See Now, Buy Now: Step into the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants for Your Next Adventure

One of several colors of the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants that are going to make your day — heck, your fall and winter — a whole lot better.

Do we love — I mean, really LOVE — Taylor Stitch here at The Style Guide? Assuredly. We’re back again today with the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants — some things are just too good to pass up.  The Chore Pants are assuredly a hot seller, so I hope for all of our sakes’ that they’ve got your size handy. Why are the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants so essential? If you’re the type of guy who gets out and about in the country, from doing yard work to exploring a small city to covering plenty of ground on a day hike, there’s one pair of pants that’s going to help you do it all … you guessed it, that would be the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants.  There’s not quite a pair of pants like them on the market, what with their blend of durability, function and that classic Taylor Stitch fit and styling potential. It starts with the rough-and-rugged Mt. Vernon duck canvas, a positively beastly fabric that still allows ease of movement, thanks in part to the double-knee reinforced construction. Make no mistake, the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants don’t mess around, no matter what color you pick ’em up in. And from the very agreeable price (just $78 when on sale, or $98 at full price), the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants are surely worthy of consideration.

I’m partial to the excellent Chore Pant in Washed Camel, a pleasingly rich color that’s not too far off from your favorite pair of chinos. Of course, the Washed Olive Chore Pants are similarly crafted and equally versatile, especially with rugged tan leather boots and perhaps a striped henley. Oh, and we’d be remiss to not mention the excellent Chore Pants in Washed Navy — the point is, there’s not a wrong color to buy when it comes to the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants. Either way, you’re getting standout construction and toughness, plus a tailored fit that’s polished enough for post-hike drinks and mobile enough to help you get around on fall adventures with ease. Did we mention other handy and thoughtful design details, like the front slash pockets, angled for easy entry? The Taylor Stitch Chore Pants are simply packed with touches like those. Seriously, there’s not a pair of adventure-ready pants out there that provide as much versatility and style as the very excellent Chore Pants from Taylor Stitch.  Let me know in the comments or via The Style Guide Facebook if you plan on picking up a pair for cold-weather adventures.

Thanks for reading!


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