The Sunday Sale: The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt Can Be Yours for 30 Percent Off Now

Best men's shirt for summer.

It can be fairly rare for one of the country’s best menswear designers — in this case, Billy Reid — to offer up some of the best menswear on sale, but that’s what today’s Sunday Sale is all about. That’s right, folks: Billy Reid’s Men’s Sale section has more than a few picks up for grabs right now, a rarity given the premium quality (and price points!) you’ll often find on the digital (and physical!) shelves of the Alabamba-based designer’s well-curated operation.

The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt in particular is a staple of the brand, made with a tailored-yet-not-too-tight fit, a blend of 99 percent cotton and one percent elastane for stretch, and a buttondown collar and chest pocket for a casual-yet-polished finish. Best of all? The fact that it’s up for grabs for 30 percent off right now. Make it yours ASAP — I’ll leave you to it!

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee – The Best Throwback Summer Style

Best men's shirt for summer.

For all the times you’re going to have to dress up this summer, I’d wager there will be plenty of days where you just want to dress in easygoing, casual style, perhaps wearing one of the best T-shirts for men, right? And that’s where today’s casual-but-premium Style Pick of the Week enters the fray, courtesy of one of the country’s best menswear designers. The Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee is not only one of the best men’s T-shirts of the season — something I can’t get enough of these days — it’s also a prime throwback style move that harkens back to, well, summers spent playing baseball, perhaps.

Although it might look simple on the surface, the Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee checks all the right boxes if you want perfectly casual style that’s still visually interesting and not sloppy in the slightest. The Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee is made in Peru from 100 percent organic cotton, a nice, an again, premium touch that looks great with everything from classic chino shorts to laidback cotton and linen shorts.

When the weather gets breezy, the Billy Reid Organic Cotton Baseball Tee serves as an easygoing layer all on its own without missing a beat. It’s a bit of an investment as far as T-shirts are concerned (it’s $98, after all), but that kind of utility will help that price tag pay off in spades. Time to layer up, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Get This Short-Sleeve Billy Reid Shirt for Everyday Summer Wear

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

When you find a style that works for you, the kind of piece you can wear repeatedly throughout a single season, it’s best to stock up on that piece, right? Kind of like one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer. The short-sleeve shirt — like the seriously cool, subtle but extremely well-made Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt — is an undisputed summer style champion, with the polish of your favorite Oxford shirt but the comfort of a polo shirt given its short-sleeve design. Head over to the well-stocked New Arrivals section at Billy Reid to get started, or else keep it locked right here to get the full scoop.

You can mix in color and pattern, or go with a more versatile color to wear with everything from tan chinos to light wash jeans to olive-hued cotton shorts. There’s nothing a piece like the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt can’t do — seriously, keep scrolling.

Best summer shirt for men.

The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt looks simple enough on the surface, but it’s got all the hallmarks of a premium Billy Reid piece from the Alabama-based, all-American designer. It’s made from subtly textured 100 percent cotton and finished off with horn buttons for a premium look and feel, and it even includes some subtle yet distinguished Billy Reid branding on the bottom placket (as shown above).

The fit on the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt is also on-point: Think standard and nicely tailored, but not too tight. The chest pocket adds both visual interest and serves as a handy spot to store the best summer sunglasses, too. Whether you choose to rock the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt on its own or layered stealthily under a Billy Reid blazer, it’s one of the best men’s shirts to rock now.

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Archie Jacket is the Best Spring Blazer to Buy Now

The best men's blazer for spring.

It feels to me like we were just talking about the best moleskin jeans for winter, among other seasonal style essentials, from the retailer in question today, the great Billy Reid out of Florence, Alabama. And yet, the time has now come to upgrade your seasonal wardrobe in a new way with some of the best spring style essentials we’ve seen yet from the famed American menswear designer. Sure, you know Billy Reid’s bestsellers by heart, I would hope: We’re talking rugged denim shirts, hard-wearing selvedge jeans and of course, the famed Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, but the designer also does a number when it comes to more refined spring menswear essentials. Take the Billy Reid Archie Jacket, one of the best blazers for men and a special standout as we move into breezy spring and summer dressing situations.

It’s the kind of blazer worth investing in, one that can be worn more casually with some of the best jeans for men — note the more laidback patch pockets — or in dressier situations with some of the best Billy Reid tailoring out there. Now, unlike on-sale menswear at Billy Reid’s Clearance Sale, this jacket is brand-new and full-price at just a shade under $600, but like most things Billy Reid, it’s worth spending a bit more to get one of the best men’s blazers.

Best casual spring blazer for men.

