See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Watch Cap Beanie Is the Best Winter Hat to Shop Now

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When the weather turns especially treacherous this winter season, there’s one brand that’s going to come through in the clutch above all others, and that’s Filson. The Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter has long excelled at outfitting plenty of outdoorsman for rugged pursuits aplenty, and that includes stylish guys like yourself, even if you’re more inclined to dress for the city than the country. Enter the Filson Watch Cap Beanie, one of the best winter hats for men and an unstoppably warm yet surprisingly stylish and utterly classic men’s winter hat meant for just about anything. It’s got plenty of quality design and a reputation that precedes itself, plus it’s priced under $50 — for an investment-level winter hat you’ll have for years, that’s not a bad thing at all. It also doesn’t hurt that the this essential, no-nonsense winter hat falls right in line with the rest of the brand’s famously well-made style picks, like the best winter coat to the best thermal henley for men. It also helps that the Filson Watch Cap Beanie is a prime way to top off a winter ensemble that’s already heavy on Filson gear to fight off the cold.

The Filson Watch Cap Beanie checks off all the right boxes at every turn, from the use of USA-sourced wool to the thick knit and the agreeable price (again, the Filson Watch Cap Beanie is priced at under $50, a downright steal if you pick up the versatile Olive option that you can wear most every single day).

The Filson Watch Cap Beanie is a bestseller for the brand for a reason, chiefly because it protects so astutely against the cold, from blizzards to blustery days and beyond. You can extend or reduce the coverage on your noggin thanks to the adjustable cuff, akin to the old-school fisherman beanie caps that served seafaring explorers so well. You can also snag the Filson Watch Cap Beanie in a more vibrant Flame color if you’d like to wear it for pursuits in the field, like hunting or fishing. But back in town, the Filson Watch Cap Beanie also looks pretty neat when you wear it to top off a waxed trucker jacket and your favorite pair of blue jeans. When you find a winter accessory that’s both rugged and casual, I recommend you lean into picking it up as soon as possible (remember, the Filson Watch Cap Beanie retails for under $50!). That sure sounds like one of the best men’s winter hats, does it not?

It’s the type of hat made to last through both everyday wear and adventures in the field, as you’ve come to expect from Filson. And the fact that it’s both affordable and yet high-quality should provide a serious upgrade from other winter hats in your rotation. In fact, if I had to guess, I’d say the Filson Watch Cap Beanie is going to be the last winter hat you buy for a long time. If you end up trying it out, let me know in the comments below. Cheers and stay warm out there!


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