on Instagram the whole way through.


As I said above, time is ticking away very quickly indeed to buy that great Father’s Day gift — right? If you’ve got a dad who loves either stylish sneakers or the finer things in life (a handsome pen, anyone?), shop these quick hits below.

    • From CrossPens: The Peerless TrackR Quartz Blue Ballpoint Pen is a smooth-writing, sharp-looking pen that’ll never get lost, thanks to its technologically savvy tracking capability.
    • From Filson: Father’s Day Gift GuideWhile the brand excels at making many types of rugged, durable and hard-wearing gear, I’m a big fan of several picks within the brand’s , geared toward an outdoors-loving dad.
    • From TOMS: Didn’t think TOMS could make something fit for the sneaker-loving dad? Think again, because the  TOMS Del Rey Sneaker features a simple, wearable silhouette that your dad might — no, will — enjoy pairing with stylish light wash denim this summer.

  • Does it feel too early to be thinking about rugged style for fall? The thermostat might read full-on summer in your neck of the woods, but Taylor Stitch knows that it’ll be time to crunch leaves underfoot and head out on weekend coffee dates galore before you know it. That’s why you should certainly look into ordering the Taylor Stitch Chore Jacket from the Taylor Stitch Good Acre Collection — I covered it recently for GearMoose, and it’s very worthy of your time.


  • In the way of other Father’s Day gifts, if you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, you’d do well to stop by the Sportie LA shop — the shop has teamed up with “Cars 3” to showcase and sell a series of collaborative merchandise from Style Guide favorites like Richer Poorer. The colors and styles are inspired by the film itself, making it potentially perfect for a little family outing (and if you go, you’ll find the shop at 7763 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles).
  • And before we let you go for the weekend, I’m going to remind you one last time about two stylish shopping hints for ya. Namely, we’re mixing menswear, home goods and accessories in my Style Guide Father’s Day gift guide — it’ll help tremendously if you haven’t given it a read! Lastly, the great team at Style Girlfriend — a site you should definitely be reading — tells you via Cool Material exactly what your girlfriend wants you to wear. Helpful tips, indeed!

That’ll round out this week’s take on the Friday Read — join us again tomorrow for a healthy weekend helping of #menswear, and catch my full travel style recap forthcoming on Monday.

Thanks for reading!


Style Guide Recommends: Why You Should Be Reading Style Girlfriend

Hanging with Megan of Style Girlfriend — and wearing some classic essentials, including Apolis chinos, a Life/After/Denim patchwork shirt and Allen Edmonds Liverpool Chelsea Boots.

Every day, I try to carve out some time to do a bit of reading — both related to #menswear and otherwise. There are certain sites that I always check out, with good reason — these sites bridge the gap between style and lifestyle. And without a doubt, Style Girlfriend does both quite well — making it a favorite daily read of mine (as well as an inspiration to start this blog, way back in college). The site features men’s style advice from women and covers plenty of other helpful categories, too. The team consistently delivers great work, day in and day out, to the benefit of all us who appreciate sharp style and a life lived well. Today, we’ll tell you why you should be reading Style Girlfriend — it’s all in a day’s work!

Not familiar with Style Girlfriend? You can catch up in part with our 2015 Q+A with Megan, which covered everything from men’s fashion to starting a business and helping guys lead better lives. The Style Girlfriend philosophy is an approach I’ve long admired for its attention to detail and its mission. Really, Style Girlfriend is all about helping men “be their best selves.” Whether you’re looking for  input on how to dress for the office or how to impress women , the SG team has you set.


All throughout the site, the Style Girlfriend team recognizes that there are so many different facets of men’s style that can — and should — be of interest in leading a better life. Whether it’s useful advice on advice on how to match clothing or their engaging, easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement “Five Days, Five Ways” series, there’s really no limit to how much time you could spend researching. The SG team really does have your back in matters beyond style — for instance, the site’s “What a Woman Wants” section covers, well, what women really want. That goes for little things like revealing date questions and helpful everyday advice. Pair those features with handy grooming tips, and you’ve got plenty of helpful, smart and well-done life advice in front of you.

Once again, I really do hope you take the time to check out the Style Girlfriend site. The work being done by the team, from style coverage to relationship advice and how to approach life’s challenges, really is invaluable. What are you waiting for?

