The Friday Read: Labor Day Weekend, How to Wear a Denim Shirt & Grilling Essentials

Probably Whiskey Mug - Cool Material

A well-appointed way to head into the weekend, right?

Cheers, my friends, to the impending start of Labor Day weekend. Let’s kick it off with a choice beverage via Swag Brewery’s Probably Whiskey Mugs at Cool Material — perfect for a camping trip, a cabin weekend or a bonfire. But back to Labor Day: Can you believe it’s here already? As I always tend to say when the summer wraps up, it feels like we were just talking about the best summer shorts or the best way to wear boat shoes. Rest assured, both of those tips will still come in handy, because of course, it’s prime time to close out the season the right way. So, here we are.

Be it the best grilling essentials for Labor Day weekend or, say, a new way to wear a denim shirt, it’s all below in today’s Friday Read. Those picks today will also include a stylish watch from the well-appointed UNCRATE Supply Shop, which holds a bevy of the best gear picks for men. Of course, there’s one thing you should also take care of before and during the weekend, and that’s getting your favorite beer delivered right to your door. You’ll see this in future posts here on the blog, but I’ve taken to using Drizly alcohol delivery to get my favorite craft beers in a flash, along with whiskey and much more.

Speaking of gear picks for men, have you had the honor of subscribing to my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief? Of course, I only kid. But if you want a  bit more of The Style Guide than I’ve got room for here, from indie rock to coffee to the best gear picks, twice a week, do yourself a favor and subscribe. I’ve featured favorite bands like Future Islands and The War On Drugs alongside some of my favorite boots and more. It’s a good time, guaranteed.

How will you be enjoying your weekend? I’m going to be capping my time off in Florida in relaxing fashion, heading to Orlando to (safely) see my sister, and what’s more, experience (safely!) Universal Orlando Studios. It’s always a favorite of the Hayhoe family, especially The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (a huge part of my childhood!). To follow along with all my adventures in style, be sure to follow me on Instagram. For now, I’m off to kick back, listen to the new album by The Killers and enjoy what’s (probably) some coffee. Cheers & thank you for reading!

A rugged, durable, affordable watch for late summer and early fall.

Vintage-inspired high-top sneakers that’ll come in handy for fall.

Let’s close this thing out by talking about early fall style, OK? I’ve got a pair of rugged leather boots for you right now that’ll come in handy on September adventures, as well as when the weather takes a turn for the worse in the season ahead. The Taylor Stitch Moto Boots are about as good as it gets if you want some of the best leather boots for men, and that’s just a fact. Read my full Taylor Stitch boots review for more. As always, thank you again for reading — have a great weekend and let’s look toward fall in style. I’ll raise a glass to that!



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