See Now, Buy Now: Mott and Bow Is Now Making One of the Best Men’s Polos On the Market

Best men's polo shirt.

There are some menswear releases that catch you by surprise at first, but make a ton of sense when you get right down to it – like the idea behind the brand that makes your favorite jeans releasing one of the best men’s polo shirts. That’s precisely what Mott and Bow has set its mind to as of late, and the NYC-based, direct-to-consumer denim brand continues to build off its high-quality jeans — all in an effort to slowly take over your wardrobe, of course.

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Perhaps you’re well-acquainted with the fact that the brand already makes some of the best lightweight jeans and the best classic blue jeans on the market, but the new Mott and Bow Jersey Polo goes above and beyond what you might expect. It’s made from a soft 100 percent cotton that’s been brushed for extra softness, not unlike how Mott and Bow T-shirts are also ultra-soft and comfortable.

Most stylish men's polo.

Helpfully, the Mott and Bow Jersey Polo features some unique touches that separate it from a crowded and competitive market for the best men’s polo. It’s made using a fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose, but the best feature on the Mott and Bow Jersey Polo might be the curved hem — it’s a flattering touch that helps this stylish new polo look great on every body type.

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Plus, this polo is available in sizes up to XXL, and the Mott and Bow Jersey Polo comes in a range of timeless, wear-with-anything colors, including Navy, Dark Grey and a crisp White. Best of all is the combination of quality and price.

The Mott and Bow Jersey Polo will set you back $75, a fair price to pay for a stylish men’s polo you can wear with everything from Mott and Bow denim to stylish stretch chino shorts and, of course, Mott and Bow men’s chinos. Consider picking it up to round out your end-of-summer wardrobe, my friends.


See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Pensacola Polo Is the Coolest Men’s Polo to Buy Now

Best polo for men

When you find a brand that does one thing extremely well — or rather, in the case of Billy Reid, at least one thing extremely well — it’s more than worth it to return to that same brand consistently, right? And if the challenge in question involves making style essentials that feel casual and laidback, yet still polished and versatile, Alabama-based Billy Reid is perhaps the brand to shop now. That’s particularly the case with the Billy Reid Pensacola Polo, which just so happens to be one of Billy Reid’s Bestsellers.

Best summer polo for men.

It checks all the proper boxes as you shop for one of the best polos for men, from the dressy yet still easygoing four-button placket to the use of soft, breezy organic cotton. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that one of the best men’s polos comes in versatile, goes-with-anything colorways like Washed Grey and Navy, which you can wear with everything from Billy Reid chinos to stretch cotton shorts.

And while the Billy Reid Pensacola Polo is pricier than your average polo — it clocks in at $98 — it’s a worthwhile pick-up you can absolutely rock the rest of summer. Sounds like quite the purchase to start your week, if you ask me.

Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo – The Most Versatile Summer Polo on the Market

When you think about it, it’s actually easier than ever to spot a classic menswear essential that goes above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak, the kind of piece that stands out subtly and stylishly in a lineup. That’s precisely what Relwen — the old-school-inspired, Ohio-based brand as sold by Huckberry –excels at doing, be it one of the best men’s pocket tees or rugged outerwear. This all brings us to today’s Style Pick of the Week, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo. It’s absolutely one of those classic men’s style moves that brings more to your wardrobe than meets the eye, and your summer menswear rotation is all the better for it. Let’s dive in a bit more, shall we?

Crucially, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo uses lightweight cotton jersey fabric to keep things breezy and cool, and the details only get better from there. The uniquely shaped collar on the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo is designed to frame your face nicely, while the extended three-button placket lends this stylish men’s polo some dressy-meets easygoing flair. The Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo also hits the right style notes in terms of color combinations, be it a striped red number or variations on navy and white micro-stripes.

To top it all off, the cotton jersey fabric of the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo has been garment-washed for softness, so you can rock this one effortlessly right from the second you open it. Whether paired up with tailored chinos or light wash jeans, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo is the kind of style upgrade every guy needs.

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo – The Best Summer Polo for Men

Best men's summer polo.

When it comes to your rotation of summer style essentials, the classics really are quite simply, the very best sometimes. And when it comes to the work being done by Buck Mason, you can bet that they know their way very well around utterly timeless classics. That brings us to today’s must-buy Style Pick, the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo — it’s an upgraded take on a seasonal style move with plenty of rugged character and refinement.

All of the hallmarks of a timeless Buck Mason style move are there, much like the brand’s take on one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer, or one of the coolest lightweight jackets for men. Think of the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo like a revamped look at a warm-weather staple, this time featuring yarn-dyed cotton jersey fabric for lightweight breathability. That’s not all the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo has going for it — keep scrolling for more, my friends.