As always — thanks for reading and stay stylish!




Ringing in the new year: 2017 Men’s Style Resolutions

Looking ahead to the new year in style. Suit by Alan David Custom. Shirt by Twillory. Tie and pocket square by Glasses by Frameri.

Looking ahead to another year in the concrete jungle — in style, of course. Suit by Alan David Custom. Shirt by Twillory. Tie and pocket square by Glasses by Frameri.

Here we sit, just two days into 2017 — are you ready to talk men’s style resolutions for this year, yet? I sure hope so, because it’s topic number one today on the blog.  Talking style resolutions definitely plays into a larger approach when it comes to ways to better yourself personally in the new year — be it picking up a new workout plan, saving more money or setting a resolution to get out and travel in style, there are lots of things to focus on in these early days of January. While I very likely can’t help you save money all that well — just look at my menswear wish list — we can work together to set some neat and achievable style resolutions. You dig? Good. So, I’d love to hear from y’all — what are your menswear resolutions this coming year? I set some rather lofty ones last year, including a goal to wear less blue and suit up more.

At the end of the year, I have to say … I flubbed those goals a tad.  Truth be told, I realized the color blue was an essential piece in my wardrobe, from layering up with a slim henley all the way through to wearing classic suiting with a denim shirt. So, I’m going to aim to work more color into more wardrobe, for one. And, partially thanks to my recent membership in the very cool StyleGuruSociety, I’m going to aim to suit up more this coming year — once again, the bar is set high. And with my a lovely new, custom-made suit done beautifully by the team at Alan David Custom, it should be that much easier. Seriously, I can’t recommend the quality of their work enough — it’s classic, customized tailoring just as you prefer it. But, back to those resolutions. Whether your resolutions involve developing a classic menswear wardrobe filled with versatile staples or simply saving up to buy the coveted Bond Peacoat, I’m here to help. From this site’s ongoing #OOTD series to menswear style suggestions galore, we’ll keep the fun going all year long.

So, here are my 2017 style resolutions — What are yours?? Let’s here ’em in the comments or via The Style Guide Facebook page.

#1. Mix-and-match tailoring & patterns more.

A fine example of how to mix patterns in tailoring -- a pindot tie and two sizes of stripes.

A fine example of how to mix patterns in tailoring — a pindot tie and two sizes of stripes.

Pattern-mixing in the menswear world, particularly when it comes to refined tailoring. is a bit of a tricky art to master, but it’s a style skill that plenty of guys out there have honed. Exhibit A above comes to you as styled in the pages of Esquire — seriously, check out some standout shots of Michael Fassbender for a great example of how it’s done. It’s simple enough in practice — mixing, say, a large plaid poplin shirt with a smaller plaid wool tie, for example, or a striped tie with a patterned shirt. These are the sorts of combinations I’m aiming to try soon — follow along on Instagram to see how it works out.
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#2. Ditch those boots …. some of the time.

An argument to be made for ditching the boots? Perhaps. Cove Shirt by Life/After/Denim. Flat Black Selvedge by Todd Shelton. miUSA 585 Sneakers by Danner x New Balance. Waterbury Chrono by Timex x Red Wing Heritage. Glasses by Frameri.

An argument to be made for ditching the boots? Perhaps. Cole Bomber Jacket by Beckett Simonon. Cove Shirt by Life/After/Denim. Flat Black Selvedge by Todd Shelton. miUSA 585 Sneakers by Danner x New Balance. Waterbury Chrono by Timex x Red Wing Heritage. Glasses by Frameri.

If you follow along with The Style Guide on a regular basis — as you well should — you’ll see that your SG team (of one) frequently wears and posts about stylish leather boots. Be it a tough workboot like the Original Chippewa Service Boot or something a tad more refined like the Astorflex Chelsea Boot, there’s no question that a great pair can be a year-round workhorse if you style ’em the right way. However, as much as I love my suede chukka boots, and a plethora of other styles, I’m feeling the need to break out classic staples like white leather sneakers far more often — and maybe with combinations like a blazer and a slim blue chambray shirt, at that. Are you with me?

