See Now, Buy Now: Add to Your Everyday Carry With This Stylish Leather Brief from WP Standard

Best leather briefcase for men.

If you’ve gotten a bit too used to working from home and now, all of a sudden, need to start dressing for the office again, well, start with the basics: Get your wardrobe in line with office-ready essentials, yes, but first…address your everyday carry. Yes, it’s truly best to start with the building blocks, like a stylish leather briefcase you’re going to use every single day (and then some).

The best place to start your search for your new favorite EDC gear? Let’s go with WP Standard, the Texas-based leather goods brand with a knack for making heritage-quality picks fit to use, well, every single day.

We talked recently on the blog about how WP Standard makes one of the best leather duffle bags, but when you need something a bit more streamlined, that’s where the WP Standard Woodward Brief enters the equation. As the brand itself says, this handsome, full-grain leather bag is a “perfect companion for your daily commute,” and I’d venture to say that it’s also one of the best travel bags.

Satchel and Page

Solid brass hardware provides a handsome touch, and the padded laptop compartment on the WP Standard Woodward Brief makes it an ideal way to transport your valuables. Plus, handy external pockets deliver another degree of utility to the WP Standard Woodward Brief. Plus, as with other variations on the best leather bags, the WP Standard Woodward Brief will only get better with age, developing a patina unique to your personal style. What’s not to love about that? The journey to getting back out there and upgrading your EDC starts… now.


See Now, Buy Now: The Satchel & Page Weekender Is The Best Men’s Duffle Bag for Holiday Travel

Any time you hit the road, especially as you pack up those men’s style essentials for the holiday season, I maintain you should have good looks and hard-wearing functionality top of mind. That goes for how you’re dressing to get from point A to point B (especially on a chilly winter day), and it’s just as important to ensure you’re packing up one of the best weekender bags for men.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

It’s especially useful during the holidays, when your time is short and you’ve probably got multiple stops to make on the road. What’s a well-dressed guy like yourself to do? That’s easy: Load up the durable, rugged and effortlessly stylish Satchel & Page Weekender — one of the best duffle bags for men, let alone this time of year — and get out there.

Perhaps you recognize the famed Texas brand for its recent Warehouse Sale, which gave you the chance to save on one of the best leather bags, or perhaps you’re a newcomer — either way, there’s lots to love with this rugged-yet-refined maker of everyday carry essentials.

Best leather weekender bag.

Crucially, the Satchel & Page Weekender is built to exacting specifications in Italy featuring fine Italian leather, the kind that’s only guaranteed to get better with age (and I know you’ll want to pack up this bag quite a lot the rest of the year, too). The Satchel & Page Weekender is also made in conjunction with gold-rated leather tanneries for added sustainability, and the end result is quite stylish yet rugged and utilitarian, to boot.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

For good measure, the Satchel & Page Weekender boasts an easy-access laptop compartment, plus an interior zipper pocket and key clip. On top of that, this stylish men’s weekender bag is also built with enough space for MacBook Pro 16-inch. Durable antique brass D-rings add a touch of durability while serving as a useful place for extra attachments.

Suffice to say, the Satchel & Page Weekender is made with plenty of room for your holiday style essentials, and it’s also made to get better with age. Bear in mind that the heirloom-worthy Satchel & Page Weekender is more of an investment than other weekender bags at more than $600, but when you consider the fact that you can use this durable men’s duffle bag all the time (yes, all the time), it’s seriously worth it.

See Now, Buy Now: Gear Up and Hit the Road with Filson’s Large Rugged Duffle

Fall is a prime season for many things, chief among them gearing up in rugged fashion to hit the road in style. I’m a big fan of fall road trips through the Northeast and beyond, and if you happen to feel the same way, then I’ve got just the bag for you to shop on this crisp fall day. One of the best men’s duffle bags in question comes from Filson, the famed Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter we’ve been talking about quite a bit on the blog. It’s a legendary piece in its own right — that’d be the Filson Large Duffle — with the sort of pedigree and functionality that nearly speaks for itself (not unlike some of the best men’s wool coats from Filson, for instance).

The Filson Large Duffle carries forward the sort of utility and style you’d expect from a brand that’s been making nothing but the best outdoor gear for more than a century, with both the specs and style to live up to the name. Filson boasts that this hard-wearing duffle bag is made from industrial-strength fabric that’s been lightly waxed, all the better to stand up to rain, wind and more.

