The Thursday Buy: This Classic Billy Reid Shirt is A Timeless Winter Style Move

It’s fitting that on today of all days (that’d be Thanksgiving!), we’re talking about one of the best men’s shirts, and a timeless style move, at that. It’s the time of year where classic, crisp and versatile is going to serve you well. Even if your go-to jeans or your post-Thanksgiving or holiday party pants have an extra bit of stretch, for instance, you can still look plenty put-together otherwise. That’s where one of the country’s best menswear designers enters the equation by way of the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt, a classic men’s shirt in a rich and seasonally friendly pattern, one that’s going to look as great years from now as it does this holiday season. You might be too late to wear this stylish plaid shirt to your Thanksgiving get-together, but it’s one of the best winter men’s style moves you can make for the weeks and months ahead.

Billy Reid already makes a full rotation of menswear classics, including the best men’s peacoat on the market, plus a stylish casual sweatshirt (both of which you can wear with the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt, as luck would have it). The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt goes well above and beyond what you’d expect from your typical buttondown shirt, starting with that engaging, bold (and Billy Reid-exclusive) plaid pattern. That it’s done up in rich autumnal color is an added bonus, but it’s really made to be worn the rest of winter as a striking pop of color and pattern.

With the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt, both the big-ticket touches (like premium horn buttons and a modern fit), plus the small details (like signature Billy Reid detailing at the shirt hem) are taken care of in a way that you can trust. The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt is also made from a lightweight 100 percent cotton, so you can wear it underneath a stretch wool blazer or your favorite Billy Reid cardigan as easily as you can wear it on its own if you’re in a warmer climate for the holiday season. The box-pleated back allows for more ease of movement if you happen to wear this shirt to the office, say, underneath an unstructured cotton blazer or with the famed Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt. It’s so much more than just your average buttondown shirt, which is why it does indeed retail for a higher price point ($168, to be exact), but having tried out favorites like Billy Reid’s denim shirts over the years, I can certainly vouch for this one. If you want a shirt you can trust this winter through situations dressy and casual, the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt is your new go-to style move. So, with all that being said, I’m wishing a Happy Thanksgiving, and a healthy (and stylish!) weekend with family, friends, great food and great clothes. Cheers!

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat Is Back In Stock and Better Than Ever

How James Bond's Peacoat Changed Billy Reid's Business | GQ

There are certain menswear essentials that always mark the true start of fall and winter with their arrival, and in the best way possible. Take the much-loved and always popular, quick-selling and simply incredible Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. So named for the famed menswear designer (and Style Guide favorite) Billy Reid’s Bond Street store in New York City, you likely recognize it these days from the big screen. Famously, it’s the peacoat worn by James Bond in “Skyfall,” part of an instantly classic set of men’s style moves by Bond that you can now emulate yourself. Beyond that, it’s simply one of the best men’s peacoats — and indeed, one of the best men’s jackets, period. It’s got all the standout styling potential and details you’d only expect from one of America’s best menswear designers — there’s more than one reason Bond wears this sleek, classic peacoat.

You already know you can turn to Billy Reid for everything from one of the best on-sale men’s shirts to the coolest fall sweater, so why not really up the ante with a peacoat sure to sell out soon? The specs on this peacoat make it both refined and yet incredibly functional in chilly fall and winter weather, starting with the use of smooth, soft-yet-thick melton wool. That wool is made in Portugal into a truly iconic jacket that won’t be around on the site’s digital shelves for very long. If you’ve been on the fence about the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, now’s the time to take the plunge.

As if the specs weren’t enough to convince you, well the option to go with either classic Navy or Black should provide plenty of versatile styling potential, especially if you go like Bond and wear the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat atop a crisp white dress shirt (also found at Billy Reid) and a pair of slim grey wool trousers. Notably, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is finished off with cool, iconic touches, like a leather undercollar and horn buttons, all the better to provide long-lasting, timeless style for years to come. The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat can be worn simply, atop the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt with faded jeans, for instance, or in dressy fashion (See Bond, James Bond).

Get James Bond’s peacoat now

It’s the perfect way to layer for fall

It’s worth noting that because it’s one of the best men’s peacoats, it’s going to prove a pricier investment than a fast-fashion item. Clocking in at a shade under $700, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is built to last and made to get better with age. It’s durable enough to wear in snow storms, but for a blizzard or unexpected rain, you might want to turn instead towards a waxed parka. The great news is though, most days, the exceptional Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is your new favorite winter peacoat, to say the very least. Dressing like James Bond just got a little bit easier, but act quickly, because this peacoat won’t be around forever. Stay stylish, folks!