Best new polo for men to wear this summer.

The specs, as one might expect with Buck Mason, are on-point, including a three-button placket that’s both dressy enough to sit nicely under a blazer and cool-looking enough to be worn on its own. Another reason the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo looks so darn cool on its own? The indigo dip-dye process, with a yarn-dyed finish that results in fading over time the more you wear it.

It’s a polo that you’ll find yourself returning to time and again, all thanks to that easily wearable slim fit — team it with your favorite chino shorts or even light wash denim and some of the best summer sneakers any day of the week. And because it’s Buck Mason we’re talking about, the Buck Mason Indigo Dipped Polo offers up plenty of bang for your buck — it retails for $68, a nice steal given its versatility. Add it to your summer wardrobe ASAP.

The Thursday Buy: The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo Belongs in Your Closet Now

Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo

Quickly, go over your mental packing list as you prep for your first (or next) summer road trip. You’ve probably got your rugged leather weekender bag all set, and hopefully, it’s packed with men’s style essentials for summer from Taylor Stitch. But something very well might be missing, and that missing item? It’s one of the best polos for men, done the way only Taylor Stitch can craft a rugged-yet-wearable polo. That’s because the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo is truly one-of-a-kind through and through, and it checks all the right boxes as far as a polo you can wear for a summer getaway (and well beyond that). Yes indeed, add this classic men’s polo to your wardrobe and your packing list, and get ready to be impressed with how often you can find uses for this versatile men’s shirt.

It’s nothing like the polos you might be used to wearing, which were often too baggy and perhaps featured a large logo (you’ve got a polo in mind already, right?). The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo, however, is all crisp and modern style, featuring a tailored fit and the sort of fabric that’ll make you do a double-take. That’s because this polo is made from the brand’s proprietary Heavy Bag fabric, a blend of upcycled cotton and recycled polyester that breathes easy and looks great.

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Best polos for men

As one might expect, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your new favorite polo. Again, the tailored fit is a major bonus, meaning you can wear this polo to the office on its own with Taylor Stitch chinos as easily as you can layer it up with your new summer blazer. Crucially, the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo looks great with everything from slim tan shorts to light wash denim, and you can even wear it to the beach with vintage swim shorts — before grabbing a cold beachside beer, of course. If you fancy wearing easygoing Taylor Stitch lounge pants alongside your Taylor Stitch polo, well, you can certainly do that, too.

Plus, the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo, with its slightly longer three-button placket, is just the right balance between dressy and casual. If you want a polo you can wear with a blazer, my friends, this is the one. It’s also helpful that one of the best polos for men comes in two essential colors that are neutral enough to pair with anything: Both Olive and Natural are going to look absolutely great this summer. The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo is your perfect summer style move: Don’t leave home without it.

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The Thursday Buy: The Billy Reid Pensacola Polo is the Casual Summer Shirt to Buy Now

Billy Reid Pensacola Polo

Picture this: Your weekend dawns, some (safe) outdoor plans are finally on the horizon and, well, you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear. A T-shirt might be too casual, a dress shirt is too stuffy, but here’s the catch: One of the best men’s polos truly hits the sweet spot, and that’s why we’re here today. The brand to shop for the best polo for men does it even better than you might expect, too. And if you’ve read the blog as of late, you know this to be true: Alabama-based Billy Reid delivers, and that’s certainly the case with the standout Billy Reid Pensacola Polo. Of course, that’s not all one of the country’s best menswear brands can do.


Be it the iconic Billy Reid Denim Shirt (it’s been a staple of the brand since the early 2000s) or any number of the best men’s style essentials from Billy Reid — trust me, I have plenty of favorites — this is one designer that delivers season after season. But back to what makes the stellar Billy Reid Pensacola Polo such a crucial seasonal pick-up. For starters, it’s the perfect blend of premium style and affordability; even when not on sale, you can get this stylish polo for under $100. I’d call that a bingo, folks. It gets better, so keep scrolling.

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Billy Reid review

The Billy Reid Pensacola Polo is the sort of polo that defies convention. It’s not stuffy or too heavy, thanks to the 100 percent Peruvian cotton blend. That makes it super soft and breathable compared to thicker pique polos. The fabric is also garment-dyed for extra softness and comfort right out of the box. In short, your new favorite polo is going to feel as easygoing as your favorite T-shirt (also from Billy Reid, in an ideal world!).