Best fall travel bag for men.

For good measure, the ridiculously well-made Filson Large Duffle features tough yet handsome bridle leather by way of reinforced handles and extra durability at key stress points. Of course, the Filson Large Duffle also boasts crucial carrying capacity for long weekends and well beyond, by way of 75 liters of volume to haul everything from Filson flannel shirts to your new favorite hiking boots.

And because it’s a famed brand we’re talking about here, the Filson Large Duffle doesn’t skimp on style points, either — note the Otter Green color, all the better to nicely complement any travel outfit, especially one featuring, say, Filson indigo denim. The next time you hit the road this fall and winter, make sure it’s the Filson Large Duffle you’re packing up.

See Now, Buy Now: Upgrade Your Everyday Carry with Buck Mason’s Handsome Leather Wallets

Best men's leather wallets

My friends, thanks for joining us today as we switch things up ever-so-slightly from a rundown of the best fall menswear to something just as important as part of your daily routine: Carrying the best leather goods with you from 9-to-5 (and beyond). And as luck would have it, one of your favorite menswear brands — that’d be Buck Mason — continues to make an impressive foray into the best men’s accessories aside from just, say, one of the best corduroy shirts or your new favorite fall jacket.

Yes, that’s right: Upgrading your everyday carry is every bit as essential as dressing with style and intention on the daily, and Buck Mason leather goods are also every bit as well-crafted as the brand’s rugged men’s henleys and stylish men’s jackets. Believe me: I’ve been able to try out pieces like the Buck Mason Countryman Full-Grain Leather Wallet, and it’s the sort of everyday carry essential you’ll look forward to using day in and day out.

Best leather wallet for men.

The handsome and stylish collection is rounded out by pieces like a leather key ring and a card case, but if it’s more space you need for credit cards and even light bills, the Buck Mason Countryman Full-Grain Leather Wallet is your best bet. It still maintains a low profile (crucial for carrying in the front pocket of your Buck Mason men’s jeans, for instance), but delivers the crucial utility you need in one of the best men’s wallets.

While similar leather goods might run you more than $100, the Buck Mason Countryman Full-Grain Leather Wallet sets you back just $75. It’s an investment that’ll pay dividends every single time you use it, so upgrade your EDC with one of the best men’s wallets today.

The Thursday Buy: Gear Up for Your Next Road Trip With the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit

As you plan out your last summer road trip or gear up for a fall getaway, the right everyday carry essentials can be crucial — crucial, if overlooked all the same. That’s not the case anymore with Satchel & Page, though. A longtime favorite of the blog, the brand specializes in everything from the best waxed briefcase to the most durable everyday carry bag on the market, and you can add the handsome Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit to that list, too.

Gone are the days of packing your toiletries in any old kit and calling it a day. The right accessories go a long way in terms of safe storage and easy packing, and the more you upgrade your travel style — say, with one of the best travel watches, for instance — the cooler you’re going to look and feel. If it sounds simple on the surface, that’s because, well, a little goes a long way, and the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit drives home that point quite nicely indeed.

Best leather dopp kit for men.

It’s the kind of everyday carry essential that’s become a specialty for the heirloom-focused brand, made with fine Italian leather and fashioned with a lifetime guarantee. To say the Texas-based company has gone above and beyond with the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit is an understatement. It’s even finished off with a waterproof, navy blue nylon lining for durability and a nice touch of stylish contrast.

Frontier 30 728x90

It doesn’t hurt that the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit is perfectly compatible with any one of the best leather bags also made by the small-batch brand — add one of the best dopp kits to your rotation, and you surely won’t need any other EDC essentials for your next weekend getaway or summer vacation. And while the Satchel & Page Leather Dopp Kit is an investment at $175, it’s the sort of upgraded travel essential you can feel very good about owning — and again, that’s an understatement.

The Friday Read: The Huckberry Memorial Day Sale, The Best Everyday Carry Picks & The Best Summer Sunglasses

Folks, can you believe it’s already here?? I’m talking, of course, about Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer and the chance to stock up — naturally — on the best summer menswear. Now, we’ve covered plenty of seasonal style staples as of late on the blog, including the best casual T-shirt and the best new summer shorts from Huckberry, but now’s your chance to really make these picks work for you. How so? Well, the Huckberry Memorial Day Sale is well underway, with the chance to take up to 35 percent off the best summer menswear across the board — this is one sale you’re not going to want to miss out on.

