Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Editor’s note: For more gift ideas, check out last year’s women’s style holiday gift guide.

So, you’ve looked at the ole calendar and realized it’s December, ehh? In a bit of a gift-giving panic (and if not, maybe soon)? Well, fear not — The Style Guide is here to set you up with excellent holiday gift-giving advice for all the stylish ladies in your life. Hopefully, they strike the right chord — if you don’t see any suggestions to fit your gifting needs, shoot me an email and we’ll help you out. Whether you’re buying for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister or grandma — or likely that whole group, and more — there are plenty of picks below to get those gears turning. In fact, the list is expanded and divided into a few helpful categories. Last year’s Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide might also help you out in a pinch — but that’s just this writer’s opinion. The biggest key is thoughtful gift-giving — while you might love a framed NFL jersey, your wife might not appreciate said gift (I kid, I kid). It’s never an easy process — so read on, shop away and leave any questions in the comments below.

Home Goods: Luvhaus Ceramics One-Of-A-Kind Turqouise Tumblers (Set of 2) — $64.98

Luvhaus Ceramics

Unique tumblers that add a little spark to your kitchen.

Let’s get this kicked off with a helpful nudge — if you find yourself shopping Huckberry quite a bit, you can kill two birds with one stone. The site’s excellent Huckberry Gift Guide is packed with gifts for everyone from your father-in-law to your son, and the site’s Huckberry Women’s Collection is a veritable treasure trove of outstanding finds both big and small. That includes the very cool set of Luvhaus turquoise tumblers seen here — talk about a neat addition to your kitchen, and the perfect set of tumblers for occasions throughout the year.

Jewelry: Sword and Plough Brass Bar Necklace — $69

Made from a 50-caliber shell casing, this unique piece of jewelry is truly one of a kind.

Made from a 50-caliber shell casing, this unique piece of jewelry is truly one of a kind.

The folks at Sword & Plough get a lot right when it comes to their production and design of stylish men’s and women’s accessories, starting with their support of veterans through every step of design and production. In particular, the Brass Bar Necklace is unique, subtly stylish and a perfect, understated finishing touch. This neat necklace is made from a 50-caliber shell casing, and it’s done in partnership with Bang Bang Ballistic. Co-founder Shanna Rodenberg is a disabled veteran who first experimented with making jewelry out of spent ammo after eight years serving in Afghanistan — you won’t find another piece of jewelry with that pedigree and history this season.

Footwear: Nisolo Oliver Oxford in Brandy — $134.98

Nisolo Oliver Oxford

A chic, refined and well-made pair of shoes that everyone can appreciate.

Now, you certainly don’t have to be a “fashionista” to appreciate a chic, well-made and versatile pair of shoes — right? Nisolo handcrafts its beautiful men’s and women’s shoes in Pereu, and the Oliver Oxford is the brand’s interpretation of a classic men’s Oxford. The sheep leather insole provides comfort atop a stacked leather heel, and the slip-free rubber heel cap provides an added dash of functionality. They’re a more unique take on women’s footwear, but hopefully appreciated by those who love great design.

 Headwear/Accessories: Goorin Brothers January Breeze Felt Hat — $60

Goorin Brothers women's hats

A classic, chic hat for the woman who favors unique, neat style.

We’re keeping things rolling for the fashionable woman (or women) in your life here today. When it comes to versatile, well-made hats, Goorin Brothers is tough to top. On top of classic wool flatcaps and leather fedoras for men — as seen in my recent upstate travel post — the brand also makes a slew of stylish women’s hats, both more unique and more traditional in nature. If the lady in your life needs a new hat to go along with her leather Oxfords, the January Breeze could be the one to gift. Its shape is classic and easily wearable in breezy winter temperatures, and it makes a neat addition to a travel wardrobe — at least in the eyes of this author.

Accessories: Tanner Goods Vanguard Saddle Bag in Hickory — $249.98

A beautiful bag made from premium materials, from the same brand who makes your favorite belt.

A beautiful bag made from premium materials, from the same brand who makes your favorite belt.

If you follow along with this blog regularly, you know that we love ourselves some Tanner Goods gear. The brand’s belts and wallets are investment-worthy, and now, the brand is carefully crafting some amazing women’s accessories as well. Take the incredible Tanner Goods Vanguard Saddle Bag in Hickory. It’s a lovely bag, able to work all through the day and night in a beautiful Hickory color and all-leather construction. The Vanguard Saddle Bag is also made in America — as the brand does with its men’s lifestyle products — features what the brand calls “graceful lines” for a premium look and feel. If you tend to agree, surely the woman in your life will appreciate it.

Accessories, Part 2: Scarf Shop Giant Cotton Scarf — $49.98

Scarf Shop Cotton Scarf

A refined, wearable and stylish cotton scarf for the holiday season.

So, us guys value stylish, functional winter accessories — and it stands to reason that the ladies in your life do, as well. This cotton scarf certainly isn’t built for taking on a snowstorm, but it’s a neat, textured cotton piece that you might call an “indoor scarf” — ideal for layering with a sweater or cardigan in front of the fire or at a New Year’s Eve party. And if you’ve got someone in mind who likes that type of thing, I’d suggest you pick up the Scarf Shop Giant Cotton Scarf.

Home and Bath Goods: Herbivore Spa Day Beauty Set — $79.98

Herbivore Spa Day Set

A refreshing, responsibly made and affordable spa set for her.

