The Friday Read: The National, Cincinnati and Your New Favorite Field Watch

It’s Friday, and I know what that means for me — as we speak, I’m en route to Cincinnati for the long-awaited, much-hyped Homecoming festival, curated and headlined by my favorite band, The National! The weekend brings these award-winning indie rockers back to their hometown for a weekend of music, excellent beer from Cincy’s Rhinegheist Brewery, and neat accompanying exhibitions (like a photography exhibition of the band on display at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. Other performers on the docket include personal favorite likes Alvvays, Future Islands and Julien Baker, plus intriguing sets from Father John Misty and rockers The Breeders. Oh, and The National are playing their seminal 2007 album “Boxer” in full on Sunday night. Whoa. Am I excited? Heck yes. If you have any must-hit spots or recommendations for Cincy, feel free to let me know on Twitter! And in the meantime, we’ve left you with a ton of stylish content to peruse this weekend and beyond. Check out this week’s #OOTD on how to style a white tee, or shop what could be your new favorite spring shirt. At any rate, it’s sure to be an action-packed weekend. Follow along with all the fun via my Instagram, and be sure to tune in to the blog tomorrow for our weekly Style Pick. Cheers!

  • Valet, a favorite lifestyle read around these parts, tells you all about the color that’s a magnet for compliments. I myself prefer to wear, well, blue … and more blue, but it’s worthwhile to consider switching up your color scheme every now and then (for instance, to different shades of blue!).
  • Let’s talk about watches for just a second.  Helpful as ever, Gear Patrol is giving you the scoop on the American-made field watch that you need to buy now. Like, right this instant. Besides, who doesn’t love shopping for some new spring style essentials?
  • I’m now inclined to point you toward last week’s Style Pick, which covered an extraordinary spring jacket from Taylor Stitch.  It’s got a bit of workwear style, it makes use of a classic color, and it pairs up with plenty in your closet. Yessir, it’s your new favorite spring jacket.
  • I’ll leave you this week with a very cool read that ties in quite well with this weekend’s Homecoming festival in Cincinnati. If ever you’ve wondered what it’s like for The National to coexist as band members and brothers (who hasn’t!?), then this excellent interview sums it up nicely.

That’ll do it for today’s Friday Read. Want something else to peruse? Shop for new spring style essentials here on the blog. And here. And here. That’s just a start!

Thanks for reading!