The Tuesday Steal: Save 30 Percent On This Essential Relwen Popover for Spring

Best men's sweater for spring.

A well-rounded style rotation should be packed with the sort of pieces you look forward to wearing, day in and day out, all the time. Kind of like spinning a (figurative) wheel and hitting the jackpot… every time. And for casually rugged style this breezy spring season, there’s no place that gives you more options for spring style essentials than Huckberry. I’d wager you assuredly know that, but a reminder always helps — and consider this your reminder that the Relwen Windzip Popover (a personal favorite of mine) can be your new casually rugged, go-to spring layer, and it’s 30 percent off right now.

Naturally, you’ll find it in the Huckberry Sale section, which is packed with the sort of discounts on durable stylish gear (like this nylon jacket, filled with down) that every guy could use more of this season. The Relwen Windzip Popover is also a sort of two-for-one deal — it’s got the build of a casual quarter-zip, but the lining and fill of a lightweight puffer jacket, and it also features both a snap collar and a handy zipper for extra coverage.

Plus, you can’t beat the cool color-blocked design of the Relwen Windzip Popover, nor that sale price. Don’t fret over finding your next spring layer — you’ve secured it right now with the Relwen Windzip Popover


Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater – Spring’s Best Laidback Sweater

Best sweatshirt for men.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you enjoy swerving ever-so-slightly from the norm, even when it comes to normally more laidback style scenarios. After all, spring style essentials are always the right way to go, and it’s all the better if you switch things up a bit when you least expect. Take the lineup at Huckberry, for instance. It’s full of distinct changes of pace — for instance, when you might be tempted to reach for a more casual athletic logo sweatshirt, reach instead for the Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater. The change is simple, really: Any time you might wear a crewneck sweatshirt, swap that out for one of the best men’s sweatshirts while retaining that air of casually rugged appeal.

Best casual sweatshirt for men.

The Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater is a Huckberry Bestseller for a reason, and part of an entire lineup of classically inspired yet modern gear from Ohio-based Relwen. The brand takes basics like the chino or the quarter-zip sweater, reinterprets them with modern fabric, then injects them with an air of cool, unique style.

Case in point, of course, is the Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater. The French Terry fabric blend is soft and pliable, and plenty ready to layer over other spring style essentials, be it a rugged chambray shirt or your favorite henley. The shawl collar frames the face, while the unique button placket on the Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater is a nice style swerve from, again, the more traditional crewneck sweatshirt.

Best of all, you can wear the Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater in all the same ways as you’d wear that crewneck sweatshirt, and then some: Try it at the office with stretch chinos or on the weekends with tapered joggers. Just make sure you pick one up in good time for the rest of the spring season. Happy shopping, folks.

Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Windzip Jacket – Best On-Sale Winter Jacket Right Now

Best winter puffer jacket for men.

In case you needed a reminder, it’s still very much winter outside, it’s still quite frigid, and you still need to layer up on the daily with one of the best men’s winter jackets. If you feel your rotation is a bit stale or happens to be missing that crucial final piece (like a stylish lightweight puffer jacket), you’ve come to the right place this weekend. And helpfully, all signs point to Huckberry and the standout Huckberry Winter Sale. That’s where you’ll find the Relwen Windzip Jacket, one of the most reliably rugged winter jackets for men on the market.

And the even better news? The Relwen Windzip Jacket is up for grabs via a standout deal in that Huckberry Winter Sale: It’s marked down 20 percent, with plenty of sizes and color options available. Why spend your hard-earned time and cash on the Relwen Windzip Jacket? It’s quite obvious, is it not? Let’s count the ways.

Relwen Windzip Jacket

Relwen makes gear inspired by old-school military and outdoor silhouettes, which means its pieces are nothing if not classic and functional, yet stylish. The Relwen Windzip Jacket draws design inspiration from throwback outdoor jackets, the kind your father might have worn on a family camping trip, yet with plenty of modern elements thrown in for good measure.

Crucially, this stylish puffer jacket uses down-alternative insulation for warmth in chilly conditions, and the utility of the Relwen Windzip Jacket only gets better from there.