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt – The Best Fall Weekend Sweatshirt

What do you think of when you think of a crewneck sweatshirt? Perhaps a trusty athletic logo sweatshirt or even something more premium, right? Put all those thoughts to rest for just one second and consider that you haven’t yet seen one of the best sweatshirts for men, period: That’d be the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt, an exceptional take on the traditional crewneck sweater that blends both old-school athletic heritage and modern refinement in a surprisingly dressy and versatile final product. It’s part of Billy Reid’s Fall 2021 Collection, and it’s worth every penny. The Alabama-based designer has produced award-winning staples like one of the best casual shirts for fall for years now, and he’s also got quite the rotation of outerwear, like the famed Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, up for grabs. But before you can throw on a new jacket, start with the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt for comfortable layering, casually cool style and much more.

Billy Reid’s Dover Sweatshirt belongs in your closet

The perfect blend of old-school cool and modern style

Billy Reid made a name for himself merging the old and the new, winning menswear accolades aplenty in the process, and the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt, is a prime example of how it all comes together. It’s got the silhouette of a grey crewneck sweatshirt, but it’s cleaned up and accented with leather elbow patches and armhole piping. Your standard athletic sweatshirt, this is certainly not. And especially in a cool Heather Grey color, it’s about as versatile as you want it to be.

Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt | Huckberry

The Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt also features slight details that really showcase the Billy Reid difference, like the small patch accenting Billy Reid’s signature stripe design. It’s touches like those ones that make the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt a fitting piece to wear with tailored blue jeans or tan chinos to the office when you can mix and match pieces. You can also layer the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt beneath your favorite fall blazer or beneath a rugged field jacket, but to me, this classic crewneck sweatshirt is at its best when you showcase those handsome leather elbow patches and rock it solo for a weekend coffee outing. Note that it also comes in a sleek Black colorway with contrasting elbow patches, but Heather Grey is your best bet, in my humble opinion.

And because it’s made with a cotton-polyester blend, it’s not too heavy or bulky — it’s the ideal go-between sweater to wear as we move into October. You can throw it on over a classic Billy Reid Oxford shirt or a long-sleeve tee from Billy Reid, too: The choice is all yours. Now, be warned, because the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt will run you $195, quite the price tag. But that being said, it’s exceedingly rare to find a crewneck sweatshirt made with this much care and attention to detail. For my money’s worth, I’d say you need to make this one your new favorite fall sweater ASAP.

The Tuesday Steal: Billy Reid’s Flight Jacket Is One of the Coolest Fall Jackets to Shop Now

Thanks for joining us during today’s Tuesday Steal, where the featured item in question isn’t exactly a full-on steal, per se, but that doesn’t make it any less essential, or any less than one of the best men’s jackets for fall. In fact, seeing as the first day of fall is tomorrow, it’s as crucial a time as any to get your new favorite jacket, and to shop a retailer that knows plenty about the best fall menswear: We’re talking, of course, about Alabama-based menswear designer Billy Reid, makers of some of the best men’s shirting, essential selvedge denim and now, one of the best fall jackets for men. It’s the Billy Reid Flight Jacket that draws high praise from my neck of the woods today, with both old-school and modern appeal in spades. It’s worth noting that when it comes to Billy Reid, you’re often investing in quality, rather than scoring a major discount (that’s what makes it so noteworthy when Billy Reid has a sale, after all). And yet, that’s not a bad thing at all, because the rugged and durable Billy Reid Flight Jacket has a ton going for it (to say the least).

Get your new go-to fall jacket

Billy Reid’s Flight Jacket is the perfect blend of rugged and modern

The exceedingly dependable and well-made Billy Reid Flight Jacket has all the specs you need in one of the best fall jackets, right down to the use of dry wax canvas for weather-ready construction. It comes from Scotland’s Halley Stevenson, innovative fabric makers that have been in business since the 1860s. Yes indeed, Billy Reid knows how to partner with the best of the best, which is what makes the Billy Reid Flight Jacket so essential, even with a price tag of $448. It’s more than worth it, though — keep scrolling.

