The Friday Read: New Whiskey Glasses, Outerknown and Interpol’s New Album

I’d say it’s high time we closed out this shortened work week and got onto the business of the weekend — don’t you agree? It’s been a shortened work week for me in Manhattan and Brooklyn, coming off a lovely long Labor Day weekend trip. Speaking of: Did you pack any of these long weekend style essentials for a trip of your own? I  sure hope so. Now that I’m back in NYC, we’re gearing up for a seriously stylish season ahead. Which brings me to my next point: It’s been a busy time at the blog — we’ve got an exciting project of sorts on the way for Huckberry, and to that end, The Style Guide itself will be getting a little bit of a refresh in the coming weeks! That’s right — new season, new look. Same great content, though.

Our #OOTD series will be sticking around, you can expect plenty more entries in our See Now, Buy Now series, and of course, we’re going to get your closet nice and stocked up via The List every week. It’ll just look a bit different — in a cool way, hopefully. That rolls nicely into today’s edition of the Friday Read, a mix of men’s gear and music for your perusal as you while away the weekend. To keep up with me and get some style tips in the meantime, check me out on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

  • If you’re looking for that perfect early fall layer, I can’t stress enough the stylish versatilty and durability of the Outerknown Big Sur Zip Hoodie — it’s casual, it’s well-made and it’s sustainably crafted, too. Read more at GearMoose.
  • Speaking of GearMoose, I write from time to time about spirits and the like (especially craft beer!), and if you happen to enjoy a fine glass of whiskey, my latest is for you. Specifically, I’m talking about the Everest Whiskey Glasses, an affordable way to upgrade your favorite libation. Cheers!
  • Planning a fall weekend trip? You’re going to like the looks of this stylish weekender bag from Nisolo –we recently featured it here in our See Now, Buy Now series, and I gotta tell ya, it just might be the weekender bag to buy for your next getaway.
  • We’re switching gears here to music — truly, I’ve listened to almost nothing else as of late than the new record “Marauder” by NYC rock legends Interpol. If you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you caught some snippets from their amazing show at the House of Vans in Brooklyn — and if you want to dive more into the record and feel nostalgic about the early aughts, then this Uproxx feature on Interpol delivers the goods. What a band, am I right??

OK, my friends. That’s all I have today — enjoy your weekend! Oh, and if you want something else to read? Check out the best new watch to buy now. Or, stock up on stylish high-top sneakers for fall. OK, all done now.

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