The Thursday Buy: These Relwen Shorts from Huckberry Are The Best Men’s Shorts for Summer

Best shorts for men

Your new favorite shorts for spring and summer.

Consider this your lucky day if you want to stock up on the best men’s style essentials for summer — and more to the point, the best shorts for men this summer, because we’ve got ’em right here, right now in today’s Thursday Buy. With Memorial Day looming and summer adventures aplenty on the horizon, the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts, as sold by our good friends at Huckberry, are the versatile and durable shorts you didn’t know you needed.

Or perhaps, you knew you needed upgraded shorts, but didn’t where to start. Again, you’re in luck today with some of the best men’s shorts, and that’s great news for all of us. If you’re not familiar with Relwen, know that the brand makes everything from polos to outerwear to lightweight technical pants, all with a distinctly classic bent that’s derived from field gear and military wear. I love Relwen men’s jackets in particular, but it’s a pair of the best utility shorts for men that have me hankering to get out there this summer. The Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts use a sateen cotton twill that’s smooth and yet durable, blended with polyester for the perfect amount of stretch this spring and summer.

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Best men's shorts

One of three cool colors in which you can get this standout pair of shorts for spring and summer.

And when it comes to your new favorite shorts, Relwen isn’t cutting any corners — these aren’t that ratty old pair of cargo shorts you’ve been wearing. No sir, they’re cut nice and tailored, but not too slim, with a 9-inch inseam that’s not too long. If you want shorts with a 7-inch inseam, you should check out the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, but let’s keep it tuned right here, right now with the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts
Nudie Jeans Co

Available in colors like Bright Navy and the cool Faded Camo as shown above, these shorts are distinctive and yet versatile, able to be paired up with your favorite short-sleeve henley or a Relwen polo at a moment’s notice. Plus, they feature a gusseted crotch for greater ease of movement on the trail or when bellying up to the bar. On top of that, the details in this pair of the best shorts for men are well-thought out, too. That includes the black oxidized zipper, snap, and metal button hardware on the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts, of course. Now, they’re more expensive than your average pair of shorts (they retail for $158 at Huckberry), but they’ve got the versatility and the style points to back up the price. They’ll work well with stylish canvas sneakers or even hybrid hiking sneakers, not to mention your favorite short-sleeve shirts for summer.  If you ask me, it’s a wonder that the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts aren’t in your digital shopping cart already.

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The Friday Read: Sustainable Sweatpants, The Best Spring Chukka Boots & A New Spring Jacket

It’s certainly no secret that we’ve all been living a lot more in sweatpants and comfortable athleisure-focused gear across this past, what, year? That’s not likely to change right away this weekend, which is why I’ve got a pick I think you’ll certainly enjoy heading into two casual, laidback days coming up (and beyond that). I recently had the chance to catch up with PAPER PROJECT, an innovative line of essentials made with incredibly cool Japanese paper yarn. PAPER PROJECT just launched its All Day Clean Sweats Collection, a set of the best sweatpants for men (and sweatshirts, and sweatshorts) that’s going to upgrade your laidback, casual style quite quickly. The key with the All Day Clean Sweats Collection is the fact that the brand uses Bac-Pur antimicrobial finish technology to deliver odor-fighting protection, plus the sort of cool, neutral style you’ve come to expect from your sweatpants. If you ask me, they’re some of the best men’s sweatpants on the market (and they also offer basics like socks, plus women’s options, too!). I’d snag a pair heading into the weekend, but that’s not my only pick for you today.

No sir, we’ve got plenty to discuss elsewhere, including an excellent new collaboration between New Balance and famed indie record store Amoeba — I covered the New Balance x Amoeba Music x Shop Nice Kicks partnership, and you’d do well to give it a read (and to add a pair or two to your shopping cart, of course). I also covered some of the best new spring shorts for GearMoose (those would be the Relwen Hemp Supply Shorts from Huckberry), and you can read that feature here.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

I’m also working on a feature on the best beers for spring for GearMoose, and that’s a passion that’s near and dear to my heart (if you subscribe to my music-menswear-craft beer newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, you assuredly know this!) So, that’s all going to keep me busy (within reason!), this weekend. How about you? To follow along with my explorations throughout Brooklyn — which will likely include a stop by the upstate New York-inspired bar The Adirondack — you should follow me on Instagram. Alright — let’s get into the rest of the Friday Read, shall we? More shopping and reading picks await.