The remarkable and seriously cool Billy Reid Flight Jacket is the kind of jacket that only gets better with age, and it’ll break in more and more each time you wear it. That being said, you’ll surely want to wear this jacket a heck of a lot, especially with a rugged Billy Reid denim shirt or even a simple but classic Billy Reid henley. It’s a versatile piece of grab-and-go outerwear meant for breezy fall days strolling through the park or even zipping around the city to work (team it with an Oxford shirt in place of a blazer for a laidback day at the office). The Billy Reid Flight Jacket is also meant to keep you warm when fall weather is at its worst. It’s lined with what the brand calls Comfortemp AIR poly fill, made from recycled polyester to fight the elements and add some sustainable functionality into the mix.

Satchel and Page

The Billy Reid Flight Jacket is also versatile and easily wearable in other ways — note the rich Khaki color, which should team especially well with dark blue denim, navy or olive chinos or even burgundy corduroys. It’s as good as it gets all the way through, right down to the dark horn buttons and two chest flap patch pockets. The Billy Reid Flight Jacket covers all the proper bells and whistles you’d expect from your new favorite fall jacket, more than justifying the investment-level (yet still accessible!) price. Make it yours today, then start plotting your next fall outing.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Flight Jacket

The Tuesday Steal: This Billy Reid Shirt is a New Fall Menswear Classic to Buy Right Now

Although it’s only just now the end of August, the time is still here to stock up for fall with one of the best shirts for men, the kind of shirt you can wear all day long. The Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt, my friends, is that very shirt. It’s available right now for under $100, making it a fine Tuesday Steal, but any way you look at it, it’s one heck of a fall shirt to buy now and wear from August into September and well beyond. It’s part of the Billy Reid Final Sale section, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s of subpar quality, design or construction. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s pretty rare to find one of the best men’s shirts for fall up for grabs at this point for under $100, and that’s just part of the reason why you should add this classic Oxford shirt to your wardrobe (don’t worry, future posts will dive into another #OOTD on how to wear an Oxford shirt for men, for instance). Plus, the fact that the pocket is placed in a slightly different spot than average is pretty neat.

Design perks aside, focus on adding this shirt to your wardrobe and reaping the rewards as far as versatile, affordable style is concerned.

Get your new go-to fall shirt from Billy Reid

Wear it as often as you can, starting now

The Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt, with details like signature striping at the shirt hem, exemplifies what the classic American designer does best, which is make solid everyday staples using premium processes and fabrics. The result is elevated above the ordinary, and that’s an understatement. In the case of your new favorite shirt, that means this Oxford shirt is made in Portugal from, not surprisingly, 100 percent Oxford cotton cloth in a rich, deep shadow plaid. The shadow plaid of the Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt would actually pair quite nicely with tan or auburn Billy Reid chinos or jeans for a sharp, business casual-ready ensemble.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt

It’s also designed with a standard fit, which isn’t overly slim nor overly baggy. The result is a classic men’s shirt that looks great untucked or teamed with, say, a refined Billy Reid blazer and faded jeans for date night or office-minded style. When you can snag a deal on something as essential, cool and highly wearable as the Billy Reid Offset Pocket Shirt, my best advice is to add one to your wardrobe as quickly as you can.

The Sunday Sale: Get Up to 50 Percent off Billy Reid Menswear Right Now

My friends, sometimes, it really is best to keep it simple. That goes for matters of menswear, style and shopping, which is why the Billy Reid Summer Clearance Event is the way to go today. What does that have to do with keeping it simple? Well, I’m glad you asked. When one of the country’s best menswear designers marks down some of the best men’s style essentials on the planet, it’s in your best interest to shop that sale, and quickly. Naturally, he’s been a favorite designer of mine on the blog for years — I love the Billy Reid Denim Shirt in particular. There’s plenty more where that came from, though.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Summer Clearance Event

Billy Reid's Summer Clothing Is About 50% Off at Huckberry - InsideHook

In the past couple weeks, I’ve also directed you towards standout sales from Taylor Stitch and Filson, both events that don’t come around too often. The same can be said with deals on Billy Reid menswear. Coming from a designer that makes everything from James Bond’s peacoat to the best denim shirt, it’s always worth noting when it’s ideal to shop and stock. We’re talking up to 50 percent off the latest and greatest menswear, so don’t waste time sticking around this blog post: Go dig through the expertly curated Billy Reid Summer Clearance Event to get the best deals on your new favorite menswear today.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Summer Clearance Event

The Thursday Buy: The Billy Reid Pensacola Polo is the Casual Summer Shirt to Buy Now

Billy Reid Pensacola Polo

Picture this: Your weekend dawns, some (safe) outdoor plans are finally on the horizon and, well, you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear. A T-shirt might be too casual, a dress shirt is too stuffy, but here’s the catch: One of the best men’s polos truly hits the sweet spot, and that’s why we’re here today. The brand to shop for the best polo for men does it even better than you might expect, too. And if you’ve read the blog as of late, you know this to be true: Alabama-based Billy Reid delivers, and that’s certainly the case with the standout Billy Reid Pensacola Polo. Of course, that’s not all one of the country’s best menswear brands can do.


