The Tuesday Steal: Score Last-Minute Holiday Deals at The Taylor Stitch Last Call Section

On Sale | Taylor Stitch's Last Call Sale, Nike Reacts, and another Todd  Snyder Timex - Acquire

It’s hard not to love the consistently excellent menswear being made with care by the good folks at Taylor Stitch, right? The San Francisco brand is easily one of the best online shops for men (with physical locations out West), and they’ve nailed down an excellent model in terms of consistent design, production and delivery via the much-loved Taylor Stitch Workshop. The Workshop allows you to pre-fund some of the best menswear at outstanding prices before it ships. But here’s the catch: The well-stocked, yet fast-moving Taylor Stitch Last Call section gives you just as many opportunities to score discounts on the best men’s style essentials, all at prices marked down to 40 percent off and lower. Here’s the catch: These styles, from the brand’s classic chambray shirts to the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket, tend to sell out nearly right away, or at least within a matter of days.

Talk about a true Tuesday Steal, right? If you’ve never shopped the rugged-yet-versatile gear that comes from Taylor Stitch (check out my last Taylor Stitch review here), then now is as good a time as any. In the spirit of giving you more time to pore through those fast-moving menswear picks, I’m going to send you on your way today now. Happy shopping and happy saving before the holidays!


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