The design of the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is exactly what you would expect — in a great way — from a designer that knows how to toe the line between ultra-casual and ultra-versatile. The aforementioned casual patch pockets make it easy to wear the jacket casually with light wash jeans or sans tie, with a chambray shirt, as part of a full suit. It’s made from lightweight, garment-dyed 100 percent linen for a breezy feel and finish on hot spring and summer days — if you’re looking for insight on how to dress for a summer wedding, starting with the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is but one way to go.

That fabric is then garment-dyed for an even softer look and feel, right out of the box. The Billy Reid Archie Jacket could very well be one of the most comfortable blazers you’ve ever worn. It’s lined in cotton, with cotton-blend sleeve lining for an easy-on, easy-off design. It’s also unstructured and looks better when worn with a more casual edge (again, skip the tie and wear a rugged denim shirt for a change of pace). The Billy Reid Archie Jacket is finished off with premium pick (or raised) lapel and pocket stitching, a sartorial touch that separates this blazer from the pack. The fit is modern and tailored, with plenty of size options available. For my money’s worth, and yours, the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is one of the best men’s blazers out there, period. Find out for yourself now before wedding season begins in earnest.

The Friday Read: Billy Reid Early Spring Menswear, The Best Men’s Sweats & A Suitsupply Review

Best early spring menswear picks.

You see that man at the top of the page on this fine late February Friday? That’s none other that one of America’s best menswear designers, Billy Reid — the man with the plan to help you dress sharply wearing some of the best early spring men’s style gear this season. You’re in luck heading into the weekend and into a new month, seeing as the Billy Reid Spring 2022 Menswear Collection just hit online stores, and that’s nothing but a great thing for you. In fact, because you can still shop deals from the Billy Reid Winter Clearance while at the same time scoring picks like the best crewneck sweatshirt & more, I’d say it’s really a windfall. Do yourself a favor and start planning accordingly for spring.

I’ll be shopping some of those picks this coming weekend, but right now, I’m kicked back and relaxing on yet another Florida trip, this one nicely timed for a bit of a mid-winter getaway. Already, I’ve had the chance to catch up with family and sip on new Point Ybel Brewing beers, and there’s more of the same on the agenda this weekend. Be sure, as ever, to follow my Instagram to keep up with all the fun, and be sure to check out a few more reading and shopping style picks for your weekend below. Cheers!

Best new whiskey.
  • OK, here’s a fun one if you’re a fan of some of the best whiskey on the market, not to mention… ice cream. Yes indeed, ice cream. Incredibly, I’ve had the chance to test out a product that blends the best of both worlds — ice cream from famed California ice cream purveyor McConnell’s, infused with fine Texas bourbon from Garrison Brothers. If you want a sweet treat for yourself or for your next dinner party, track down a pint or two here. Like I said, it’s the best of both worlds. Naturally, you can also get Garrison Brothers whiskey delivered to your door with Drizly.
Best custom suiting for men.
  • Finding yourself in need of a new suit for a special occasion coming up, like an early spring or late winter wedding? If you’ve got some time (say, about a month or so?) before that big event, consider heading to Suitsupply and checking out the Suitsupply Custom Made Program. Last fall and this winter, I had the chance to get fitted for a new custom suit made from beautiful navy tropical wool, and I reviewed it for Maxim this week. Time to look sharp, my friends!
  • Last but not least, since it’s the weekend and I’d say some laidback lounging is in store for you, consider upgrading your athleisure rotation with a pair of the best men’s sweatpants. There are even pairs tailored and stylish enough to wear outside the house, and that’s why I wrote all about the best men’s sweats over at Fatherly. Happy shopping, folks!

That’s going to close the books on this weekend intro. I hope you’re able to kick back and relax with, perhaps, some bourbon from Garrison Brothers while reading about new sweats or a custom suit (or both). As for me, I’ll soak up some Florida rays for all of us. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you back here for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week!

The Thursday Buy: Billy Reid’s Moleskin Jeans Are The Coolest Pants for Men to Buy Now

As much as you might have updated your uniform over the last, say, two years to reflect more casual menswear and casual times, there’s still something to be said for getting dressed the right way with a pair of the best men’s pants. Yes, that’s right: I said it, and you’re going to have to get dressed in sharp style again one of these days. Enter Billy Reid and the seriously cool, versatile Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans. They’re a perfect example of the ways in which the Alabama-based namesake brand remains one of the best menswear designers in the country.

Satchel and Page

Billy’s focus is on giving the classics a fresh, modern and yet still timeless spin, whether it’s one of the best sweatshirts for men — updated with neat elbow patches — or the classic Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. He really doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to blending the more rugged with the more refined, which is why pieces like the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are the perfect way to ease back into wearing more traditional pants (as comfortable as your sweatpants might be, that is). It starts with the Portuguese-made construction and the careful use of just a hint of elastane for comfortable stretch, turning the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans into a next-level pair of pants, so to speak. It gets better from there, luckily.