  • How’s this for the right way to start Friday, ehh? Step into the confines of a spring weekend with one of my top style picks of the moment, a pair of classic chukka boots to wear when you’re ready to step out of the All Day Clean Sweats, ehh? Of course, the brand on display here is FRYE, makers of some of the best chukka boots for men. ‘Tis the season to look great and choose the proper footwear, no doubt about it.
  • Allow me to provide you with another spring shopping picks, this time as promised in the headline. I’m giving you a quick deep dive into one of the best jackets for men of the moment, a style that’s a worth complement to your FRYE chukka boots. Of course, that would be the Alex Mill Work Jacket in Natural Indigo, a visually striking piece that’s made to be worn on the daily, with anything you feel like. How’s that for expert spring style, yes? Yes, indeed.
  • Alright, so there’s two shopping picks to get your weekend started nicely. How about a bit o’ reading to while away the day? Coming right up. I had the pleasure to dive into a very apt new spring beer, the Alvarado Street Brewing Wind Jammer IPA, over at GearMoose. Based on what I’ve heard about this beer, I’d be inclined to pick some up myself if given the chance. I’ll drink to fresh beer for a new season, and I think you should do the same.

That’ll wrap up today’s Friday Read. Are you feeling a little more ready for the weekend now? Be it the chance to pick up your new favorite sweatpants or the chance to sip on the Alvarado Street Brewing Wind Jammer IPA, I’d say you’re in fine shape heading into the weekend. But I’ve got one more read for you today, and that comes courtesy of this very blog. Go on and do yourself a favor by buying one of the most rugged spring jackets, courtesy of Filson. To be more specific :I covered the Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket just last week, and it’s quite the addition to your spring outerwear rotation, to say the least. Read all about it here and let me know what you think. In the meantime, have a great weekend, stay safe out there and let’s make it count!

The Thursday Buy: Get the Best New T-shirt for Summer from Relwen

Editor’s note: Consider The Thursday Buy a quick jumpstart to your day.  One product, for a great deal, to get ready for the weekend.

We’ll tell you all about why you need this new pocket tee ASAP.

Folks, if this Thursday post caught you off-guard, well, fear not. We’re here today for a new Style Guide mini-series, as it were. If you read the blog on the regular — and if you don’t, consider this a crash course! — other ongoing series include #OOTD posts, the See Now, Buy Now series and of course, The List. Naturally, The List rounds up the best men’s gear, #OOTD posts cover how to wear men’s style essentials, and the See Now Buy Now series spotlights one great pick for the week. The Thursday Buy will be in a similar manner, but … not quite. It’ll be shorter, for starters — aside from this intro, that is. Here’s your first Thursday Buy, my friends. 

Take your pick from among the best T-shirts for guys right now.

Let’s get one thing sorted out ASAP: There’s still plenty of time to buy one of the best men’s T-shirts, then wear it the rest of summer. And the best T-shirt for men to buy right now might just be the Relwen Finespun Pocket Tee, making it a fitting pick for our first Thursday Buy. It’s priced to sell ($68 at Huckberry), it looks great with darn near anything — from expertly faded blue jeans and high-top sneakers to slim chinos and suede chukka boots — and it comes in perfectly neutral colors. The finespun jersey fabric is also ultra-soft and truly one-of-a-kind, making this one of the best men’s tees you can add to your wardrobe now. Plus, the chest pocket means you can rock this stylish tee all on its own without it looking like an undershirt. Consider picking up the Relwen Finespun Pocket Tee to power many a Thursday night or weekend beer — or a Sunday morning mug of cold brew. It’s so cool and essential, you’ll have to make excuses not to wear it.

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The Friday Read: The Best Men’s Henleys, A New Fall Sweater and New Fall Beer

Start your weekend the right way — with this rugged Relwen blazer, of course.

Does it seem right to be on the verge of another fall weekend? Where has the time gone?? The season is flying by, and I hope you’re well and properly geared up with the right fall style essentials — kind of like the excellent, perfectly rugged and highly versatile Relwen Sweater Trap Blazer as shown above. It’s the perfect jacket for fall travel and to wear to the office … or evening drinks … or brunch … all at once. It’s the kind of rugged fall jacket I look forward to wearing on Brooklyn weekends like this one, in fact. Speaking of Brooklyn weekends, to me, it doesn’t get much better than crisp fall weather, delicious craft beer, and high-energy indie rock music. All of those things are helpfully coming together in one place during the beer and music-themed OctFest, hosted by Pitchfork and one of my favorite craft beer outlets, October! It’s packed with powerful headliners, including Parquet Courts, and I’m also excited to taste out delicious craft beer in the process (and in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying some beer in my humble abode from the Trail Keg Half-Gallon Growler, too). You can also be sure I’ll be wearing some of my favorite fall gear — on that front, you can follow along with all of the fun via my Instagram to see how I’m taking on the weekend. For now, today’s Friday Read is below — cheers!