Helpfully, the Relwen Windzip Jacket features a nylon and spandex exterior for abrasion resistance, yet it’s also water-resistant when the going gets tough. The stand-up collar delivers added protection on breezy days, while the black hardware is a sleek and durable touch. For good measure, a large chest pocket provides useful EDC space. And to round things out quite handsomely, you can find the Relwen Windzip Jacket in four highly wearable colors. The next time you need a go-anywhere jacket this winter (and spring!), reach for the Relwen Windzip Jacket — and score it on sale right now.

Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo – The Most Versatile Summer Polo on the Market

When you think about it, it’s actually easier than ever to spot a classic menswear essential that goes above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak, the kind of piece that stands out subtly and stylishly in a lineup. That’s precisely what Relwen — the old-school-inspired, Ohio-based brand as sold by Huckberry –excels at doing, be it one of the best men’s pocket tees or rugged outerwear. This all brings us to today’s Style Pick of the Week, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo. It’s absolutely one of those classic men’s style moves that brings more to your wardrobe than meets the eye, and your summer menswear rotation is all the better for it. Let’s dive in a bit more, shall we?

Crucially, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo uses lightweight cotton jersey fabric to keep things breezy and cool, and the details only get better from there. The uniquely shaped collar on the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo is designed to frame your face nicely, while the extended three-button placket lends this stylish men’s polo some dressy-meets easygoing flair. The Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo also hits the right style notes in terms of color combinations, be it a striped red number or variations on navy and white micro-stripes.

To top it all off, the cotton jersey fabric of the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo has been garment-washed for softness, so you can rock this one effortlessly right from the second you open it. Whether paired up with tailored chinos or light wash jeans, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo is the kind of style upgrade every guy needs.

Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Pique Pocket Tee – The Best Pocket Tee on the Market Right Now

Best pocket T-shirt for men

When is an item so seemingly simple on the surface actually so essential to your spring and summer wardrobe? When it’s one of the best T-shirts for men, that’s when. It’s a go-to in times casual and in times more rugged, be it on day hikes or brewery visits or days in the sun, and you needn’t cut corners when finding one of the best men’s T-shirts to add to your rotation. Who’s with me on that? In that case, allow me to introduce you to one of the coolest tees you can snag right now, a premium option from Huckberry: The Relwen Pique Pocket Tee has precisely the makings of your next casual wardrobe upgrade.

As you might expect with all gear sold by Huckberry — the rugged-meets-refined-meets-versatile gear purveyors based out of San Francisco — it’s a keeper in every sense of the word. The specs on the Relwen Pique Pocket Tee make it so much more than just your average T-shirt, similar to how your new favorite summer sneakers (as sold by Huckberry) are also more than your average set of kicks. Now, you might know Relwen for making one of the best winter jackets — and other hard-wearing winter gear — but the Relwen Pique Pocket Tee lightens things up in a suitably stylish way.

Best pocket T-shirt for men

Although it looks like a standard tee, the Relwen Pique Pocket Tee is anything but that. Witness the use of mid-weight cotton pique fabric that feels good and looks even better (it’ll hold its shape over time). The split-tail bottom hem is also a nice touch that differentiates this tee from others on the market, while the tonal stitching on the ringer collar is a suitably old-school touch you can only expect from Relwen.

The Relwen Pique Pocket Tee also comes in ever-versatile colors, like Dark Navy or a fun and summer-ready Pale Blue. Note the small logo on the pocket, a nice touch that’s not too gaudy — make no mistake, the Relwen Pique Pocket Tee looks great on its own, layered underneath a denim jacket or worn in breezy fashion underneath, say, a rugged short-sleeve shirt from Filson. Invest in this sub-$80 tee, and wear it plenty of days this summer.

The Thursday Buy: The Relwen Quilted Tanker is the Coolest Winter Jacket to Buy Right Now

Building the right winter wardrobe is as much about the details as it is about the big-ticket items, like securing one of the best winter jackets for men. You’ve hopefully already got some of the best men’s winter boots on your list, for example, but there’s more to it than that when it comes down to getting dressed for winter. Time is of the essence these days, as winter rolls into town in earnest — why not score a rugged, perfectly functional jacket from Relwen to make fighting winter weather that much more smooth and stylish? It’s not all about looks when it comes to Relwen though, and the military-inspired brand (sold by your friends at Huckberry, one of the best online shops for men) goes above and beyond here with the Relwen Quilted Tanker. If you’ve not yet shopped the Columbus-based brand, now’s your chance.