So, that’s my one recommendation to get your weekend rolling the right way — of course, I’ve got other style reads for your perusal below. And as for me, I’ll be enjoying the long holiday weekend right here in Brooklyn after several weeks of media trips (and one bachelor party!), which you’re well aware of if you follow me on Instagram. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Here’s to taking some time off, taking the time to honor our nation’s heroes and taking the time to shop some stylish menswear and sip some cold beer. Cheers and thanks for reading!

Best everyday carry essentials
  • What exactly makes up a great everyday carry? You know, those items you simply can’t leave the house without on the daily, be it your trusty pen, a notebook, a watch or your favorite pair of sunglasses? Over at SPY, I took a deep dive into the best EDC essentials to ensure you’re never without the right tools you need to take on your day-to-day adventures.
  • Despite my travels, I’ve been staying plenty busy on the writing front, all in the name of ensuring you gear up the right way for summer. With that lofty aim in mind, I wrote all about the coolest sunglasses for summer over at Maxim, and I got to shout out some of my favorite brands.
  • Here’s one more sale deal to get you primed and ready for the weekend. Just earlier this week on the blog, I wrote about the chance to save 30 percent on a standout Timex x Todd Snyder watch, the kind you can wear from sunrise to sunset and beyond this season. Shop accordingly, my friends.

That’ll do it for today’s edition of the Friday Read. I hope this weekend, you get some time off, you get a chance to reflect and rest, and of course, I hope you get ample opportunity to shop and save on the best summer menswear across the board. As always, thanks for reading!

See Now, Buy Now: The Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag is the Best Men’s Everyday Carry Bag

When it comes time to hit the road this season, you’re going to want to be prepared accordingly with the best everyday carry essentials for men, are you not? That’s probably an understatement, because if you pack up to hit the road for a winter weekend trip or even your daily commute without the right gear to carry your favorite men’s style essentials, then you could be in a world of hurt (figuratively speaking), faced with a disorganized bag and no easy access to the gear you need the most. Relief is in sight as you pack up for winter, namely in the form of the Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag, one of the very best everyday carry bags for men to shop right now. It couldn’t have hit the brand’s digital shelves at a better time, as so many of us continue to travel more frequently, and yet safely via bus and car.

In short: The next time you need to get out of town, bring along the Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag, since it’s one of the best road trip bags for men. Perhaps you’re already familiar with Texas-based, heirloom-quality Satchel & Page, seeing as the brand makes some of the best leather goods and gear on the market. If not, well, there’s no time like the present to get acquainted with a handsome and durable bag that you’ll have for years to come.

Now, the incredible thing about Satchel & Page (founded via Kickstarter less than a decade ago on the strength of one leather bag) is that they make a wide variety of the best daily bags for men, including options like a handsome and “personal item”-sized waxed canvas brief. But the Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag steps things up a notch when you need a bag that’s durable, reliable and all-out-stylish for weekend adventures. It’s made with remarkable vegetable-tanned Italian leather with a beautiful and rich finish, all the better to age over time gracefully. The Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag is then finished off with hard-wearing solid copper rivets and antique brass hardware. It’s simply one of the best everyday carry bags for men, especially to haul your gear to the office and then hit the road thereafter.

Best of all, the Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag features plenty of space for your gear, from two internal pouch pockets to a zipper interior pocket for your small EDC essentials. Yes indeed, it’s as if the brand thought of everything when designing the Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag, right down to the padded shoulder strap and airline carry-on-friendly size requirements. The beautifully designed and rugged Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag comes with a lifetime warranty, something that’s more than agreeable for the accessible $625 price tag. The next time you need a reliable bag to haul your valuables and your favorite style essentials, get the Satchel & Page Pilot’s Bag.

The Friday Read: A Heritage-Quality Leather Bag, New Buck Mason Jackets & The Best Summer Backpack

Just as with last Friday’s weekly recap, where I talked about the best bag to buy  for a weekend getaway, well, we’re back again in fine form with my latest summer travel gear pick for your reading and shopping pleasure. After all, there’s no better way to lead into the weekend than by buying one of the best leather bags and packing it up accordingly for a safe and long-awaited getaway. In that case, my friends, allow me to reintroduce you to Satchel & Page, makers of heritage-quality leather goods of all shapes and sizes. You can check out my Satchel & Page review from 2015 on the site, but the latest on the company is that they’ve only expanded and only gotten better in the years since then.