  • Let’s get things started off right for the weekend — and given that it’s October, you need a new favorite henley in your rotation. The good news? I covered the best men’s henleys over at The Manual, with appearances from Taylor Stitch & Flint and Tinder, to boot. Layer accordingly.
  • We talked above about essential fall layers — and on that note, I wrote all about one of the best jackets for fall over at GearMoose. The jacket in question? The Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Field Jacket, as sold by our pals at Huckberry. There’s nothing better to wear with slim indigo denim and rugged leather boots, this is true.
  • As crucial as it is to outfit yourself with the best new fall gear, there’s something to be said for stocking your fridge with some of the best beer for fall — truly. While I’ve long been a fan of craft beer in and around Brooklyn, I surely wouldn’t mind trying the new Budweiser x Jim Beam Reserve Black Lager, and to that end, I covered it for GearMoose. Bottoms up!

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with one more recommended piece of men’s style reading for the weekend. Specifically, I’ve done my best to round up all of my favorite gear for fall, from shirt jackets to watches to new leather boots — follow along with that list, and you’ll be all set for the season. Alright, now let’s get ready for the weekend. Cheers!

See Now, Buy Now: The Relwen Flex Chinos are the Best Men’s Chinos for Summer

The slim, lightweight chinos you can wear, well, anywhere.

There are some key men’s style essentials you need in a well-adjusted and well-composed wardrobe — including lightweight chinos for summer. Yes indeed, even when the thermostat climbs, looking sharp is of the utmost importance, and that’s where the Relwen Flex Chinos come into play, my friends. Gone are the days of wearing heavy, pleated chinos on hot summer days — these are the best men’s chinos (or some of the best, at least) to add to your seasonal rotation. Heck, the Relwen Flex Chinos are also wearable in spring and fall, but that’s not why we’re here now, is it? In fact, you might recognize the Relwen Flex Chinos from this post on how to wear white sneakers — but they’re even more versatile than you thought. When you start out with some of the best fabric around, things are only going to get better; take the 97 percent cotton, 3 percent spandex blend found in the Relwen Flex Chinos. That makes them super easy to wear, and super breathable, to boot.
The Best Basics. Summer Ready.
SHOP: The Relwen Flex Chinos 

Available in two colors, these chinos feature all the right details.

And as you can see above, the Relwen Flex Chinos come in two versatile colors, including Lawn Green and Faded Black. That versatility and flexibility (literally) means you can wear them with everything from a merino T-shirt and classic chukka boots to a summer-friendly polo shirt, a denim jacket and white high-top sneakers.These are also a pair of chinos that’s more than suitable for travel, given the comfort and style you’re getting from the Relwen Flex Chinos (a side note: Check out my guide on how to dress for summer travel for more tips!). And not to be forgotten: You can absolutely wear these slim chinos to the office with brown leather brogues, a white Oxford shirt and a classic navy blazer — both colors will work for that ensemble, in fact. So, that’ll just about do it. If you’re not yet convinced you need a pair of the best men’s chinos as seen here, well, best get on board.

SHOP: The Relwen Flex Chinos 

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket

The next addition to your spring wardrobe — check it out below.

The topic of today’s Style Pick of the Week is a brand you very well might recognize — Relwen. Makers of superb outerwear fit for nearly every situation, from casual weekends (see the Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket) to the more field-ready (enter the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket). If you’re a fan of those two unique silhouettes, then today’s stylish spring jacket is certainly going to work out nicely. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket — it’s quite possibly your new favorite spring jacket. The Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket isn’t just any lightweight spring jacket to throw on — it’s packed with that critical combo of styling potential and weather-ready durability that you need this season particularly. The CPO-style design is quite likely different than any other jacket you’ve got hanging in your closet currently, which is part of what makes the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket so cool and essential. Seriously. It’s got the styling chops to hang with your other favorite spring style essentials — take light wash denim, canvas high-top sneakers and a classic white T-shirt, for starters. Feel free to match the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket with other, slightly more office-ready looks; a blue Oxford shirt, slim tan chinos and clean white sneakers ought to do the trick. So, we know it’s got the looks you need. What about the performance? Believe — at least based on the specs — the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket can hang.

The waffle-knit lining in this jacket adds just the right amount of warmth when it comes to spring layering.

