Style Pick of the Week: Sock Genius No-Show Socks

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A whole post on socks? Sure thing, especially when they're comfortable and well-fitting ones from the Sock Genius line at

A whole post on socks? Sure thing, especially when they’re comfortable and well-fitting ones from the Sock Genius line at

Before we dive into this week’s post, know that the title is no mistake — we’re really talking no-show socks here today. And there’s plenty of good reason for that. It’s the end of July — so it’s plenty hot, and that heat isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If you snagged a pair or two (or heck, three) of no-show socks near the start of summer, you’ve probably been wearing them a lot. After all, they’re an essential to pair up with classic leather sneakers  or even suede Derby shoes beneath your favorite pair of rolled chinos. And if they’ve seen a lot of wear, maybe they could use a refresh. And maybe you want to check out a new, inexpensive and high-performing brand — that’s where the Sock Genius line of socks through slides into the equation (and onto your feet). The brand’s no-show socks come in a range of patterns and colors, although a personal favorite is the Villa Park Stripe No-show Sock as seen above. In fact, I happen to be rocking this weekend on a trip back to Michigan to complement some classic SeaVees sneakers (more on that on Monday, though). The point is, once you give Sock Genius no-show socks a try, you might want to pick up plenty more pairs. And given that the quality and pricing is quite agreeable, it’s worth it — I was definitely pleased when I wore one of the brand’s ties and a sharp pocket square to a recent Michigan wedding, and I’ve found their no-show socks to be similarly pleasing to wear.

One of the many color and pattern combinations available through and its Sock Genius line.

The La Habra no-show sock — one of the many color and pattern combinations available through and its Sock Genius line.

Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.

Just like a comfortable and well-fitting pair of boxer briefs or a high-performing undershirt, the basics that are closest to your skin should stand up to the heat of the summer — that’s particularly true when being on your feet during the hot summer months. And whether you’re heading to Sunday brunch or bringing along a cooler to a backyard barbeque, you need no-show socks that can handle a lot. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the variety of Sock Genius options (nearly 20)  combine nice patterns and colors that don’t look bad at all when it’s time to slip off your… slip-on sneakers, ehh?. If a pop of color (like the La Habra seen above) is too much though, they’re also offering up a classic four-pack of solid no-show socks for $30 — that’s quite the deal when one considers you’re getting a pair of no-show socks for almost every day of the work week. Again, style upgrades are in the details, and when you can snag no-show socks that perform admirably and look great, I say jump right on it. And hey, you can pick up a classic tie or pocket square while perusing the site, too. See how to style no-show socks with other essentials on the daily at my Instagram, or ask away on any and all things #menswear over at The Style Guide.

Do you own any Sock Genius socks? Would you add the brand to your rotation, or is your sock drawer full?


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