If you want a jacket that’s dependable, rugged and yet fashion-forward in its own way (note the camo pattern below), then the Relwen Quilted Tanker is your best bet at the moment. It’s modeled off a cold-weather tanker jacket (note the military tie-in), but it’s been updated for 2021 and beefed up in the all the right places. The woven nylon-cotton shell won’t slow you down, as it’s not overly bulky, and it’s also been treated with a peached, brushed finish for added softness. The Relwen Quilted Tanker checks all the proper boxes in the comfort department, and then some. That’s not all, folks.

The Relwen Quilted Tanker is packed with bells and whistles you need when gearing up for frigid conditions, right down to the recycled poly fill and a box quilting for maximum insulation when and where you need it most. From there, it’s all about the helpful design touches that you can only find at many partner brands as sold at Huckberry. Take the right zipper chest pocket to store your everyday carry essentials, for instance, plus quilted hip utility pockets for even more storage potential. The Relwen Quilted Tanker is overly built, dependable as can be and meant to take on adventures on and off the trail (or around town).

Better still, the Relwen Quilted Tanker should fit somewhat slim while still offering potential for layering, especially, with, say, a durable Relwen sweater. How’s that for a brand you can trust? To really finish things off the right way, once you’ve layered this jacket atop other cozy winter staples, then you can either zip up the Relwen Quilted Tanker, use the snap-front closure or do both to keep out chilly seasonal weather. Last but certainly not least, the Relwen Quilted Tanker is available in a wear-with-anything (seriously, anything) Dark Forest or Black Camo color, and the stand-up, dual-snap collar adds yet another layer of functionality. The Relwen Quilted Tanker can go anywhere you want it to go this season.

Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Shawl Cardigan – The Most Rugged Winter Cardigan to Buy Now

I’m always of the opinion that in matters of men’s style, it’s best not to get caught flat-footed. That is to say, I think shopping for the best winter style essentials is of the essence right now, seeing as we’ve hit December, and that goes for plenty of different picks in your wardrobe — including one of the best men’s cardigans. We’ve got Relwen and the aptly named Relwen Shawl Cardigan to dig into right now, and if you hadn’t yet given a cardigan a good, long look this winter, now’s the best time to add yet another vital men’s sweater to your rotation. It’s coming at you courtesy of Huckberry, of course, and it certainly makes sense that the multi-faceted men’s retailer can deliver on one of the best sweaters for men, and then some.

The cardigan has definitely had a style moment over the past handful of years, but it’s here to stay, mainly because it’s a certified menswear classic with functional roots (note the thick shawl collar, designed to serve as another layer of protection against the winter wind). And beyond that, a pick like the Relwen Shawl Cardigan has the sort of style roots that almost serve as an homage to menswear icons like Steve McQueen, who himself loved a shawl collar cardigan back in the day. These days, the Relwen Shawl Cardigan has more modern fabric going for it (in this case, a body made of merino wool and low pill acrylic), plus a nicely tailored fit. With the Relwen Shawl Cardigan, things are just getting started. In short, it translates everything you love about the military influences of Relwen, and brings it forward into 2021.

In every facet imaginable, the Relwen Shawl Cardigan is a step up from the ordinary, price included (it retails for a splurge-worthy $298 at Huckberry). That means that it’s got all the specs and style points you could want, and then some. It’s even lined in a cotton jersey-spandex blend, which makes it almost like a jacket as opposed to a more thin merino wool cardigan, for instance. The thick rib knit also gives the Relwen Shawl Cardigan even more of a vintage-inspired feel, like a cardigan you’d find stowed away at a coastal or mountain cabin on a cold night. What’s not to love about that? There’s even a chest pocket and two hip pockets for stowing your everyday carry essentials, making this ideal to wear as top layer if it’s not too snowy or blustery.