It starts with the perfectly spring-friendly cotton-nylon construction — easy enough to layer on a breezy day, sturdy enough to retain its shape and silhouette through lots of repeated wear. Believe me, I think you’re going to find that the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket is the right kind of jacket for the season; it looks great with classic picks, like a light blue chambray shirt, and it works well with laidback staples (like the classic white T-shirt we mentioned earlier). Add in a plethora of pockets, including two slanted hip zipper pockets and two front-button snap pockets at the chest, and you’ve even got enough room to handle all of your everyday carry essentials. Plus, the waffle knit lining at the shoulders provides some needed insulation for cooler spring (and even summer) nights. Pleated elbows and shaped cuffs are also design touches you don’t often find on other jackets — the Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket has everything considered quite nicely, one could say. For me, that makes it a darn-near essential spring jacket — what say you?

Feel free to leave your feedback or comments on Twitter about this essential spring jacket, my friends. Thanks for reading! 


Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket

A simple, standard jacket? Far from it. Relwen does a nice job here with the Bonded Pile Jacket.

Lately, we’ve been all about durable, rugged and casually stylish layers here on The Style Guide. The thermostat isn’t climbing any higher these days, and that’s where the Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket comes into play. It’s the type of easygoing jacket that you should (hopefully) have plenty of in your closet, the type of piece that works well on the weekends and even as a mid-layer on a blustery morning commute. The Bonded Pile Jacket is a recent addition to the Relwen product line as sold via Huckberry, and it calls to mind the type of classic, easy-to-wear jacket that you might find yourself reaching for after a hard day on the slopes. Yes indeed, the Bonded Pile Jacket just has something about it that calls to mind decades gone by — it’s slightly vintage thanks to the charcoal nep texture, but sleek and modern at the same time. That aesthetic fits in well with how Relwen does things, from outerwear like the Quilted Patrol Jacket to pieces like, well, the Bonded Pile Jacket.  The Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket is a piece that blends warm functionality with a classic, clean aesthetic, which is good news if you want to pair it with other men’s style essentials you’ve got in your wardrobe, like an American-made Oxford and classic blue denim. Between the blend of a soft knit outer and a warm fleece interior, you’ll hardly want to take it off (especially when you see how good it looks with classic menswear staples).

You’ve seen the outside of this jacket — now, get a load of the inside.

The Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket is the sort of subtly stylish jacket that it pays to keep around for the cold months, be it an unusually brisk morning stoking the fire on your back porch or dashing out for morning coffee. Yet, the Bonded Pile Jacket has the sort of straightforward look that can work during a casual Friday, too — especially when you match it up with other staples like a slim chambray shirt and classic tan chinos. It’s got a trim-but-not-too-tight fit, all the better for feeling great and looking quite polished in the process. The knit-ribbed cuffs, hem and neck offer protection from the elements, perfect for when you want to wear the Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket as a top layer with durable chore pants and tough leather boots for a weekend park stroll. That’s but one of the places where the Bonded Pile Jacket is going to come in handy, however. I’m sure you’ll dream up plenty more #OOTD scenarios and outfits once you’ve got your hands on the Relwen Bonded Pile Jacket.

Are you a fan of this casual, essential outerwear piece? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket

A sleek, functional jacket that offers up a modern spin on military inspiration.

Every week here at The Style Guide — heck, every day — it can be pretty tough to filter through so many of the best men’s style essentials to land on one, just one … Style Pick of the Week. And it was a tall order this week especially, but with the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket, I think we’ve hit the mark as far as your new favorite jacket is concerned.

If you’re still searching for a durable, transitional and stylish fall jacket, the handsome Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket is the one to buy — at least, that’s what I think.  Relwen specializes in sleek, functional and military-inspired menswear with a modern edge, but don’t let that scare you. If you’re just dipping your toes into more edgy and rugged outerwear, rest assured that the Relwen brand is very, very wearable for your daily commute and late fall adventures. In fact, the Quilted Patrol Jacket seen at the top of the page is positively packed with functionality and hard-wearing style. The quilted exterior is water-resistant, while the box-quilted nylon lining provides excellent warmth and a neat contrast in terms of color. It’s exclusive to Huckberry, so you know that A) The quality is excellent and B) It’ll likely fly off the site’s (digital) shelves quite fast. The Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket also features a cool, easily wearable charcoal, also exclusive to Huckberry. So, we know this jacket is limited-edition and packed with excellent features. Let’s make it work with your wardrobe, shall we?

The truly excellent thing about a rugged fall jacket with classic military roots is that it can be paired up with plenty of other essentials in your closet already. Take a slim striped henley and your favorite pair of black jeans, then add some stylish leather boots — bingo, perfect weekend ensemble at the ready.  Perhaps you can see this jacket working for you on a rainy commute or a road trip, which is all well and good: The Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket features that durable cotton-nylon exterior and a no-frills charcoal color.

