The Sunday Sale: Get this Taylor Stitch Chambray Shirt for 25 Percent Off

As far as the best men’s shirts are concerned, it’s hard to go wrong with Taylor Stitch. If you’ve read the blog as of late (including my feature last Sunday on the brand’s Summer Sale), you know the San Francisco-based outfitter has a knack for making everything from the best men’s pants for summer to plenty of the best summer menswear essentials, period. Now, throw in the fact that the classic Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt is on sale right now for 25 percent off at UNCRATE, and things start to look even better. It’s all part of the stunning array of offerings in the UNCRATE Surplus Shop, which you’ve hopefully grown accustomed to seeing around these parts. UNCRATE Surplus stocks the best gear for men that you can possibly dream up, from the most affordable men’s swim trunks to some of the best men’s sneakers under $100. And believe it or not, it gets even better when you consider one of the best shirts for men, a stone-cold classic that’ll get better the more you wear it.

Satchel and Page

As you might expect, that’s but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Taylor Stitch, one of my favorite brands to shop any day of the week or any season. As luck would have it, the Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt is an essential pick-up that can, at times, be hard to find on sale. So, your eyes aren’t deceiving you when you realize that the price of this rugged chambray shirt has dropped below $100 courtesy of the UNCRATE Surplus Shop — it’s as good as it gets, folks.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt

And why exactly is it as good as it gets? It’s simple, really. One of the best shirts for men starts with some of the best fabric, and in this case, that’s 7 oz. 100% organic cotton that gets softer with time and wear. Even the custom powder-coated metal buttons will develop patina, and that’s great news indeed: This is a rugged shirt you can wear atop your favorite T-shirt or all on its own. It’ll look great with breezy Taylor Stitch pants, deep indigo denim or even iconic Taylor Stitch chinos. Best of all it’s certainly worth remembering that this shirt is on sale right now for 25 percent off at UNCRATE. Your new favorite shirt, and an iconic one at that, offered up on sale? It doesn’t get much better than that, my friends.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt


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