#3.  Switch those jeans for chinos … every so often.

Just counting down the days 'til I can start wearing jeans again -- I suppose?

Just counting down the days ’til I can start wearing jeans again — I suppose? Button Denim Jacket c/o Forever21Men. Bowie Fit Chinos by JACHS NY. Sweater by Dockers. Classic White Oxford by Todd Shelton. Grounder Hi-Tops by Todd Snyder + P.F. Flyers. Mod Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder. Glasses by Frameri.

My third and final major style resolution is something I took on last year — namely, wearing classic dark denim a bit less, and wearing versatile pieces like slim cotton chinos more. The slim cotton chino really is a four-season staple, and brands like Taylor Stitch know how to make them with the best brands around — so my affinity for the classic staple certainly provides a strong starting point. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly love the chinos I’ve got in my rotation, but I find myself reaching for inky blue denim more than, say, equally versatile olive chinos.  With that in mind, I’m looking to participate in the #NoJeansJanuary challenge from the fantastic team at Style Girlfriend — will you be joining me? And I’ll be making more of an effort to swap chinos into my #OOTD this winter, too.

Of course, the above items are but three resolutions I’ve got on my list — I’m also setting small workout goals, like knocking out sets of push-ups every day, and aiming to do other little things, like upgrade my apartment décor (if that’s a goal for you as well, check out what the folks at Friday & River have to say). What do you think of the above resolutions? Do they jive with any of yours? Let’s chat menswear on Twitter, and let’s kick off this year in style!

Good luck out there and stay stylish,


The Friday Read: Spring Sneakers, Brian Johnson and What Women Really Think of Menswear

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

So, did you survive Coachella last weekend? (Kidding? Maybe? If you went, how was it?) And how about this past week? It was another one that flew by, what with several press previews to check out from some great brands, ranging from Herschel to Jason Scott (the brand’s 8th Avenue store is very much worth a look if ever you find yourself in NYC, and the knitwear is exceptionally soft). On another press preview-related note, if you haven’t given the folks at AVI-8 Watches a look, their military-inspired timepieces are rugged, durable, and sure to get better in the coming montsh. It’s exciting to be able to see what’s happening in the menswear world at large, and you can look for a lot of that content in the coming weeks and months via my writing work at The Manual! And with fall press previews already ramping up, that means another thing in this moment, more importantly — spring is officially here (confusing, right?). If you’re heading out on a spring bar crawl, we’ve got some gear to get you ready. And if you’re wondering what to wear for a casual spring weekend, knock yourself out. I hope the weather’s nice in your neck of the woods — we’ve got a great one in the works here. Get some styling inspiration for yourself (if need be) via my Instagram. And stay stylish in the meantime!

  • High fashion often leaves something out of the equation for those of us more interested in matters purely related to “style” — so the swirling rumors that a high-fashion designer (or designers) might join the more everyman-focused Calvin Klein are pretty interesting, to say the least.
  • Megan Collins (a good friend of The Style Guide) and some other stylish ladies spoke to earlier this week about what women really think of menswear trends — it’s a pretty neat piece!
  • Do you have a great pair of classic white sneakers in your arsenal as of yet? Men’s Journal recommends the five best pairs of white sneakers to wear this spring.
  • Long Read of the Week: It was big news in my neck of the woods when it was announced that Axl Rose would replace Brian Johnson in AC/DC. If you’re a hard rock fan (read: A fan of one of the greatest bands in the world, for that matter), Brian himself. issued a really heartbreaking letter about how his hearing issues forced him to stop performing in AC/DC. Tough stuff to read — if you’re in a tough spot as to what to do about your tickets, that makes two of us!

But wait, there’s more menswear!

  • There’s perhaps no brand associated more with the water — and uniquely styled looks built around that environment — than SWIMS. Learn about the brand’s Spring 2016 collection via my post this week at The Manual!
  • Grab a sharp pair of spring sneakers via this very Web site — if you missed that post when it originally ran, we’ll give you a pass (this time).

Enjoy the weekend, folks!

Thanks, as always, for reading,


The Friday Read: Mott & Bow Denim, Fair Isle Sweaters and Mainland

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here. 

