Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket in Chocolate Beeswaxed Canvas

If the product title of today’s Style Pick of the Week is a bit too much bfor your take in all at once (Chocolate Beeswaxed Canvas, oh my!), rest assured that we’ll give you plenty of time to process just how great the Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket really is. It’s certainly among my favorite rugged style essentials this season, I can tell you that much. And it’s that time of year where we’ve all got to batten down the hatches, trude through snow and slush and sleet, and simply get on with things — without missing a beat in terms of style or substance. That’s where, once again, Taylor Stitch has outdone itself with its Rover Jacket. We sure do love Taylor Stitch for gear from top to bottom, from the brand’s Slim Chinos to the layering-ready Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt, and the Rover Jacket is definitely a tried-and-true silhouette that’s received a nice upgrade this season. It’s the same look that you know and love — and perhaps already have in your closet — done in a way that’s sure to fight winter weather and look absolutely stunning in the process. The beeswax cotton canvas exterior is some of the toughest stuff around, able to keep you mobile and adventure-ready while also fighting nasty winter storms. That water and wind-repellant functionality is crucial stuff, believe me.
Holiday 2017Small touches like a classic moleskin collar and lining put the Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket within the realm of outerwear you might find in the Scottish Highlands or simply … hiking through your local park. Either way, there’s hardly a tougher jacket out there that looks this great. Brass armpit grommet vents give you mobility and dexterity for climbing, hiking, scaling rocks or tipping back a few pints at your local pub. The Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket is absolutely fit for pairing with gear for either setting, be it tough chore pants and durable work boots or something more casual (think brewpub-ready gear along the lines of faded slim denim and classic leather chukka boots). Any way you look at it, the  Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket is yet another piece from a brand that’s taking up more and more real estate in my closet by the day — how about you? Will the  Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket be your next purchase? Chime in on Twitter if so!

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Holiday 2017

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