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Even the details are on-point, including chest pocket stitching that plays off the brand’s signature ribbon stripe. Better still, the cut is fitted but not overly tight, resulting in one of the best polos for men across the board, the kind that looks great on any guy. Take your pick from five richly crafted colors, then mix and match the Billy Reid Pensacola Polo to your heart’s content with light wash denim and canvas sneakers, or else chino shorts and leather loafers. That’s truly the tip of the menswear iceberg, and it’s worth keeping in mind you can find one of the best polos out there for only $88 at Billy Reid (that’s a downright steal in my mind).

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Style Pick of the Week: Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo

Best men's polos

A classic men’s polo in a modern fabric, featuring a modern fit — all courtesy of Huckberry.

If there’s one thing I know about myself when it comes to the best menswear for spring (and beyond), it’s that I’m about as appreciative of a “one-stop shop” as anyone. By that, I mean I like knowing where to go and what to buy with just a few clicks, which brings me to today’s Style Pick of the Week on one of the best men’s polos. Of course, the culprit at hand (in a good way!), is Huckberry, a longtime favorite of the blog that excels at stocking and selling everything from the best seasonal menswear to the best spring jacket and more, as you no doubt know. That includes today’s must-buy, the Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo.

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As the thermostat climbs ever higher, the best polo for men ranks high on my shopping list this season, and it should rank highly on yours. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, meet the Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo, a favorite of mine that packs a punch in terms of style points, affordability, functionality and plenty more. That sure sounds like one of the best men’s polos, does it not? You’re correct there, sir.

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Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo review

This essential men’s polo features comfortable fabric and comes in an array of versatile colors, like Dark Olive.

The Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo stands apart right in its very name, and that’s very good news indeed. Merino wool is an underrated fabric that, when done right, is much lighter and more breathable than regular wool, and here, it’s incorporated into this modern polo the right way. The result is a lightweight polo with anti-microbial and anti-odor properties (hence, the 72-hour designation) — you really can wear Proof merino T-shirts and polos for as long as you pleased on road trips or through hot spring and summer days alike. Again, that takes us back to the fact that this thing really is one of the best polo shirts for men out there.

Mack Weldon

The trim and tailored fit makes this suitable for everything from a round of golf to a day at the office to a backyard BBQ, cold beer in hand. Plus, the fact that it’s reinforced with nylon within the fabric means you can wash it without worrying that it’ll wear out too quickly (not that you’ll need to wash it all that  much, that is). As if that wasn’t enough, the Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo uses two button snaps for a low-key finish. And last but not least, your new favorite polo shirt comes in six neutral, versatile colors and retails for under $90 at Huckberry. How’s that for checking all the right boxes, ehh? Not bad at all.

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#OOTD: Here’s How to Wear A Polo This Summer

The days of the old polo shirt you used to wear are over — at least, I think they should be. That’s where we’re going with today’s look, led by perhaps the best new polo on the market. Said polo shirt is a performance polo that also incorporates serious style points via Western Rise — as you’ll see below — but let’s get into the “Why” and “How”‘ first, shall we? Now, to be clear: Our #OOTD series has covered quite a bit of ground already this summer, from how to style your short-sleeve shirt to how to wear a rugged henley. On that note, consider this latest entry a bit of a step up in dressy, refined style for the summer, to say the least. The right polo shirt can go sharp or casual, and we’ll mix in just a bit of both today. Let’s say you’re very, very slowly but surely heading back to the office, or more likely … just looking to mix up your at-home style a bit. If you’ve grown tired of sneakers and even slim light wash jeans, then today’s look is going to suit you quite nicely. We’ll pair your Western Rise polo with stylish five-pocket pants, and we’ll go a step further with a pair of the best leather loafers. As to the rest of the ensemble, I think you’ll find it’s crisp, razor-sharp and ready to shake up your summer. Long story short: If you’ve been wondering how to wear a polo this summer, allow me to point you in the right direction. And if you like this look, feel free to let me know on Twitter.

A classy, sharp, refined way to wear a polo this summer.

