Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Shawl Cardigan – The Most Rugged Winter Cardigan to Buy Now

I’m always of the opinion that in matters of men’s style, it’s best not to get caught flat-footed. That is to say, I think shopping for the best winter style essentials is of the essence right now, seeing as we’ve hit December, and that goes for plenty of different picks in your wardrobe — including one of the best men’s cardigans. We’ve got Relwen and the aptly named Relwen Shawl Cardigan to dig into right now, and if you hadn’t yet given a cardigan a good, long look this winter, now’s the best time to add yet another vital men’s sweater to your rotation. It’s coming at you courtesy of Huckberry, of course, and it certainly makes sense that the multi-faceted men’s retailer can deliver on one of the best sweaters for men, and then some.

The cardigan has definitely had a style moment over the past handful of years, but it’s here to stay, mainly because it’s a certified menswear classic with functional roots (note the thick shawl collar, designed to serve as another layer of protection against the winter wind). And beyond that, a pick like the Relwen Shawl Cardigan has the sort of style roots that almost serve as an homage to menswear icons like Steve McQueen, who himself loved a shawl collar cardigan back in the day. These days, the Relwen Shawl Cardigan has more modern fabric going for it (in this case, a body made of merino wool and low pill acrylic), plus a nicely tailored fit. With the Relwen Shawl Cardigan, things are just getting started. In short, it translates everything you love about the military influences of Relwen, and brings it forward into 2021.

In every facet imaginable, the Relwen Shawl Cardigan is a step up from the ordinary, price included (it retails for a splurge-worthy $298 at Huckberry). That means that it’s got all the specs and style points you could want, and then some. It’s even lined in a cotton jersey-spandex blend, which makes it almost like a jacket as opposed to a more thin merino wool cardigan, for instance. The thick rib knit also gives the Relwen Shawl Cardigan even more of a vintage-inspired feel, like a cardigan you’d find stowed away at a coastal or mountain cabin on a cold night. What’s not to love about that? There’s even a chest pocket and two hip pockets for stowing your everyday carry essentials, making this ideal to wear as top layer if it’s not too snowy or blustery.

The Relwen Shawl Cardigan is decidedly a bit more bulky than your average sweater, but you should still be able to layer it up underneath a waxed trucker jacket in a pinch (and how does it get any more rugged for winter than that?). Last but not least, if you so choose, you can use two collar buttons to get even more closure around your neck for added warmth in extreme conditions — the Relwen Shawl Cardigan really does check all the boxes, and it looks perfectly classic and ultra-stylish while doing so. It’s one of the best men’s cardigans, easily. If you decide to layer up with it, feel free to let me know on Twitter. Here’s to a winter weekend, my friends!


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