Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat – The Best Winter Blazer for Men

It always helps to have a reliable rotation of the best menswear brands in your closet when you need to get dressed in style in a pinch, especially through the frigid days of winter (at least where I am, in Brooklyn). Today’s menswear brand in question is a longtime favorite here on the blog: The great folks at San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch, purveyors of several “best-in-class” menswear picks, including a new essential you might not have considered from the brand. That new essential? One of the best blazers for men, or rather, one of the best sportcoats for men, and one that’s done up in a handsome plaid pattern for winter.

You already know you can turn to the West Coast retailer for a little bit of everything, including a jam-packed rotation of the best jackets for men, but this recent introduction takes things up a notch in terms of refinement and tailored appeal. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat is precisely the upgrade you need when the situation is more formal than simply throwing on one of the best shirt jackets, for instance. You might normally turn to Taylor Stitch for more casual menswear offerings, but the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat proves they can do slightly more formal selections with just as much quality top-of-mind. Of course, they haven’t overdone it, though.

The Sheffield Sportcoat in Coal Slub Check | Taylor Stitch

That’s a difficult balance to strike, but it’s one that Taylor Stitch manages to finetune correctly with the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat. Take the construction, for instance. The elegant yet classically “Taylor Stitch” sportcoat features a poly-cotton lining and minimal padding for a fit that’s tailored yet modern without overdoing it. It’s cut to move with you, not restrict you, as a heavily padded suit jacket or blazer might do. And the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat perfectly fits the definition if you want explore the difference between a sportcoat and a blazer. The Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat features a plaid pattern reminiscent of when sportcoats were actually worn in the field — like hunting jackets — while a traditional blazer is solid in color (among other differences). In this case, it’s more technical, but it’s always useful to know the difference, ehh? The patch pockets on the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat also nail the “casual-yet-refined” vibe perfectly.

Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat is one of the best men’s winter blazers (or rather, sportcoats), able to be worn seamlessly with Taylor Stitch chinos or a pair of the best blue jeans for men and your favorite winter boots. This blazer, with its modern fit and winter-friendly wool fabric, also wears well at the office with the aforementioned blue jeans and leather boots, or with corduroy pants and a crisp white Oxford shirt to hit the town. The Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat can go anywhere you’d normally wear a regular blazer, or anywhere you want to project an air of casual, stylish and slightly rugged confidence. That makes it a must-buy winter jacket, does it not? Here’s to dressing for the rest of winter in style with the Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat.


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