As ever with Billy Reid menswear, it’s the details that make the difference, and the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are packed with small touches only one of the country’s top style designers can provide. Take the custom hardware on the front center of these stylish slim-fit jeans, not to mention the ultra-soft fabric and the tailored fit throughout. It’s the little things and the big things that Billy Reid gets correct here, turning these into some of the best pants for men. But remember: That touch of stretch makes them more comfortable right out of the box than stiff selvedge jeans, and that’s not a bad thing, either. They’re also available in rich colors like the khaki-esque Rubber and the wear-with-anything Earth Green shown above. Fear not the higher price tag ($228 at Billy Reid), because these are going to provide some nice bang for your buck.

Satchel and Page

The Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are going to replace even your most treasured pair of sweatpants, and they also might even replace a pair of your favorite jeans (remember, moleskin is like a brushed cotton, a nice change of pace from classic, much-loved Billy Reid men’s jeans). The Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are a change of pace from the ordinary, wearable with anything and everything from one of the best henleys for men — which you can also find at Billy Reid — to a tailored shawl cardigan for rugged winter layering. You can even wear the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans with a classic T-shirt and a trucker jacket for the ideal blend of high-low style. When it’s time to get dressed properly by wearing “real pants,” I’d wager the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are going to prove more than essential — they might even become a new favorite.

The Thursday Buy: This Billy Reid Shirt Jacket is the Rugged & Refined Winter Layer You Need

I always say that it pays to have brands you can trust in your rotation of the best men’s style essentials, brands that don’t miss a beat when moving from season to season. As it turns out, Billy Reid is one of those brands, a reliable company that delivers some of the coolest menswear as dreamed up by one of the country’s best menswear designers. And as luck would have it, the Billy Reid New Arrivals section is packed with some of the best winter gear for guys, including one of the best shirt jackets for men. Billy Reid already has you outfitted for those occasions when things turn more formal, including a selection of the best men’s shirts for all occasions.

And I’m more than willing to bet you also know Billy Reid from the frankly incredible, widely coveted and fast-selling Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, which just so happens to be the type of heirloom piece you’d do well to buy now and wear often. But let’s talk more about the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket, one of the best men’s shirt jackets to wear when situations toe the line between rugged and refined.

Where does the magic come from with the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket? It starts with the warm and winter-friendly wool-blend exterior, reinforced with nylon and polyester for durability and stretch. It’s then filled with an insulating poly fill made with recycled polyester for an extra shot of sustainability. So, the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket delivers when it comes to comfort and performance. But it’s the small details where Billy Reid elevates things even further. Whereas more technical shirt jackets might use a cheaper style of button, here, the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket uses antique brass hardware and a handsome leather locker loop, the sort of touch you can use to display this handsome and functional shirt jacket on a coat rack rather than tossed in the laundry room.

These touches make the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket more of a style piece than a performance move. I’d shy away from wearing this on long, grueling hikes and reserve this rugged-yet-refined shirt jacket for park strolls and brewery beers. The rich dark navy plaid pattern makes the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket a superb style move when worn atop one of your favorite henleys and some slim blue jeans, and you can even wear the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket atop one of Billy Reid’s denim shirts for the ultimate blend of durability and style points. To shake up your winter layering, get the handsome and ever-versatile Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket — you won’t regret it.

The Tuesday Steal: Take $60 Off this Billy Reid Sweatshirt Right Now

Now, here’s the thing with shopping the best menswear deals: They tend to go quickly, which is why you’d do well to stock up on the stylish, classic men’s sweatshirt it’s $60 off at Billy Reid ($138, versus $198). That’s quite the deal, especially when the brand in question is led by one of the country’s best menswear designers, Billy Reid. It’s all part of the outstanding and fast-selling Billy Reid Winter Clearance, so I’d do yourself a favor and act quickly. Now, if you’ve read any of my Billy Reid reviews, you know that the Alabama-based brand takes a distinctly cosmopolitan approach to menswear, upgrading classic pieces with refined touches in a way that only Billy Reid can do. Take the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt seen here, after all. It’s one of the best men’s sweatshirts in its own right, made in Peru from a medium-weight cotton blend that’s not too overwhelming for layering atop, say one of the best men’s winter shirts. It then gets a neat, rugged upgrade thanks to leather sleeve patches for a tough of old-school cool. Yes indeed, they simply don’t make ’em like the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt anymore, except for, well, Billy Reid.