Who knew that Huckberry offered spa products? Certainly not this guy. But if your wife or girlfriend wants a nice way to relax — at an affordable price point for you — then the Spa Day Beauty Set is just what you need to purchase this holiday season. It features calming bath salts, an exfoliating rose body polish and jasmine body oil for a complete package made with premium ingredients and care. The Spa Day Beauty Set  is also all-natural and non-toxic — it’s a winning situation all around.

Frank & Oak
Now, I suppose that’s that. Hopefully, the above picks represent a broad spectrum of gift-giving selections for all the fine women in your life. If you’ve got a gift you want to run by a trusted fellow style fan, I’m the man to see. From the fashionista to someone who loves to entertain, stylish, premium gifts like leather Oxfords or a set of unique tumbler glasses fit the bill perfectly. Of course, the above gifts are just a smattering of the gifts you could buy — and supplementing a style-minded gift with something more personal (a new book or tickets to a favorite play, perhaps?) are always great to keep in mind. With that being said, let me know how your holiday shopping is going — and keep an eye out for our Friday Read and Style Pick of the Week entries later this week.

Happy shopping, and stay stylish!


2016 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Editor’s note: For some other suggestions on what to pick up Mom, head to last year’s Mother’s Day gift guide.

While many of us are experts at exactly what’s on our style wish list, things can get a bit … dicey when it comes to holiday shopping, and particularly, Mother’s Day. Wait? You didn’t know it was coming? Surprise! It’s almost here — May 8 might feel like it’s a ways away, but if that day caught you off-guard to begin with, we’re here to help. We’re covering a few choice picks for every type of mom, and you might even find some gear you like at the very same brands (looking at you, Shinola). Have a question on a style situation or a gift-giving scenario? Shoot me a tweet (on Twitter) and I’ll be happy to help. Good luck out there shopping — without further ado, catch the gift suggestions below…
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For the Style Aficionado: Shinola Wide Double Wrap Bracelet — $85

Different than a thin bangle or a standard piece of jewelry, and crafted with some neat attention to detail.

Different than a thin bangle or a standard piece of jewelry, and crafted with some neat attention to detail.

$85 is a lot to drop on a leather bracelet, to be sure, but Shinola crafts these pieces with the same attention to detail it applies to its stunning watches — that goes for both men’s and women’s accessories. The look of this wrap bracelet (in an eye-catching, rich navy leather) is a bit more unique than a standard thin leather bracelet or a silver bangle, although something along those lines could work, too. If the recipient in question isn’t so much into jewelry, one of the brand’s lovely small leather goods (like a wallet or a phone case) could be of interest.

For the Gardener: Air Plant Pods and Air Plant Set (Cost Varies — $10 to $15)

A delightful addition to any area of your home, and quite easy to maintain.

A delightful addition to any area of your home, and quite easy to maintain.

If you haven’t really planted or done much gardening lately due to weather or space constraints, air plants are a cool way to brighten up a living space and add a pop of color to various areas of your home. If the lucky mom is into gardening or simply caring for plants, the gift is all the better. Depending on where you buy them from, the air plants themselves are a downright steal. And the air plant pod purchasing options vary, too — a word that you have to hand over an email to gain access to the particularly colorful pods shown here, but that small move could definitely pay off in the form of a well-thought out gift.

For the Bookworm: “Eligible” by Curtis Sittenfeld — $17.12

A brand-new release that updates a modern classic.

A brand-new release that updates a modern classic.

This particular category was part of last year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and it makes a triumphant return this year — after all, who doesn’t love to read in the spring or summertime? Particularly if it’s “Eligible,” an update of the classic “Pride and Prejudice”? Tough to top, especially written in a slightly cheeky and entertaining manner. A fun beach or travel read, at a low cost to you, the mindful shopper.

For the Foodie: Chrissy Teigen’s “Cravings: Recipes for All the Food you Want to Eat” — $14.95

It's been praised as maybe the "best celebrity cookbook of all time" -- test it out for yourself!

It’s been praised as maybe the “best celebrity cookbook of all time” by SELF — I’d say that’s a mighty fine gift.

Although Chrissy Teigen is arguably more famous for her modeling pursuits and being married to some dude named John Legend, she’s a pretty great chef, at least according to her Instagram — oh, and this book. She’s well-known, funny and engaging on social media, so there’s a good chance Mom might be a fan. On top of that the cookbook is a collection of her favorite recipes over the years, and it’s all put together in a fun, engaging and colorful manner. If her social media shares are to be believed, the food should be excellent — and enjoyable to make for whomever might receive this cookbook!

For the On-Trend Mom: Apprécier Mother’s Day Gift Shop

A sneak peek at what the site can do for you -- quickly and stylishly!

A sneak peek at what the site can do for you — quickly and stylishly!

If you find yourself in a really tough bind and can’t quite figure out what to get, see the above picks again — oh, and head over to Apprécier, where former InStyle Fashion Director Cindy Weber-Cleary offers up a few quick picks for Mother’s Day. The selection is well-edited, relatively affordable and varied — something for everyone, right?

While the above picks don’t cover the full range of options — perhaps consider a well-thought out exercise or travel-related gift if the mom in question loves either of those, for example, hopefully the above ideas get you thinking beyond a more typical gift. It can be tough to put yourself in another person’s shoes when searching for that ideal gift, but we’ve got your back here at The Style Guide! Stay tuned for this week’s Friday Read and Style Pick entries, and let me know how you do gift shopping over at The Style Guide Facebook page.