The Sunday Sale: Save 20 Percent on this Warm Fall and Winter Jacket from Free Fly Apparel

The time is nearly upon us: That is, the time to layer up properly with one of the best casual jackets for fall, the type of cozy, durable, stylish jacket you can wear just about anywhere you please. Where to go to find said jacket? At least when it comes to today’s Sunday Sale, the answer is easy: Shop Free Fly Apparel, makers of sustainable, soft, stylish outerwear, hoodies and outdoor gear, of course. Better still is the fact that something as reliable as the Free Fly Bamboo Sherpa-Lined Elements Jacket can now be found for more than 20 percent off in the Free Fly Sale section.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

Hopefully, you’re familiar with the Free Fly Apparel Final Sale section but if not, consider this your lucky day. Specifically, the Free Fly Bamboo Sherpa-Lined Elements Jacket falls right in line with the brand’s entire approach: Make gear using eco-conscious materials like bamboo fibers, beef things up with sun-ready protection, and then offer discounts on Free Fly Sale products to help you save some cash while getting out into the great outdoors.

Best casual fall jacket for men.

Crucially, the Free Fly Bamboo Sherpa-Lined Elements Jacket goes big on the sort of winning details any guy can appreciate, from the sherpa-lined hood (and jacket lining) to the full-zip design. That full-zip design on the Free Fly Bamboo Sherpa-Lined Elements Jacket makes it easy to customize your fit — zip it up for more coverage, or leave it unzipped with a couple other layers (like a Free Fly long-sleeve tee) on underneath.

Details like upper panels — finished off with DWR coating — drive home the durability of this jacket, and it’s also worth noting that you’ve got access to plenty of sizes and versatile color options with the on-sale Free Fly Bamboo Sherpa-Lined Elements Jacket. Be sure to shop right now, save 20 percent and then layer up for cool fall mornings, brisk day hikes and plenty more this fall. Cheers, my friends.


The Sunday Sale: Save Big on Performance Menswear with Free Fly Apparel’s Final Sale Section

Best lightweight hoodie for men.

There’s something to be said for a brand that fills such a specific niche with the best men’s gear that it’s hard not to appreciate them — and to shop them frequently, no less. That’s how I feel, at least, about Free Fly Apparel, the decade-plus-old, Charleston-based performance menswear brand that readily answers the question: “How do you protect yourself from the sun without overdoing it?” Even better is the fact that you can find on-sale performance menswear aplenty up for grabs in the Free Fly Final Sale section.

Now, how do they answer that question, precisely? By dreaming up the best performance menswear under the sun, made with bamboo fibers featuring built-in UPF+ sun protection. It’s an ingenious design approach that continues to pay serious dividends, as I’ve written about how the brand already makes one of the best men’s henleys for warm weather (to name but one favorite). It only gets better from there, though.

Find your new favorite gear now

Free Fly’s Final Sale section has you covered

The Free Fly Lightweight Bamboo Hoodie, with a large hood, super-light fabric and thumbholes for added sun protection for your hands — ideal for long days on the water — is a best-seller, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s also not hard to see why it’s been such a quick seller in the Free Fly Final Sale section, but beyond that, prices start at about 15 percent off and climb as high as nearly 40 percent off the best performance menswear. Whether you need a moisture-wicking henley for a day hike, or a pair of performance shorts with plenty of stretch, the Free Fly Final Sale section has everything you need — for a limited time, though. Best get that credit card at the ready now.

See Now, Buy Now: This Free Fly Henley is the Best Men’s Henley This Season

The perfect henley for warm summer days aplenty.

What if I told you there was a way to get the best men’s henley in your shopping cart and in your summer wardrobe right now? It’s true, and with summer ramping up in quick succession, that’s why you’re going to want to stop by Free Fly Apparel ASAP for the Free Fly Heritage Short-Sleeve Henley. That’s right: A short-sleeve henley. Ditch the extra fabric and keep your long-sleeve henley in the closet, because a rugged short-sleeve henley, as we’ve talked about in the past here on the blog, is every bit as essential to keep in your rotation as, say, one of the best men’s T-shirts. The short-sleeve henley looks good on every guy, it’s a casual step up from a T-shirt that looks even cooler than you might imagine, and yes, the Free Fly Heritage Short-Sleeve Henley is the one to buy now.

Mack Weldon If you want to lighten up your knitwear and get around with style and functionality in mind, there’s hardly a better way to go about it than with the Free Fly Heritage Short-Sleeve Henley. Free Fly, if you’re not familiar, focuses on bamboo fabric blends to craft everything from hooded sweatshirts to stretch shorts and versatile pants, all at fair prices (the Free Fly Heritage Short-Sleeve Henley retails for $49.95 at Free Fly).

SHOP: The Free Fly Heritage Short-Sleeve Henley

Free Fly Apparel review

An affordable and functional henley that looks great with plenty of casual summer style staples.

You won’t often find such a stellar henley for under $50, especially not one that comes in a versatile range of colors, from Black to the Light Heather Grey shown above. And about that innovative fabric blend: Your new favorite henley is made from a stretch-filled, breathable blend of 50 percent viscose from bamboo and 50 percent cotton. Plus, you get UPF 50+ sun protection, which could make this the best henley to wear outdoors this season (just make sure you get sunscreen on those arms).

HELM Boots

Better still, consider bringing along your Free Fly Bamboo Hoodie if you’re planning for a long time in the sun. Either way, with the Free Fly Heritage Short-Sleeve Henley, you’re getting a piece you can wear with your favorite shorts and leather boat shoes as easily as it can be paired with the best men’s jeans for spring and the best leather high-top sneakers. Yes, it’s that versatile and comfortable. Heck, layer it underneath the best men’s bomber jacket when the sun goes down, too. The bottom line is that no matter how you choose to wear the Free Fly Heritage Short-Sleeve Henley, it’s going to prove breathable, moisture-wicking, supremely comfortable and… supremely stylish. Start shopping ASAP.

SHOP: The Free Fly Heritage Short-Sleeve Henley