Is it just me, or did this week positively fly by? We’ve got lots going on around these here parts, from a fun Men’s Style Christmas Wish List that hit on Wednesday to more importantly, a gift guide for your mom, sister, grandma — you name it, there’s a suggestion for the lovely ladies in your life in that post. And if you’ve got a holiday party coming up soon, The Style Guide also has you covered. Even in the midst of all that holiday prep, I hope you’re taking the time to get out and have some fun. As for me, I had the chance to catch some great live music earlier this week, among quite a few other stops around town.

Ben Sherman US

I was fortunate enough to connect with Brooklyn rockers Mainland after a standout show earlier this fall, and I’ve since had the chance to see them several times (it helps that they’re a really awesome bunch of guys — and big fans of Timberland!). But at any rate, they’re absolutely a band worth checking out — and you can do so right here (hint: start with the catchy tune ‘Outcast’). On the fashion front, I got the opportunity to preview some fantastic new accessories and gear from Will Leather Goods at the brand’s holiday celebration on Wednesday — so if you need to upgrade your bag or wallet, or fancy picking up some old-school sportswear, give ’em another look. As you peruse the Web and listen to some new tunes, read up on everything you might have missed — have a great weekend, and check back here for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week.

  • My friend Megan Collins of the excellent site Style Girlfriend covers how to style the Fair Isle sweater — it’s on-trend and definitely seasonally appropriate (be sure to learn more about the site via my Q&A with her earlier this fall).
  • Band of Outsiders, everyone’s favorite nerd-chic brand, is returning sans founder Scott Sternberg, according to the folks  at GQ.
  • The Economist notes that, rather surprisingly, UNIQLO is struggling financially in the American market, namely in suburban areas, and the piece also notes the brand is scaling back its plans to open numerous U.S. stores by 2020.
  • Style Note of the Week: While it’s getting more and more toward boot season, that doesn’t mean you should close up in regards to awesome sneakers just yet — GREATS Brand out of Brooklyn is back with what looks to be another tremendous collaboration, this time with iconic Japanese retailer United Arrows & Sons; the two brands updated GREATS’ classic Wooster silhouette (and you might recognize that particular style from a post earlier this summer on this very site).

Not done reading up on the men’s style universe yet?

    • Get your tailored wear on-point this holiday season with Combatant Gentleman — I went more in-depth on the brand for VOUCH Magazine.
    • Style Guide favorite Mott & Bow just launched a new line of raw denim – I also covered that release for VOUCH, and you can go more in-depth with the new pair very soon (read: tomorrow, in fact!).

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Style Q+A: Megan Collins, Style Girlfriend

Megan Collins of Style Girlfriend dishes out on-point style advice to guys on the daily -- worth the read. Photo courtesy of the site.

Megan Collins of Style Girlfriend dishes out on-point style advice to guys on the daily — worth the read. Photo courtesy of the site.

Editor’s note: Head this way to see more Style Q&A entries.

As I’ve spent more and more time reading about the menswear world, there have been certain sites that have shaped the way I view style, fashion and getting dressed daily along the way. My friend Barron’s site, Effortless Gent, is one such outfit (pun intended). Dappered and what Joe has done over there also comes to mind. And of course, no discourse on the digital menswear and lifestyle community would be complete without mentioning Megan Collins of Style Girlfriend. The site is well-designed, easy to navigate, fun to read and packed full of useful menswear tips and tricks (and much, much more), from how to wear a turtleneck to a full rundown of some of the best gear for fall. Anything lifestyle-related you might need to know, rest assured that’s Megan and the team are on it. Her Fall Style Guide in its entirety is also great, and the site’s Twitter churns out excellent content, too. Toss in handy and informative lifestyle articles and even relationship advice and you’ve got a winning combination.

That it’s all told from a female point of view, yet geared toward guys, is especially helpful (particularly that relationship bit, ehh?). I’ve had the chance to meet Megan on a few occasions here in NYC and have always appreciated her insight and new way of looking at a holistic lifestyle for guys — starting with clothing but branching into much, much more. The adage that the details  make the difference is definitely clear via her site. So without further ado, I’m very excited to present the latest entry in this series — I promise, I’ll just ask the questions.

TSG: For those who aren’t familiar with your site, tell us how you got it started and where that inspiration came from?