Be it the iconic Billy Reid Denim Shirt (it’s been a staple of the brand since the early 2000s) or any number of the best men’s style essentials from Billy Reid — trust me, I have plenty of favorites — this is one designer that delivers season after season. But back to what makes the stellar Billy Reid Pensacola Polo such a crucial seasonal pick-up. For starters, it’s the perfect blend of premium style and affordability; even when not on sale, you can get this stylish polo for under $100. I’d call that a bingo, folks. It gets better, so keep scrolling.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Pensacola Polo

Billy Reid review

The Billy Reid Pensacola Polo is the sort of polo that defies convention. It’s not stuffy or too heavy, thanks to the 100 percent Peruvian cotton blend. That makes it super soft and breathable compared to thicker pique polos. The fabric is also garment-dyed for extra softness and comfort right out of the box. In short, your new favorite polo is going to feel as easygoing as your favorite T-shirt (also from Billy Reid, in an ideal world!).

Mack Weldon

Even the details are on-point, including chest pocket stitching that plays off the brand’s signature ribbon stripe. Better still, the cut is fitted but not overly tight, resulting in one of the best polos for men across the board, the kind that looks great on any guy. Take your pick from five richly crafted colors, then mix and match the Billy Reid Pensacola Polo to your heart’s content with light wash denim and canvas sneakers, or else chino shorts and leather loafers. That’s truly the tip of the menswear iceberg, and it’s worth keeping in mind you can find one of the best polos out there for only $88 at Billy Reid (that’s a downright steal in my mind).

SHOP: The Billy Reid Pensacola Polo

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Denim Shirt Is a Modern Menswear Classic

Billy Reid men's shirts

An unstoppably cool denim shirt with the right specs to stand up to years of wear.

Do you have a shirt you can’t stop wearing, the sort of shirt  you positively love to wear as often as possible? For me, the Billy Reid Denim Shirt is precisely that shirt in my own wardrobe. I’m calling it a classic men’s shirt for a a good reason, seeing as it’s wearable in each and every season and as often as you want. That’s the case whether teamed with a lightweight T-shirt on a breezy spring day or layered underneath a timeless shawl cardigan in the winter months. As for me, I’ve worn my own Billy Reid Denim Shirt to menswear events around New York City, rock concerts in Brooklyn and the famed Austin City Limits music festival (I hope to wear it back there some day!). But back to your new favorite shirt in the meantime, ehh? Naturally, it’s part of a well-stocked and highly stylish collection of Billy Reid best sellers, the kind of heirloom-quality menswear that’s seemingly simple on the surface… but so much more than that. It’s in the DNA of this Florence, Alabama company, and Billy himself has decades in the industry.

Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that you can get this denim shirt in multiple washes, including a lightwash denim shirt option, but the quality never falters (I also have a Billy Reid black denim shirt — can you tell I’m a huge fan??). Lest you worry about spending too much hard-earned cash on this shirt (it retails for $198 at Billy Reid, after all), know that mine has more than held up through years of wear.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Handsome details and rugged construction make this shirt a big-time style winner.

The Billy Reid Denim Shirt is quite possibly everything you could ever need in a casual men’s shirt, from the subtle yet noticeable detailing — note the contrast stitching and antique brass snaps — to the timeless fit. It’s neither too slim nor too baggy, meaning you can layer it atop a T-shirt or a henley as an overshirt just as readily as you can wear it all on its own to grab an ice-cold beer (I’m told Billy himself likes Miller High Life).

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

This classic denim shirt is as at home on a spring weekend stroll as it is grabbing outdoor brunch, manning the grill or packing up for a road trip (trust me — it’s breathable enough to be worn all day). Like all things denim, the Billy Reid Denim Shirt will also get better with age the more you wear it. If it’s an iconic everyday shirt you want, you’re in luck today, folks. Thanks to Billy Reid himself for knocking this one out of the park.