The Relwen Shawl Cardigan is decidedly a bit more bulky than your average sweater, but you should still be able to layer it up underneath a waxed trucker jacket in a pinch (and how does it get any more rugged for winter than that?). Last but not least, if you so choose, you can use two collar buttons to get even more closure around your neck for added warmth in extreme conditions — the Relwen Shawl Cardigan really does check all the boxes, and it looks perfectly classic and ultra-stylish while doing so. It’s one of the best men’s cardigans, easily. If you decide to layer up with it, feel free to let me know on Twitter. Here’s to a winter weekend, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: These Relwen Shorts from Huckberry Are The Best Men’s Shorts for Summer

Best shorts for men

Your new favorite shorts for spring and summer.

Consider this your lucky day if you want to stock up on the best men’s style essentials for summer — and more to the point, the best shorts for men this summer, because we’ve got ’em right here, right now in today’s Thursday Buy. With Memorial Day looming and summer adventures aplenty on the horizon, the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts, as sold by our good friends at Huckberry, are the versatile and durable shorts you didn’t know you needed.

Or perhaps, you knew you needed upgraded shorts, but didn’t where to start. Again, you’re in luck today with some of the best men’s shorts, and that’s great news for all of us. If you’re not familiar with Relwen, know that the brand makes everything from polos to outerwear to lightweight technical pants, all with a distinctly classic bent that’s derived from field gear and military wear. I love Relwen men’s jackets in particular, but it’s a pair of the best utility shorts for men that have me hankering to get out there this summer. The Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts use a sateen cotton twill that’s smooth and yet durable, blended with polyester for the perfect amount of stretch this spring and summer.

SHOP: The Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts

Best men's shorts

One of three cool colors in which you can get this standout pair of shorts for spring and summer.

And when it comes to your new favorite shorts, Relwen isn’t cutting any corners — these aren’t that ratty old pair of cargo shorts you’ve been wearing. No sir, they’re cut nice and tailored, but not too slim, with a 9-inch inseam that’s not too long. If you want shorts with a 7-inch inseam, you should check out the Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, but let’s keep it tuned right here, right now with the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts
Nudie Jeans Co

Available in colors like Bright Navy and the cool Faded Camo as shown above, these shorts are distinctive and yet versatile, able to be paired up with your favorite short-sleeve henley or a Relwen polo at a moment’s notice. Plus, they feature a gusseted crotch for greater ease of movement on the trail or when bellying up to the bar. On top of that, the details in this pair of the best shorts for men are well-thought out, too. That includes the black oxidized zipper, snap, and metal button hardware on the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts, of course. Now, they’re more expensive than your average pair of shorts (they retail for $158 at Huckberry), but they’ve got the versatility and the style points to back up the price. They’ll work well with stylish canvas sneakers or even hybrid hiking sneakers, not to mention your favorite short-sleeve shirts for summer.  If you ask me, it’s a wonder that the Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts aren’t in your digital shopping cart already.

SHOP: The Relwen Flyweight Flex Shorts

The Friday Read: Sustainable Sweatpants, The Best Spring Chukka Boots & A New Spring Jacket

It’s certainly no secret that we’ve all been living a lot more in sweatpants and comfortable athleisure-focused gear across this past, what, year? That’s not likely to change right away this weekend, which is why I’ve got a pick I think you’ll certainly enjoy heading into two casual, laidback days coming up (and beyond that). I recently had the chance to catch up with PAPER PROJECT, an innovative line of essentials made with incredibly cool Japanese paper yarn. PAPER PROJECT just launched its All Day Clean Sweats Collection, a set of the best sweatpants for men (and sweatshirts, and sweatshorts) that’s going to upgrade your laidback, casual style quite quickly. The key with the All Day Clean Sweats Collection is the fact that the brand uses Bac-Pur antimicrobial finish technology to deliver odor-fighting protection, plus the sort of cool, neutral style you’ve come to expect from your sweatpants. If you ask me, they’re some of the best men’s sweatpants on the market (and they also offer basics like socks, plus women’s options, too!). I’d snag a pair heading into the weekend, but that’s not my only pick for you today.