MC: I always say, I wish I could tell you I did this sweeping competitive analysis of the menswear landscape and found a female voice was missing from menswear, but actually I just fell into it. I had left a career in advertising to write and was taking on any project I could. At the same time, a friend was starting a custom suiting business and asked me to write a weekly column for his site. I said yes, because I was saying yes to everything, “But I don’t know anything about guys’ style…is that okay?” I asked.

“Sure, just write about what girls like to see guys wearing,” he said.

 It ended up kicking off this amazing journey that’s culminated in a really satisfying career for me, connecting with guys who may have GQ at home on their coffee table, but they’re shopping at the mall and need help bridging that divide between aspirational and accessible. 

I believe Style Girlfriend has gained such a following because, 1) I shop like a guy – I want it to be easy, I want it to be quick, so our advice is all about tips, tricks, and shortcuts to great style and 2) I’m honestly not that interested in fashion.

Style matters to me, because having great style is like having the best wing man ever – its only concern is making you look good. Fashion, though, is fleeting, based on trends, and honestly, can seem kind of silly sometimes. I’m much more interested in helping guys on their personal style evolution than I am in talking about the latest sneaker drop or runway show.

What started as a nationally syndicated newspaper column has developed into a widely read site. Photo courtesy of Style Girlfriend.

What started as a nationally syndicated newspaper column has developed into a widely read site. Photo courtesy of Style Girlfriend.

TSG: Running a style with as large a following as yours seems like a lot of work – what’s a typical day like at SG HQ?

MC: I wake up early – 5:15 or 5:30 a.m. – and take some time to read, write, and get centered for the day. Then I work out. If I don’t break a sweat every day, I go completely insane. I signed up for Classpass earlier this year, and it totally rocked my world. I get bored easily, so I can do spin on a Monday, bootcamp on Tuesday, Pure Barre on Wednesday, and on and on. It’s great. 

By 9:30am, I’m in the office in the Flatiron District. My editor gets in at 10, we talk through what’s going on for the day – -what’s on her plate, what’s on mine. Then I usually pop in some earbuds and churn through whatever’s on my to-do list. Relationships are so important, so at some point during the day I might meet up with someone from a brand, an agency, or someone running a site like mine. Most nights there’s some event to hit, then I come home and crash pretty early, so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

TSG: What have been some of the challenges involved with getting Style Girlfriend up and running that people might not know about?

MC: Style Girlfriend winds up getting lumped in with a lot of men’s personal style blogs, but it’s really not, so sometimes brands don’t know the best way to work with us. It’s not as simple as, “I wear your brand and tag you on Instagram.” It’s not a personal style blog; I’m not on there with pictures of what I wore today, and yesterday, and the day before that. Don’t get me wrong; those blogs are great, and I get a ton of inspiration from what others out there are doing and their amazing style, but we really see ourselves as a media company, or a digital magazine. We’re talking about menswear the way an Esquire or Details would – in articles and editorials and videos. So we’re a bit of an anomaly in the digital menswear space in that way.

It just means it can be a bit more leg work to help brainstorm those partnerships so that we can create really amazing branded content for our readers. So we’re different – but that’s also what makes us special, so I’m glad for the distinction.

TSG: What’s one style essential (or an essential outfit) that every guy should own?

MC: Every man needs a suit that fits him just right. Whether it’s grey or navy is a personal preference, so long as it’s tailored and doesn’t jut out at the shoulders or pool at the ankles. I tell guys to make friends with their tailor. You can take clothes you buy off the rack and make them look made-to-measure for a pretty small amount of money.

Style Girlfriend is much more than your average style blog -- its lifestyle section is packed with more great content, too. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Style Girlfriend is much more than your average style blog — its lifestyle section is packed with more great content, too. Photo courtesy of the brand.

TSG: What’s one style mistake you see too many guys make?

MC: Wearing clothes that don’t fit them properly. I tell guys to make friends with their tailor. Everything you own (nearly all of it, anyway) would look 10x as good with just a few inexpensive alterations. An inch at the ankles, a nip in at the waist – there’s so many small things you can do to make your clothes look like they were made just for you.

TSG: What’s been the most rewarding part of helping guys improve their style?

