#OOTD: Wear This Gear to the Beach This Summer

We try to cover style scenarios aplenty here at The Style Guide, from how to wear your favorite T-shirt to the best way to wear a denim jacket this summer. Well, let’s take things a step further. Which is to say, even when you think looking stylish falls by the wayside, it doesn’t — not even at the beach. Yessir, heading to the beach for a relaxing day — or a series of days — calls for gear that’s situationally appropriate (leave the jeans at home), plus seriously stylish. I think today’s #OOTD covers all those bases, and then some. Think of it like, well, a sandier version of your favorite casual outfit.

So, tailored swim shorts that mimic the fit of your favorite pair of chino shorts, plus a rugged henley and an investment-level watch. Those are but a few of the essentials I think you might find handy the next time you head to the beach. Think of it this way: The best beach gear can have you feeling as sharp and stylish as you do when you throw on your favorite polo or a crisp pair of dark denim. If it fits well and looks great, it’s going to amp up the way you feel that much more. This is something of a Style Guide 101 principle, but it’s a helpful reminder for me as I plan for a beach vacation myself. At any rate, enjoy this #OOTD and let’s hit the beach!

Tailored swim shorts, a cool henley and a tough-as-heck beach bag are but some of the beach essentials you need.

  • The Swim Trunks: Onia Calder 7.5-Inch Swim Shorts, $78.98 — Crucially, these stylish swim shorts fit more like tailored shorts than the baggy, pocket-ridden trunks of days past — Onia has outdone themselves.
  • The Henley: La Paz Ribas Henley, $55 — A rugged henley like the the La Paz Ribas Henley offers cooler style and much more visual interest than a standard tee. Plus, it looks great when grabbing a post-beach beer.
  • The Shoes: SeaVees Baja Slip-On Portal, $68 — These stylish SeaVees slip-ons are the perfect grab-and-go sneaker. They keep your feet cool, and blend in (the right way) when heading to the beach.
  • The Watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch, $1,195 — Exceptionally durable and very well-made, the beautiful Zodiac Super Sea Wolf is the last watch you’ll need to wear to the beach — it’s worth the money.
  • The Lotion: Ursa Major SPF18 Daily Defense Lotion, $54 — While it’s not got the highest SPF to stand up to super-heavy rays, the Ursa Major Daily Defense Lotion should be a reliable layer of protection to start.
  • The Beach Bag: Fishpond Thunderhead Large Submersible Duffel, $400 — Is the Fishpond Thunderhead Duffel a beast? Yes. Is it perhaps a bit much for your average beach trip? Maybe. Can it handle absolutely anything you need to carry? Yes, it can.
  • The Sunglasses: RAEN Pierce Sunglasses, $140 — Never head to the beach without stylish sunglasses. The RAEN Pierce Sunglasses are durable enough to take on the sun’s rays, and exceptionally cool on top of that.
  • The Extra Beach Essentials: Pendleton Spider Rock Towel, $42.98 AND RBT Insulated Beer Growler, $60
    — A surprisingly stylish Pendleton beach towel is what you’re sitting on, and the RBT Insulated Beer Growler is what you’re using to sip on your favorite summer beer. Cheers!

Have you loaded up your beach bag yet? Better yet, have you loaded up the Fishpond Thunderhead Duffel with everything you might need for your trip? Upgrading your beach gear starts with nailing the basics, like fit and color. That’s what makes the swim shorts shown here from Onia so great — they’re subtly stylish and seriously cool. A rugged henley like the the La Paz Ribas Henley is but one outfit upgrade you’d do well to keep in mind, as opposed to an old high school tee or an athletic logo T-shirt. For my money’s worth, you still need to wear great shoes to the beach, if only for a little bit — stylish SeaVees slip-ons help you pass that test with flying colors. And I’d wager you won’t find a better beach watch than the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, packed with standout specs and style. Accessories also play a major role, and there might not be a more important one in your beach bag than the Ursa Major Daily Defense Lotion — unless it’s the RAEN Pierce Sunglasses. I’d also wager that if you’re a fan of craft beer, you’re going to want to have one of your favorite tasty beverages handy; crucially, the RBT Insulated Beer Growler is the best way to do that. This list might seem a bit daunting at first, or like a bit much (ahem, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf), but these are all stylish choices that pay off in the end. You’ll look great, feel great and look forward to hitting the beach over and over this summer.

Of the above picks, which one is most essential for your next beach trip? Pay me a visit on Twitter to let me know! 


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