If you weren’t convinced already by that standout deal, just know that the Billy Reid Winter Clearance is moving quickly and won’t be around for very long. It’s rare to find deals on stylish shirting, essential knits, classic sweaters, some of the best men’s denim and more, particularly when you consider the fact that Billy Reid menswear can get quite pricey on its own. Even the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt normally retails for close to $200, so seeing $60 get knocked off the purchase price is a very welcome sight indeed. When you want plentiful menswear deals, it’s the Billy Reid Winter Clearance you should shop right now. If you end up scoring this sweatshirt, let me know in the comments. Happy shopping and saving, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: This Classic Billy Reid Shirt is A Timeless Winter Style Move

It’s fitting that on today of all days (that’d be Thanksgiving!), we’re talking about one of the best men’s shirts, and a timeless style move, at that. It’s the time of year where classic, crisp and versatile is going to serve you well. Even if your go-to jeans or your post-Thanksgiving or holiday party pants have an extra bit of stretch, for instance, you can still look plenty put-together otherwise. That’s where one of the country’s best menswear designers enters the equation by way of the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt, a classic men’s shirt in a rich and seasonally friendly pattern, one that’s going to look as great years from now as it does this holiday season. You might be too late to wear this stylish plaid shirt to your Thanksgiving get-together, but it’s one of the best winter men’s style moves you can make for the weeks and months ahead.

Billy Reid already makes a full rotation of menswear classics, including the best men’s peacoat on the market, plus a stylish casual sweatshirt (both of which you can wear with the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt, as luck would have it). The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt goes well above and beyond what you’d expect from your typical buttondown shirt, starting with that engaging, bold (and Billy Reid-exclusive) plaid pattern. That it’s done up in rich autumnal color is an added bonus, but it’s really made to be worn the rest of winter as a striking pop of color and pattern.

With the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt, both the big-ticket touches (like premium horn buttons and a modern fit), plus the small details (like signature Billy Reid detailing at the shirt hem) are taken care of in a way that you can trust. The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt is also made from a lightweight 100 percent cotton, so you can wear it underneath a stretch wool blazer or your favorite Billy Reid cardigan as easily as you can wear it on its own if you’re in a warmer climate for the holiday season. The box-pleated back allows for more ease of movement if you happen to wear this shirt to the office, say, underneath an unstructured cotton blazer or with the famed Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt. It’s so much more than just your average buttondown shirt, which is why it does indeed retail for a higher price point ($168, to be exact), but having tried out favorites like Billy Reid’s denim shirts over the years, I can certainly vouch for this one. If you want a shirt you can trust this winter through situations dressy and casual, the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt is your new go-to style move. So, with all that being said, I’m wishing a Happy Thanksgiving, and a healthy (and stylish!) weekend with family, friends, great food and great clothes. Cheers!

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat Is Back In Stock and Better Than Ever

How James Bond's Peacoat Changed Billy Reid's Business | GQ

There are certain menswear essentials that always mark the true start of fall and winter with their arrival, and in the best way possible. Take the much-loved and always popular, quick-selling and simply incredible Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. So named for the famed menswear designer (and Style Guide favorite) Billy Reid’s Bond Street store in New York City, you likely recognize it these days from the big screen. Famously, it’s the peacoat worn by James Bond in “Skyfall,” part of an instantly classic set of men’s style moves by Bond that you can now emulate yourself. Beyond that, it’s simply one of the best men’s peacoats — and indeed, one of the best men’s jackets, period. It’s got all the standout styling potential and details you’d only expect from one of America’s best menswear designers — there’s more than one reason Bond wears this sleek, classic peacoat.

You already know you can turn to Billy Reid for everything from one of the best on-sale men’s shirts to the coolest fall sweater, so why not really up the ante with a peacoat sure to sell out soon? The specs on this peacoat make it both refined and yet incredibly functional in chilly fall and winter weather, starting with the use of smooth, soft-yet-thick melton wool. That wool is made in Portugal into a truly iconic jacket that won’t be around on the site’s digital shelves for very long. If you’ve been on the fence about the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, now’s the time to take the plunge.

As if the specs weren’t enough to convince you, well the option to go with either classic Navy or Black should provide plenty of versatile styling potential, especially if you go like Bond and wear the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat atop a crisp white dress shirt (also found at Billy Reid) and a pair of slim grey wool trousers. Notably, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is finished off with cool, iconic touches, like a leather undercollar and horn buttons, all the better to provide long-lasting, timeless style for years to come. The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat can be worn simply, atop the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt with faded jeans, for instance, or in dressy fashion (See Bond, James Bond).

Get James Bond’s peacoat now

It’s the perfect way to layer for fall

It’s worth noting that because it’s one of the best men’s peacoats, it’s going to prove a pricier investment than a fast-fashion item. Clocking in at a shade under $700, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is built to last and made to get better with age. It’s durable enough to wear in snow storms, but for a blizzard or unexpected rain, you might want to turn instead towards a waxed parka. The great news is though, most days, the exceptional Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is your new favorite winter peacoat, to say the very least. Dressing like James Bond just got a little bit easier, but act quickly, because this peacoat won’t be around forever. Stay stylish, folks!