No sir, we’ve got plenty to discuss elsewhere, including an excellent new collaboration between New Balance and famed indie record store Amoeba — I covered the New Balance x Amoeba Music x Shop Nice Kicks partnership, and you’d do well to give it a read (and to add a pair or two to your shopping cart, of course). I also covered some of the best new spring shorts for GearMoose (those would be the Relwen Hemp Supply Shorts from Huckberry), and you can read that feature here.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

I’m also working on a feature on the best beers for spring for GearMoose, and that’s a passion that’s near and dear to my heart (if you subscribe to my music-menswear-craft beer newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, you assuredly know this!) So, that’s all going to keep me busy (within reason!), this weekend. How about you? To follow along with my explorations throughout Brooklyn — which will likely include a stop by the upstate New York-inspired bar The Adirondack — you should follow me on Instagram. Alright — let’s get into the rest of the Friday Read, shall we? More shopping and reading picks await.

  • How’s this for the right way to start Friday, ehh? Step into the confines of a spring weekend with one of my top style picks of the moment, a pair of classic chukka boots to wear when you’re ready to step out of the All Day Clean Sweats, ehh? Of course, the brand on display here is FRYE, makers of some of the best chukka boots for men. ‘Tis the season to look great and choose the proper footwear, no doubt about it.
  • Allow me to provide you with another spring shopping picks, this time as promised in the headline. I’m giving you a quick deep dive into one of the best jackets for men of the moment, a style that’s a worth complement to your FRYE chukka boots. Of course, that would be the Alex Mill Work Jacket in Natural Indigo, a visually striking piece that’s made to be worn on the daily, with anything you feel like. How’s that for expert spring style, yes? Yes, indeed.
  • Alright, so there’s two shopping picks to get your weekend started nicely. How about a bit o’ reading to while away the day? Coming right up. I had the pleasure to dive into a very apt new spring beer, the Alvarado Street Brewing Wind Jammer IPA, over at GearMoose. Based on what I’ve heard about this beer, I’d be inclined to pick some up myself if given the chance. I’ll drink to fresh beer for a new season, and I think you should do the same.

That’ll wrap up today’s Friday Read. Are you feeling a little more ready for the weekend now? Be it the chance to pick up your new favorite sweatpants or the chance to sip on the Alvarado Street Brewing Wind Jammer IPA, I’d say you’re in fine shape heading into the weekend. But I’ve got one more read for you today, and that comes courtesy of this very blog. Go on and do yourself a favor by buying one of the most rugged spring jackets, courtesy of Filson. To be more specific :I covered the Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket just last week, and it’s quite the addition to your spring outerwear rotation, to say the least. Read all about it here and let me know what you think. In the meantime, have a great weekend, stay safe out there and let’s make it count!

The Thursday Buy: Get the Best New T-shirt for Summer from Relwen

Editor’s note: Consider The Thursday Buy a quick jumpstart to your day.  One product, for a great deal, to get ready for the weekend.

We’ll tell you all about why you need this new pocket tee ASAP.

Folks, if this Thursday post caught you off-guard, well, fear not. We’re here today for a new Style Guide mini-series, as it were. If you read the blog on the regular — and if you don’t, consider this a crash course! — other ongoing series include #OOTD posts, the See Now, Buy Now series and of course, The List. Naturally, The List rounds up the best men’s gear, #OOTD posts cover how to wear men’s style essentials, and the See Now Buy Now series spotlights one great pick for the week. The Thursday Buy will be in a similar manner, but … not quite. It’ll be shorter, for starters — aside from this intro, that is. Here’s your first Thursday Buy, my friends. 

Take your pick from among the best T-shirts for guys right now.

Let’s get one thing sorted out ASAP: There’s still plenty of time to buy one of the best men’s T-shirts, then wear it the rest of summer. And the best T-shirt for men to buy right now might just be the Relwen Finespun Pocket Tee, making it a fitting pick for our first Thursday Buy. It’s priced to sell ($68 at Huckberry), it looks great with darn near anything — from expertly faded blue jeans and high-top sneakers to slim chinos and suede chukka boots — and it comes in perfectly neutral colors. The finespun jersey fabric is also ultra-soft and truly one-of-a-kind, making this one of the best men’s tees you can add to your wardrobe now. Plus, the chest pocket means you can rock this stylish tee all on its own without it looking like an undershirt. Consider picking up the Relwen Finespun Pocket Tee to power many a Thursday night or weekend beer — or a Sunday morning mug of cold brew. It’s so cool and essential, you’ll have to make excuses not to wear it.

SHOP: The Relwen Finespun Pocket Tee