#OOTD: Here’s How to Wear A Polo This Summer

The days of the old polo shirt you used to wear are over — at least, I think they should be. That’s where we’re going with today’s look, led by perhaps the best new polo on the market. Said polo shirt is a performance polo that also incorporates serious style points via Western Rise — as you’ll see below — but let’s get into the “Why” and “How”‘ first, shall we? Now, to be clear: Our #OOTD series has covered quite a bit of ground already this summer, from how to style your short-sleeve shirt to how to wear a rugged henley. On that note, consider this latest entry a bit of a step up in dressy, refined style for the summer, to say the least. The right polo shirt can go sharp or casual, and we’ll mix in just a bit of both today. Let’s say you’re very, very slowly but surely heading back to the office, or more likely … just looking to mix up your at-home style a bit. If you’ve grown tired of sneakers and even slim light wash jeans, then today’s look is going to suit you quite nicely. We’ll pair your Western Rise polo with stylish five-pocket pants, and we’ll go a step further with a pair of the best leather loafers. As to the rest of the ensemble, I think you’ll find it’s crisp, razor-sharp and ready to shake up your summer. Long story short: If you’ve been wondering how to wear a polo this summer, allow me to point you in the right direction. And if you like this look, feel free to let me know on Twitter.

A classy, sharp, refined way to wear a polo this summer.

Alright, that wasn’t too bad … was it? When you shake things up right from the get-go with a merino polo from Western Rise, you’re naturally stepping up your game from other polo shirts. It’s going to keep you cool and refreshed on a hot summer’s day, as are the rest of your key ensemble picks. Take those Crockett and Jones loafers, for instance. They just so happen to be stylish and refined loafers that work on a sweltering day by keeping you cool (margarita not included). When you team them up with some Buck Mason pants in a durable-yet-lightweight canvas, the look gets all the better. And your new favorite watch — from Timex, naturally — helps keep you on schedule in seriously cool retro style. As ever, the details make the difference here. Because you’re wearing stylish brown leather loafers, you need one of the best leather belts for men to properly accessorize the whole ensemble, and Billykirk gets it more than right. To stay organized at home or at work, something like a stylish leather tech folio from Bellroy is going to get the job done (pun intended). I’m also a fan of the Raen Optics Wiley Sunglasses — they’re a bit dressy and a bit casual, and all classic. Last but certainly not least, a pair of the best wireless headphones delivers a rich, truly excellent listening experience, whether plugged into your home system or your laptop. I think we covered all the bases, did we not? Feel free to let me know your thoughts on Twitter or follow me on Instagram for more style content. Thanks for reading! 


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