#OOTD: The Right Way to Wear a Chambray Shirt This Summer

We talk a lot here on The Style Guide about the best way to wear certain summer style essentials — case in point, this recent #OOTD covering how to wear a denim jacket.  Today, we’re talking about another summer style essential that’s truly crucial to pulling together a well-appointed wardrobe in warm weather: The chambray shirt. To be sure, owning a stylish chambray shirt isn’t a matter of life or death … but you’d definitely do well to pick up the slim chambray shirt we’re talking about in today’s ensemble.

The cool cotton and go-anywhere versatility of the chambray shirt makes it an easy choice to throw on with sharp white sneakers and an investment-level watch, even when the thermostat rises — as you’ll see in the below outfit. The best part about the CIVIC Jack Shirt? It’s going to prove plenty useful the rest of the year, too. But for right now, when you need to look presentable yet don’t want to throw on too many extra layers? Reach for a classic chambray shirt, made with a decidedly modern fabric. While we’re certainly not reinventing the wheel here, we’re giving you yet another way to wear this beloved wardrobe staple — no matter how hot it gets. Wear this look to a BBQ or to the bar, or to a balllgame. Heck, wear it to the office if you feel quite casual.

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A versatile chambray shirt and white sneakers, plus a tremendously rugged and stylish watch? That’s all you need this summer. Besides pants, that is.

  • The Chambray Shirt: CIVIC The Jack Shirt in Sky Blue Chambray, $128 — From the partner brand of Taylor Stitch comes a versatile chambray shirt with a tailored cut and go-anywhere fabric. Ideal for summer.
  • The Pants: Mott & Bow Slim Mercer Jeans in Khaki, $128 — While we could go with chinos here, khaki jeans are decidedly more casual — and thanks to Mott & Bow, the Mercer Jeans are VERY easy to wear (it’s the stretch fabric construction!).
  • The Sneakers: SeaVees Monterey Sneakers, $54.98 — It’s tough to knock the combination of affordability, style and versatility you’re getting with classic SeaVees sneakers. I can’t recommend the Monterey Sneakers enough.
  • The Socks: CHUP Volant Socks, $32 — What socks to wear when you’ve got on a pair of low-cut sneakers? An comfortable yet-subtly stylish pair like the CHUP Volant Socks, of course.
  • The Belt: Levi’s Alturas Belt, $38 — Levi’s is a go-to brand for your favorite pair of denim, yet don’t turn a blind eye to the brand’s accessories; I’m a fan of the rugged leather of the Alturas Belt. It’s those small style details that matter.
  • The Watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch, $1,295 — Take it from a guy who loves his watches — the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 is a beast, and yet subtly stylish at the same time. The perfect counterpart to a classic chambray shirt, if you ask me.
  • The Hat: Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, $40 — The much-loved Huckberry Explorer’s Cap is a personal favorite. It’s a premium, stylish upgrade over your standard athletic logo cap, too. Give it a try with this #OOTD.
  • The Wallet:Wingback London Cash Wallet, $84 — Investing in a great leather wallet can be one of life’s finer pleasures. The Wingback London Cash Wallet will age handsomely each time you use it, too.

And with that … we’re done with today’s #OOTD! Feeling more confident about how to wear a chambray shirt, or reinvigorted with new ideas about how to style the CIVIC Jack Shirt in a way that’s new and fresh? Good. Great, even. The above look isn’t too complicated, although you could add a rugged denim jacket if you like. Complementary pieces like the Mercer Jeans from Mott & Bow keep this outfit casual and yet versatile — we’re all about comfort and style that can take you places (the ballpark, the bar, that BBQ … you get the drift). As one would expect, classic SeaVees sneakers also get the job done when it comes to go-anywhere style — the white Monterey Sneakers add crisp, casual style to this ensemble in particular. I’m also all about little details making the difference, from the neat pattern of the CHUP Volant Socks to the aged leather of the Alturas Belt — small styling touches add just enough visual interest to an outfit that’s packed with classics. Speaking of classics … I’m positive the investment-level quality (and matching price tag) on the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 is going to lend some serious style cred and classic style to this look, and a heck of a lot of others.  All that’s left to do? Throw on the Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, grab the stylishly rugged  Wingback London Cash Wallet, and hit the road. Summer’s in the bag, folks.

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