The Sunday Sale: This Timeless Todd Snyder Cardigan is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Best cardigan for men to buy now.

It’s like I’ve often said here on the blog: The classics are the classics for a reason — for their reliability, their timeless sense of style and their effortless cool. And what’s all the better about today’s Sunday Sale is that you can get a modern classic for a heck of a discount, and just in time to upgrade your early spring layering in fine fashion. That modern classic is the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt, part of the designer’s own “Issued By:” collection, and it’s more than worth an extra look.

It hails, of course, from the well-curated pages of Todd Snyder‘s online menswear emporium, the sort of place where you can find everything from the best chore coat for spring to a rugged-meets-refined, classic trucker jacket. But let’s go back to the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardiganright off the bat, it’s on sale for a whopping 52 percent off. That marks it down to $94 – still quite the amount of cash to spend on a cardigan, but more than worth it all the same.

Best casual cardigan for men.

Your favorite Brooklyn style writer is quite the fan of one of America’s best menswear designers, and hybrid pieces like this are an example of what the Iowa-born Snyder does best. The cardigan can feel a bit stuffy at times, but with the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt, you’re getting the best of both worlds. The pigment-dyed French Terry cotton feels as soft and as broken-in as your favorite Todd Snyder x Champion sweatshirt, the kind you’ve had for years on end.

Best men's sweatshirt for spring.

Plus, the fabric for the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt is made exclusively for the designer at a family-owned Toronto factory, with an emphasis on design touches like flat-locked seams for durability. It boasts the button front of a classic cardigan, plus the classic hip patch pockets, yet the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt harnesses the feel and soft, laidback coziness of a classic crewneck sweatshirt. And yes, it’s worth repeating that it’s 52 percent off right now. Go with Navy Sand, go with a versatile Heather Grey, and bask in the comfort and rugged appeal of a classic hybrid cardigan.