SHOP: The Billy Reid Denim Shirt

#OOTD: The Best Way to Wear a Sweater This Spring

Is it just me, or is it drafty in here? Spring brings with it climbing temperatures, but also its fair share of chilly, breezy days, which is why we’re going to get into how to wear one of the best sweaters for men this spring, and from a revered designer at that. This certainly won’t be the last time you read about Billy Reid this week (seriously, check back on the blog tomorrow), and that’s all with very good reason. The Alabama-based designer makes some of the best style essentials for men, the kind of classic pieces that are subtly done but perfect beyond the surface level, and that includes one of the best men’s sweaters for spring, as you’re about to find out. This look also includes, naturally, some of the best casual style staples you’re going to find this season, including some of the best jeans for men (keep reading, trust me!).

The end result is an #OOTD that looks great any day of the week in these casual times, but it’s especially fitting for a weekend outdoor brunch or time spent hanging out with the family. Don’t overthink it and don’t overdo it, just use elevated casual pieces — like the Billy Reid Dover Crew — to turn your everyday dressing into something cool and classic. While it’s an investment, as you’ll find out, it’s one that’s going to pay off. And it all comes together in one of the best ways to wear a sweater for spring, if I do say so myself.

  • The Sweater: Billy Reid Terry Dover Crew, $198 — You’re certainly investing in this Terry cotton sweater, but on breezy spring days, it’s one of the best men’s sweaters you’ll ever find. The distressed leather elbow patches are among the many standout touches.
  • The Shirt: Faherty Brand Movement Shirt, $148 — Faherty has a knack for making the best men’s casual shirts out there, like this easy-to-layer stretch Oxford shirt that teams nicely with your Billy Reid sweater.
  • The Denim: Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans in Medium Indigo, $165 –You’ve previously read about the Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans on the blog, and they’re back today with good reason. Exceptionally durable, incredibly well-made and utterly classic, they’re some of the best jeans for men this spring.
  • The Boots: Huckberry x Coors Banquet Boots, $498 — How cool is this? Huckberry and Coors Banquet teamed up on some of the most rugged leather boots to wear all spring and into summer. A true winner in my book.
  • The Socks: Mack Weldon Cashmere Extended Crew Socks, $68 — Hey, some of the best men’s boots call for some of the best socks for men, and this cashmere pair is as refined and stylish as it gets.
  • The Watch: Timex Standard Leather Strap Watch, $79 — A cool elbow-patch sweater and rugged leather boots call for a classic leather watch to match, right? Right. This Timex leather strap watch is highly affordable, too.
  • The Ballcap: Western Rise Versa Hat, $59 — Looking for a subtle, functional, stylish ballcap to wear on the daily? The Western Rise Versa Hat is the way to go, seeing as it’s made with four-way stretch fabric and is also waterproof and stain-resistant.
  • The Everyday Carry: Hard Graft Cash & Coin Wallet, $175 — Want to minimize your daily carry as you hop around town on the weekends? Get this investment-level leather wallet, one of the coolest wallets for men I’ve laid eyes on in some time.

OK, folks. That’s all I’ve got for you today. Well, not quite. Let’s run it back one more time and explore what makes this #OOTD so essential for spring. It all starts off with the expertly crafted, investment-level Billy Reid Dover Crew, which is somewhat similar to your favorite casual crewneck sweatshirt, but with a ton more style points. It’s an ideal choice for casual weekend layering, especially alongside one of the best men’s casual shirts, a stretch Oxford you can wear to work (on Zoom) or out and about in town. And when the time does come to put on some jeans, make sure you’re doing it the right way: With a pair of the best jeans for men in a mid-wash finish that’s perfectly done.

Of course, it gets even better with a pair of rugged leather boots for durable performance no matter where your day takes you. The accessories are casual and crisp all at once, including a durable and highly affordable Timex leather strap watch, and you’re going to want to top things off with a stylish ballcap from Western Rise. I’d be remiss not to remind you again that you need a pair of the best socks for men to keep your feet comfortable and in proper form. Last but not least, you certainly won’t want to leave the house without a stylish leather wallet in tow. OK, now that’s really all there is. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the season!

The List: Shop the Best Men’s Style Essentials for Spring From Billy Reid

Billy Reid menswear

The man himself, Mr. Billy Reid — stay tuned for the best menswear of the season from this iconic brand.

My friends, here we are again with another rundown of the best men’s spring style essentials to start a  new week. We’ve covered all manner of brands in recent weeks, from the best gear at Aether Apparel to more rugged offerings like Filson spring menswear. It’s now time to step up to the plate and truly get acquainted with one of the best menswear brands out there as far as the refined side of things is concerned. That’s right: It’s time to shop Billy Reid menswear, and your closet is going to thank you. The Alabama-based designer has been making classic style picks for more than two decades out of Florence, Alabama, with a focus on gear that’s at once rugged and yet refined, and seriously covetable (witness the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, for starters). While these pieces are investment-level, they’re going to pay off in spades. Start your shopping here.