MW08 Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones It’s the Satchel & Page Counselor Zip Briefcase that caught my eye, the kind you can haul to work and then use as a carry-on, but might I also recommend you check out the brand’s full line of the best leather travel luggage for men? Go right ahead and start adding to your cart (and your travel wish list).

See, there’s a closer look at the Satchel & Page Counselor Zip Briefcase above — how cool is that?? Such a sweet bag. But bear in mind that we’re not only talking about Satchel & Page today. My latest weekly roundup is packed with a touch of everything for your reading pleasure, including new jackets from Buck Mason. Speaking of getting a bit of everything: Have you subscribed yet to my twice-weekly music, menswear and craft beer newsletterEvery Tuesday and Saturday, for free, I send out The Style Guide In Brief: It includes a song to enjoy, some menswear to shop, and some craft beer or whiskey (or coffee) to imbibe all the while. It’s fun, it’s free and you’re going to love it (I hope). Give it a whirl and check out the rest of the Friday Read below, folks. Thanks for reading!

  • We’ll start off Friday with, well, another reading selection. This is a great gift for the outdoorsman and a great gift for Father’s Day upcoming: The Peter Buchanan-Smith Axe Handbook is beautifully designed and packaged, and quite the gem to have on your bookshelf (or near your workspace, or at your cabin). Any fan of Best Made Co., the company Peter founded, would also do well to check out this seriously cool book. And even if you’re not the most adventurous, this helpful handbook might just spur you on towards a new passion. Get it now at Barnes & Noble.

  • If you’ve read the blog, you know the brand pictured above. That’d be the all-American purveyors of some of the best jackets for men — I’m talking, of course, about Buck Mason. I got to take a deep dive for Maxim on three new jackets from Buck Mason, each crafted with plenty of style points and supreme durability (and heritage) for the season that’s upon us. Find your new favorite jacket today at Buck Mason, folks.

  • If you loved the refined, heritage-worthy appeal of one of the one of the best leather bags from Satchel & Page, well, here’s one of the best adventure backpacks for those more inclined to outdoor adventures. The Topo Designs Klettersack, a fan favorite that’s available at the UNCRATE Supply Shop, is built to withstand harsh designs while providing plenty of compact carrying capacity. It’s as fine a Friday pick as any, correct? Yes, indeed.
  • Last but not least, here’s a helpful guide to lead you clearly into the weekend. For The Manual, I wrote all about the best way to clean your glasses and sunglasses, some advice I’ve been trying to follow myself as of late. Read up and head into the weekend with a new outlook (see what I did there?).

MW08 Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones

OK, folks — we’re all set in style and in new shopping (and reading) picks for the weekend, I should think. But just for fun, here’s one more must-have menswear pick to pick up right now on this fine May day. Get your new favorite T-shirt from the aforementioned men’s style masters at Buck Mason in this T-shirt buying guide on the blog, and reap the rewards when you discover it’s one of the best T-shirts for men on the market. Happy shopping, and stay stylish.

See Now, Buy Now: Add to Your Everyday Carry This Winter with the WESN Allman Knife

WESN Allman Knife

The WESN Allman Knife is one of the coolest knives to add to your everyday carry, and that’s just a fact.

As we talk all things men’s style upgrades through the new year, perhaps you’re realizing you’re always one key item short on winter excursions, camping trips or days handling yard work: You’re missing one of the best everyday carry essentials around. That is to say, you might not realize you need the WESN Allman Knife until, well, you need it. And that’s the sort of style upgrade I can get onboard with — simple but significant, ready and able, seriously well-made. Not familiar with WESN? Well, you just might have found your new favorite accessories brand.

I say accessories because the Detroit-based company also makes everything from carabiners to leather sheaths to T-shirts, all with some serious style, attitude and quality in mind — would you expect anything less from the Motor City, after all? I certainly wouldn’t, and that’s what makes the WESN Allman Knife  so welcome and, well, essential when it comes to the gear you count on day in and day out. Heck, even the brand’s name means “West, East South, North” — these gear picks sure can go anywhere. It’s one of the best compact knives on the market, made to fit in your hand and crafted from stainless steel hardware with a tough steel blade.

SHOP: The WESN Allman Knife 

One of the faster-selling colorways of the WESN Allman Knife.