MC: Hearing about the positive impact that dressing better has had in every area of their lives.

I really believe that when you look good, you feel good, and that confidence ends up spreading to every area of your life. And this is borne out in the emails I get from readers telling me crazy inspiring stories about how reading Style Girlfriend helped them bounce back from a divorce or being laid off. How they decided to go after a raise or a promotion, or ask out that girl they’d been in love with forever. 

 Taking control of your personal style is truly the first step to totally changing your life for a lot of these guys. I have definitely been brought to tears more than once hearing from readers about their transformations.

TSG: You’re based in NYC — for those new to the city or visiting, what are some of your must-visit spots — a restaurant, bar, gallery or the like?

MC: I just moved from the Lower East Side to the Lower Lower East Side (yes, it’s a thing), and I love it. So many good restaurants and bars – a few of my favorites: Mission Chinese, Bacaro, Dimes, Clandestino, 169 Bar and Kiki’s.

TSG: Lastly, as it’s the fall season – what’s one trend that guys should jump on to look their best in the coming months?

 MC: Take advantage of the layering season – I love a nice textured sportcoat over a patterned button-up with a tie that contrasts while complementing. Top it all off with a mac coat or field jacket and you are ready to take over the world.

Head over to Style Girlfriend for more great menswear content, and check out the site on Twitter.

Ben Sherman US

The Friday Read: Michigan State, Fall Colors and The Hill-side

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.

As it’s finally Friday, I almost have all of my voice back following the aftermath of that insane, thrilling and incredible Michigan State-Michigan football game last weekend. If you missed the ending, well, you’re in for a treat there. And the football hysteria is actually set to continue for me this weekend, because as luck would have it, I’m hitting the road back to East Lansing for a weekend spent with friends on the best campus in the country (in my humble opinion). I’m also getting the chance to go back to my hometown of Mason, a lovely place where time really slows down — that’ll be a welcome change of pace from New York City. And it’s always great to get back to your roots. But for matters in the present, we’ll catch you up with some of the best #menswear news of the week. On that note, thanks to all who participated in this week’s Goorin Brothers giveaway! Stay tuned for more giveaways in the coming weeks, and next week, look for a great product review of a nice fall timepiece, and a Q&A with the insightful and talented Megan Collins of Style Girlfriend. For now, enjoy your weekend — and thanks for reading!

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  • You might recognize the subject of my latest VOUCH Mag piece from this blog — JACHS NY produces modern takes on American classics, and the brand’s backstory is just as neat.


The Friday Read: Labor Day, Brooklyn Tailors and Fall Florals

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.

With Labor Day weekend upon us, the question is: How will you be spending your final days of summer? And what will you be wearing? For more on what gear to grab, head here. A nice Grayers polo or a great pair of sweatshorts wouldn’t go amiss, I’m sure. On a personal front, it’s set to be a busy weekend for me — I’m heading out to Coney Island Brewing this afternoon to catch up with co-founder Chris Adams for a piece on my friend Pat Evans’ blog Grand Conversations before catching the season opener of my beloved Michigan State Spartans! Always an exciting way to start fall. And then I’m heading back to my favorite state — that would be Michigan — for a family wedding on Saturday (likely including a stop in East Lansing). So it’s set to be a busy one for sure — do you know what you’re style essentials you’re packing in that bag of yours yet? If not, best hop to it. Meanwhile, peruse some weekend reading picks below — wherever you head this week, stay safe and stylish!

    • Gear Patrol caught up recently with Brooklyn Tailors, who received high praise from the likes of GQ as part of that publication’s 2014 Best New Menswear Designers in America class.
    • Common Projects, of the legendary and minimal white sneakers you might covet but likely can’t afford, is making an excellent pair of dress shoes — yes, dress shoes — fit for the fall.
    • If you haven’t swung by Style Girlfriend in a while, or if you haven’t checked out the site at all, it’s worth a look — editor Megan Collins and her team show you how to rock those floral prints into fall.
    • Style Read of the Week: As you may or may not be aware, I’m a big watch fan — with affordability and versatility in mind, of course. We move away from the typical Long Read and instead direct your attention to five watches every guy should own, as picked by my buddy Barron at Effortless Gent.

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