The Best New Menswear for Spring from Billy Reid

Billy Reid Barracuda Jacket — $350

Billy Reid men's outerwear

A classic men’s jacket for spring, made the way only Billy Reid can make it.

If there’s one thing Billy Reid knows how to do well — and there are actually several — it’s making some of the best men’s outerwear in classic silhouettes with modern fabrics. This is one of the best jackets for spring in that regard.

Billy Reid Pensacola Polo — $88

Billy Reid Pensacola Polo

This timeless polo is going to be a new spring and summer style essential.

The great thing about Billy Reid, again, is how the designer takes longstanding style staples and makes them entirely his own. This classic men’s polo is a great example of that.

Billy Reid Pima Cotton Chino Shorts — $145

Billy Reid Chino Shorts

Some of the coolest men’s shorts for spring, no doubt about it.

You want to invest in the best in all areas of your wardrobe, right? Well, these stylish chino shorts from a famed designer, and in a neat shade of blue, are the way to go.

Billy Reid Slim Jeans in Stone Wash — $115

Billy Reid men's denim

A pair of on-sale men’s denim from Billy Reid? Not bad at all, folks.

Pick up a pair of the best men’s jeans on sale for a nice price from this lauded designer, and then proceed to wear ’em all spring and summer. You really can’t go wrong here.

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat — $695

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

The iconic peacoat as worn in James Bond, named for Reid’s NYC store on Bond Street, in fact.

Now, it wouldn’t be a guide to the best menswear at Billy Reid without including this famed number, James Bond’s peacoat from Skyfall. It’s sadly out of stock at the moment, but keep an eye out for the next drop, because it pays off to be prepared in advance.

Billy Reid Denim Shirt — $198

Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Quite possibly your new favorite denim shirt (or your new favorite spring shirt, period), easily.

This certainly won’t be the last time you read about Billy Reid’s denim shirt here on the blog. This rugged denim shirt is one of my favorites, and an everyday spring and summer must-have.

Billy Reid Mini-Waffle Henley — $125

Billy Reid henley

A rugged henley for transitional spring layering.

In these transitional times, every guy needs one of the best men’s henleys. It helps if it’s a rugged men’s henley from your new favorite menswear designer, right?

Billy Reid 5-Pocket Pants — $178

Billy Reid review

Durable, classic and cool pants for the spring season.

Searching for some of the best men’s pants for spring? You’ve found ’em — these five-pocket pants blend the cool of jeans with the styling potential of chinos, at the office or on the road.

Billy Reid Stripe Terry Crew — $150

Billy Reid Striped Cotton Crewneck

A classic striped crewneck you’ll find yourself wearing all the time.

Billy Reid uses some of the finest cotton around to craft this essential, casual, versatile spring sweater, the kind to wear out for weekend coffee or your next Zoom meeting.

Billy Reid Garment-Dyed Archie Jacket — $598

Billy Reid men's suiting

Your new favorite blazer for spring and summer.

You’re going to have to look sharp for that summer wedding, and what better way to do it than with one of the best blazers for men, ehh? Well-done by Billy Reid on this investment-level blazer.

Billy Reid Tech Sleeve — $375

Billy Reid Leather Tech Sleeve

The coolest way to carry your tech gear? Quite possibly.

See, the Billy Reid way doesn’t just apply to menswear. It also applies to handsome and well-crafted everyday accessories, like this cool-as-can-be leather tech sleeve.

Billy Reid Silk Herringbone Pocket Square — $68

Billy Reid pocket square

The coolest pocket square to accent your summer suit? Very nearly, folks.

Remember that classic men’s blazer we talked about earlier? When the time does come to start dressing up again, this refined pocket square is an ideal accessory.

Taft Boots

Trust me, folks. I know how hard it can be to shop a brand as well-made and well-stocked as Billy Reid, because the possibilities are endless and the menswear is iconic all the way throughout. What’s your favorite pick from Billy Reid these days? Is it the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, or something more unexpected like a pair of the best men’s pants for spring? If you ask me, I can’t get enough of Billy Reid’s denim shirt, although it’s always a tough call. Be sure to let me know your favorites on Twitter. Happy shopping!