Style Pick of the Week: American Provenance Beard Oil – The Best Natural Beard Oil

Finding the best beard oil can be tricky enough on its own, no matter if you’ve been bearded for years (as I have!) or if you set out on a quest to grow a beard during quarantine and the pandemic. Any sort of facial hair requires men’s grooming essentials aplenty, as we all know, and I’m here to introduce you in today’s Style Pick of the Week to your new favorite grooming brand: American Provenance. We’ll go deeper into how and why the brand is making the best natural beard oil right here in the States, but embark with me on a brief history lesson first. The Wisconsin-based brand has been making waves in the men’s grooming space in recent years, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re well-known for that hard-to-find, all-natural grooming approach.

American Provenance was founded by former middle school science teacher Kyle LaFond, who realized his students had been using grooming products packed with harmful chemicals. Hence, the all-natural approach to making the best beard oil for men, not to mention the best natural deodorant, lip balm, pomade, hand sanitizer and more. I’ve had the chance to test out the brand in recent months, and have been mighty impressed with the quality and feel of these products, plus the rugged, masculine but not over-the-top range of versatile scents (note the Firepits and Flannels scent at the top of the page). It’s all dialed in nicely with the American Provenance Natural Beard Oil, a perfect remedy to sooth itchy skin and a coarse beard. In fact, it’s become my new favorite beard oil. Why’s that? Read on to find out more.

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For starters, the American Provenance Natural Beard Oil gets a lot of things right, including the use of rich natural botanicals that penetrate deep in your hair follicles, softening the skin in the process. Shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil, which all happen to be natural softening ingredients, hydrate and moisturize your beard. Coming from personal experience, it’s an impact you can feel right away, and that’s just one of the reasons it’s quickly become my new favorite beard oil. I also appreciate the range of scents in which you can pick up this highly effective beard oil, including the aforementioned Firepits and Flannels. You can also select from clever names like Shotguns and Shenanigans (that one features peppermint & eucalyptus), plus Fastballs and Fisticuffs (lemongrass and marjorjam).

Taken all together, the American Provenance Natural Beard Oil is easy to use, easy to stock up on (you can subscribe and save online), and easy to love. It’s highly effective, and that all-natural approach is absolutely critical these days. Do your face, your beard and yourself a favor, and pick up the best beard oil on the market. If you really do love it, let me know in the comments below.

SHOP: The American Provenance Natural Beard Oil

The Friday Read: The Best Beard Oil, The Buck Mason Gift Guide & A Leather Jacket Deal

‘Tis the season to stock up on gifts from Buck Mason.

Welcome to today’s Friday Read, folks — we’re here to close out the week, launch on into the weekend and look great while doing so. If you’ve been reading the blog as of late (or over the years, to be more accurate), you’re probably well aware that Buck Mason is making some of the finest menswear around — with a few selections from the Buck Mason Gift Guide above serving as proof of that commitment. From leather jackets to henleys to the best men’s shirts, the brand just gets it right when it comes to old-school style, top-notch fabrication and agreeable fits, at least in my book. And for the stylish guy in your life, that’s why I’m recommending you shop the Buck Mason Gift Guide heading into the weekend. Heck, you just might find an item or two you want for yourself, and that’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

So, that’s a shopping recommendation for you to start your weekend. If you’re in search of other recommendations — say, what to read, listen, shop and sip — I’ve got just the ticket: Subscribe (if you please!) to my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, to get two weekly E-mails (free of charge!) covering music, menswear, craft beer and more. It’s a fun diversion for me, and I hope you feel the same way. Elsewhere, be sure to keep an eye on my bylines at GearMoose and to stay up to speed on the latest and greatest in the worlds of menswear and gear. For now, I’ll cast you out into the rest of today’s Friday Read. Be sure to come back through tomorrow for our weekly Saturday Style Pick. Alright, let’s get to it!

  • Over these past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to test out AvitaSen Black Seed Beard Oil, a new brand on my radar that I’d certainly recommend you check out. Particularly if you’re just growing a beard or want to nourish your quarantine mane, then some of the best beard oil can go a long way. AvitaSen uses high-quality natural ingredients and a careful approach that results in a beard oil that can provide plenty of bang for your buck, so add it to your grooming routine ASAP.
  • I talked recently on the blog about one of the best leather jackets that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out: The Angel Jackets Ausin Cafe Racer Leather Jacket. If you’ve had your eye on that jacket or something similar, you’re in luck. Angel Jackets is offering 35 percent off men’s leather jackets, and you get an extra $25 off with the code BF25 through the month of December. Talk about a great chance to get a great deal on a new leather jacket, right? Right.
  • Let’s talk everyday carry essentials for a second, shall we? The WESN x Craighill Microblade is a surefire winner as far as adding performance and functionality — in a nicely sized offering — to your EDC rotation, and I had the chance to cover it for GearMoose. It helps that WESN builds its products in Detroit, a fitting homage to the kind of craftsmanship that makes my home state of Michigan really “go,” if you will. Well-done to both brands.

We’ll wrap it up on a high note here as we head into a holiday weekend. To follow along with my Brooklyn escapades, be sure to follow me on Instagram. And in the meantime, I’ll leave you with one last weekend dressing guide. If you’ve been searching for advice on how to bundle up in style this season, you’d do very well indeed to check out this #OOTD. With all that being said, happy shopping and sipping today and beyond. Thanks for reading!