This thing isn’t messing around, that much is true. The WESN Allman Knife performs under pressure, with the sort of durability and unique build that other knives can’t quite live up to. Perhaps that’s because the focus is simply on the blade and the build (although it’s always handy to have a great multi-tool as part of your kit). However, this rugged compact knife goes above and beyond what you might expect, delivering a sleek design, a range of colorways to satisfy any palette, and a lifetime warranty that you can be sure will last (and last, and last). When you want a simple, yet endlessly useful, product you can count on, you want the WESN Allman Knife.

SHOP: The WESN Allman Knife 

The Friday Read: New Year’s Day, A Bonobos Sale & the Best Dress Shoes for Men

Bonobos Winter Sale

A truly excellent way to close out 2020 and head on into 2021 the right way.

My friends, I can’t believe we did it. We turned the page on 2020 and have now officially stepped into 2021. Welcome! And thanks for being here as we kick off a new year in style with my first post of 2021 and another edition of The Friday Read. Fittingly enough, my friends at Bonobos have had the right idea to close out 2020 with the Bonobos Winter Sale, aptly named the “Longest Year Ever” Sale, as you can see above. If you’re a longtime fan or a newfoud enthusiast of the NYC-based brand (makers of some of the best men’s pants and more), this sale is for you. Fittingly enough, you can get Bonobos pants and jeans for as low as $48, and a slew of some of the best men’s jackets for winter starting at just $78. What better way to leave 2020 behind and start a new year in style?

It’s certainly one of the sales I’ll be shopping digitally today, and I’ll also be carrying on my New Year’s Day tradition in slightly different fashion — I would typically head to a Brooklyn sports bar to enjoy a day of college football and cold beers, but instead, I’ll be posted up at home, enjoying games from afar. What does your New Year’s Day look like? Feel free to connect with me on Twitter to stay in touch about menswear, craft beer and more. For now, I’m looking forward to kicking off 2021 with some writing for The Manual and GearMoose this week, among other projects. To help you shake off that hangover and ease right on into it, check out the rest of The Friday Read below. Cheers!

WESN Henry Knife

A proper addition to your EDC to start the new year.

  • The new year really is an excellent time to take stock of all of your gear, including your everyday carry essentials. Stock up and step out with the proper picks, all thanks to Detroit-based WESN (the name stands for “West-East-South-North). The WESN Henry Knife, as shown above, is one of the most rugged and versatile pieces you can add to a well-curated EDC kit, in fact, and it helps that it’s affordably priced ($115 at WESN) given the quality and construction. Your everyday carry essentials just got even better, folks.

Mott and Bow Charles Twill Chinos

Mott and Bow are now making some of the best men’s chinos, folks.

  • Here’s another men’s style essential you need to power up your new year. We’ll talk more about some of the best men’s chinos on the blog in the coming weeks, but for now, just know that the Mott and Bow Everywhere Chinos are as solid as it gets. They’re a recent addition to the brand’s lineup of the best men’s jeans and more, and they could just become become your new favorite pair of pants (owing to the tailored fit and durable cotton twill fabric).

  • My friends, I’m going to keep this post rolling with one more featured essential for the new year: A pair of the best dress shoes for men, courtesy of Bruno Magli. The Italian footwear maker delivers some of the most refined, classic men’s dress shoes you’re apt to find, including the Bruno Magli Butler Cap Toe Oxfords. These are a major step up from what you might be wearing these days, and who doesn’t appreciate getting dressed up at home for a date night or to set the tone for the day? And hey, when you head back into the office eventually, you’ve just found your perfect pair of dress shoes.

Public Rec Go-To Tee

  • Let’s talk winter layering for a second, shall we? To get you out the door with comfort, style and warmth top of mind, I wrote all about the best cashmere cardigans for 2021 over at The Manual, and you’d do very well indeed to check out some of my favorite picks from brands you know and love (and possibly, some that you don’t know yet!).

Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant

Without further ado, that’s going to wrap up our first Friday Read of 2021. Who’s ready to set the tone for the new year in style? It’s my hope that picks like the best men’s chinos (from Mott and Bow, of course), and the Bruno Magli Butler Cap Toe Oxfords are all you need to get your mind focused on sharp-as-can-be style to kick off 2021. If you like what you see here, just know that we’ll be publishing content seven days a week on the blog — and naturally, tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week will help you step into your first weekend of 2021 the right way. Folks, as always, thanks for reading, stay stylish and stay safe!