That straightforward design means it’ll keep you dry in inclement weather while pairing up with everything from a slim chambray shirt and grey chinos to a classic Oxford shirt and navy corduroys. Either of those combos would work well for grinding out your next 9-to-5 session, to say the least. And if it’s weekend adventure you seek, the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket checks all the boxes, too. Style it over a rugged overshirt and add stylish hiking boots to go off-road — or stroll down the street to your favorite brewery. I make no bones about it — wherever you want to go, the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket can take you there this fall and winter. And that’s more than good enough to call the Quilted Patrol Jacket today’s Style Pick of the Week.

With that, we’re off for the weekend!

Thanks for reading,


#OOTD: A New Way to Wear Your Field Jacket for Cold Weather

Are you still looking for ways to shake up your #OOTD through the fall season? Same here — and that’s why we’re continually working at The Style Guide to offer up a nice blend of rugged menswear and versatile style for all your fall excursions. From a fall hike to casual Sunday coffee run, there’s one jacket that’s going to provide technical function and sleek style — the ever-durable, stylish field jacket that we’re focused on today. As luck would have it, the Relwen Quilted Field Jacket is a Huckberry exclusive, and a heck of a jacket at that. Featuring a weather-ready quilted exterior and a few neat updates to the classic field jacket design, Relwen has done quite the job with this number. How to wear it? Well, we’ll get to that in a second. But I would suggest you take this look anywhere that calls for tough, weather-ready style. That being said, stylish leather boots and durable field pants are in the mix — you can be sure of that. Need to get style tips in real time? Hopefully, my Instagram account can help you there. In the meantime, stay stylish!


An adventure-ready field jacket meets mobile pants and durable leather boots.

The Field Jacket: Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket in Olive (Exclusively at Huckberry), $298 — Made from a water-resistant nylon-cotton blend, the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket is modern, stylish and tough. Nicely done.
The Shirt: Goldwin Utility Buttondown Shirt, $154 — The Utility Buttondown Shirt could be the most unique classic Oxford shirt in your closet — that’s owing in part to the raglan sleeves and CORDURA blend fabric. Perfect for fall exploration.

The Henley: Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley in Natural, $62 — Because there’s a chance we’ll be dealing with inclement fall weather, a durable, rugged henley like the Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley is the right pick.

The Pants: Proof Nomad Pant, $98 — Want stylish chinos built for anything? Then you want the durable, sleek Proof Nomad Pants, featuring an athletic cut, four-way stretch and water, beer AND coffee-repellent qualities.
The Boots: Wolverine Original 1000 Mile Boots in Roughout, $365 — Make no mistake, you need a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots in your closet. The handsome roughout leather used here is truly exceptional.
The Socks: Anonymousism Slub Crew Socks in Navy, $18 Stylish men’s socks from Anonymousism are an essential accessory for fall — the quality & comfort of a pair like the Slub Crew Socks is next-level, folks.
The Watch: Shinola Runwell Chronograph, $750 — Add a dash of refined-yet-durable style to this rugged #OOTD with the drool-worthy Shinola Runwell Chronograph. Stylish enough for the office, ready for the field.

The Everyday Carry Essential: Filson Large Grab n’ Go Tote, $150 — Can you count on Filson to deliver rugged fall style, even when it comes to accessories like the Large Grab n’ Go Tote? The answer is 100 percent yes, folks.

 Who else out there needs the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket in their closet ASAP? There are certainly plenty of ways to wear it through fall and on into winter — a tip of the cap to Huckberry coming through with a classic, stylish and dependable field jacket. With a modern fit, it’s perfect to layer over a versatile shirt like the Utility Buttondown Shirt from Goldwin , and a rugged men’s henley from Flint and Tinder is also going to provide plenty of warmth & dependable style, whether you’re camping out in the country or strolling to your favorite menswear shop in town. For either of those pursuits (and plenty more), grab the Proof Nomad Pants. Complete with a versatile color and remarkably durable fabric, the Nomad Pants could be a new favorite in your closet. In terms of footwear, the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots haven’t let anybody down — have they? The same can probably be said for stylish men’s socks made by Anonymousism — well-crafted, durable, and perfect for fall. And I’m certainly going to recommend you pick up the Large Grab n’ Go Tote to handle carrying your everyday haul. What’s your take on this #OOTD? And have you added the Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket to your fall style wish list? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,