See Now, Buy Now: These R.M. Williams Chelsea Boots from Huckberry are the Best Winter Dress Boots

Navigating the treacherous terrain that comes with winter weather is a pretty daunting task if you’re not equipped with some of the best men’s boots, but how to best get through these slippery, snowy times in style? It’s simple, yet somewhat complicated: For those times when you need to look your best, be it date night, happy hour or a jam-packed day back at the office, step into some of the best dress boots for men to stay on your feet in style. See? Easy as that. OK, not quite, but the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots are an ideal solution to blending comfort and style, plus some winter-friendly traction in spades. For the uninitiated, R.M. Williams have been making incredibly hard-wearing, high-quality footwear in Australia since 1932 — to say they know what they’re doing is an understatement.

Sure, the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots aren’t quite a super-thick pair of snow boots or a pair of the best moc toe boots for men, so you might want to save them if the occasion is particularly snowy (or better still, pack them in your favorite everyday carry essential so you can change later). But for demanding winter days where sharp style is of the utmost importance, the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots get the job done reliably, and then some.

It’s also a mark of good quality — to say the least — that these rugged-yet-dressy boots are sold by Huckberry, one of the best online retailers for men. The R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots get the Huckberry seal of approval for plenty of reasons, including what Huckberry calls a “supple and durable” leather upper, not to mention the specially designed non-slip rubber welt sole. The sole itself can also be swapped out after excessive wear, although it’ll likely be sometime before you end up having any issues with the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots.

You can also take your pick between two handsome and elegant shades of leather (Dark Tan or Black) — either pair of the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots will prove highly versatile whether paired up with a slim pair of blue jeans, the best pair of corduroy pants or even your finest wool suit for winter. These boots are also carefully crafted from just one piece of leather, an added touch that elevates the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots into a wearable piece of luxury. Remember: The no-slip rubber sole is really what makes them some of the best winter dress boots for men. When you need to keep moving through city streets with style and utility in mind, step into the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots — your feet will thank you.


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