Alright, that wasn’t too bad … was it? When you shake things up right from the get-go with a merino polo from Western Rise, you’re naturally stepping up your game from other polo shirts. It’s going to keep you cool and refreshed on a hot summer’s day, as are the rest of your key ensemble picks. Take those Crockett and Jones loafers, for instance. They just so happen to be stylish and refined loafers that work on a sweltering day by keeping you cool (margarita not included). When you team them up with some Buck Mason pants in a durable-yet-lightweight canvas, the look gets all the better. And your new favorite watch — from Timex, naturally — helps keep you on schedule in seriously cool retro style. As ever, the details make the difference here. Because you’re wearing stylish brown leather loafers, you need one of the best leather belts for men to properly accessorize the whole ensemble, and Billykirk gets it more than right. To stay organized at home or at work, something like a stylish leather tech folio from Bellroy is going to get the job done (pun intended). I’m also a fan of the Raen Optics Wiley Sunglasses — they’re a bit dressy and a bit casual, and all classic. Last but certainly not least, a pair of the best wireless headphones delivers a rich, truly excellent listening experience, whether plugged into your home system or your laptop. I think we covered all the bases, did we not? Feel free to let me know your thoughts on Twitter or follow me on Instagram for more style content. Thanks for reading! 

See Now, Buy Now: This Fisher + Baker Polo is the Best Polo for Summer

A classic, performance-minded men’s polo.

When you start searching for the best style essentials for summer but feel stumped, where do you turn? We’re digging into the menswear rolodex today to tell you all about your new favorite polo, going back to a brand I first tested in 2017 on a road trip to Pittsburgh. And hey, would you look at that — there’s Minneapolis menswear brand Fisher + Baker, back today in fine form with one of the best polos for men in our See Now, Buy Now series. If you’re new here, this series has touched on everything from the best shirt for spring and summer to a rugged indigo overshirt. That being said, we’ve only recently touched on that most critical of summer style essentials, especially in the “business up top” era of Zoom calls we live in. I’m talking, of course, about outfitting you in one of the best men’s polos, and that brings me right back to Fisher + Baker and the Fisher + Baker Kent Polo. Available in a classic range of colors (including Navy as seen above, plus Coral and Black), this is a polo that blends performance and style in equal measure. The fact that it retails for $118 and offers a heck of a lot of bang for your buck? Icing on the cake.

SHOP: The Fisher + Baker Kent Polo

A few of the details that make this polo so essential.

Made from a polyester and merino wool blend for mobility, breathability and anti-microbial properties, this slim navy polo is made with all kinds of considered details in mind (including Fisher and Baker’s Drirelease technology). Take the friction-reducing shoulder panels, providing for a smooth ride no matter whether you’re hauling your golf clubs or your messenger bag. The Fisher + Baker Kent Polo should also feel extremely soft and wear easily on hot summer days or breezy evenings. Plus, curved side seams offer a slimming effect — you can wear this classic men’s polo with everything from tan chinos and white leather sneakers to chino shorts and stylish leather loafers. No matter which color you decide to buy it in, the Fisher + Baker Kent Polo is the best men’s polo for summer to buy now — and if you don’t believe me, you should check it out yourself.

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Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo

A seriously cool, modern men’s polo from Taylor Stitch.

What if I told you that, in addition to its full lineup of some of the best menswear around, the good folks at Taylor Stitch were now busy cornering the market when it comes to crafting the best men’s polo for spring and summer? That’d be pretty remarkable, right? Remarkable and almost too good to be true? Well, that’s not the case anymore: The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo is everything you need in a stylish polo for spring and summer, and it’s arrived not a moment too soon. The best men’s polo can be worn to work (in your home office, that is) just as readily as it can be worn to have a back patio beer (again, at home for now). And when you finally do get the chance to gather with friends again, you’re going to want to be wearing something as stylish, cool and laidback as the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo. Plus, you can get your new favorite polo for up to 30 percent off right now (no code needed!), and you’re also getting $20 in Common Club credit for orders over $200. Not bad at all. True to what one expects from Taylor Stitch,  this classic men’s polo is almost more like a T-shirt than a stuffy, preppy polo of years gone by. It starts with the use of upcycled cotton and polyester for a breezy, breathable fit — you should check out the full line of Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag knitwear while you’re at it, too. But back to what makes the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo so great.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo

Also available in a neat, classic navy colorway.

First off: Classic color options like Navy and Natural place this classic polo as a must-have in your spring and summer wardrobe — heck, buy both those colorways of the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo, and you’ve got versatile outfit options aplenty. Try the navy polo with slim tan chinos and white canvas sneakers, and pair the Natural Heavy Bag Polo with some of the best men’s shorts and stylish leather slip-ons — talk about easygoing spring style at its finest, right? The three-button placket on this classic men’s polo gives it some dressy polish, enough that you could rock it with a unstructured navy blazer for that Zoom call if need be. The tailored fit also makes the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo one of the best men’s polos on the  market — believe it. And one last kicker here: The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Polo is available for $68 right now — that’s a heck of a deal. At that rate, you’re going to get more than one polo … correct? Correct. Head over to Twitter to let me know if you pick it up.

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