The Friday Read: Matthew McConaughey, The Best New Cologne & Your New Favorite Hat

Matthew McConaughey's Longbranch Bourbon

My friends and Style Guide readers, thanks for joining me for a special edition of The Friday Read. Well, my weekly recap is special every time in its own way, but this is a big one in particular. Earlier this week, as part of my many freelance writing pursuits, I had the chance to share a pretty major story.

Over at Maxim, I caught up with the one and only Mr. Matthew McConaughey as part of a trip to Texas Hill Country last month! Yes, it’s true. We spoke about his work as creative director with Longbranch Bourbon (which you can order for home delivery from Drizly for a downright steal), and we also talked about the seriously cool new Longbranch Ranch experience at the rugged-meets-refined Walden Retreats. I found the brief conversation delightful and a total blast — and again, you can read the results of that interview over at Maxim.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

I’m ever so grateful for the experience, and truly so grateful for the chance to travel to seriously cool locales while meeting icons and new friends along the way (you can view some snippets of my Texas trip on my Instagram). It’s all in a day’s work, as they say, and the freelance writing world can be a bit of a grind from time to time, but the pay-off and the rewards are immeasurable,

On the best of days (and most of the time, in fact!), I’m very proud of what I get to do — and I’m surely grateful for readers and companies who show an interest in my work! Gratitude is the name of the game this season, what with the holiday next week, but for now, let’s get back to chatting all things men’s and men’s style grooming (and perhaps Longbranch Bourbon) to start your fall weekend properly.

Best winter cologne for men.
Best men's wool hats.
  • Step right up and score one of the coolest new accessories this holiday and winter season — that’d be one of the best hats for men from a new personal favorite brand, Storied Hats. The upstart company makes its stylish hats for men using sustainable materials like recycled wool and upcycled, plant-based leather (in its carefully designed adjustable back straps). Better still is the fact that they also make some of the best wool hats for men in styles more commonly found in traditional tailoring. And of course, they’ve got a line of stylish activewear hats, too. All of this is to say, you’d do well to read my recent guide to the best hats for men from Storied Hats. Cheers and happy shopping!
  • Let’s close out today’s weekend reading and shopping guide with a quick look at a very fun splurge for all you photography enthusiasts. Over at Maxim, I wrote about an insanely cool, special-edition Leica camera made in collaboration with the watch experts at Hodinkee — think of it like the perfect blend of precision, heirloom looks and modern-meets-classic style. Get that wallet (or wish list) ready, folks.

And with that, my friends, I’m going to leave you to venture into the rest of your weekend in style. If I were you, I’d strongly consider ordering up Longbranch Bourbon (remember, you can order for home delivery from Drizly!), and I’d also consider investing in a stylish men’s hat or two from Storied Hats as we move into the winter season. Let’s go to it, folks – thanks for reading, thanks for your support!

The Friday Read: Buck Mason’s Rare Winter Sale, The Best Men’s Hair Spray & a New Shinola Watch

Buck Mason Early Access—The Gettin's Good Sale (Up to 60% off) :  r/frugalmalefashion

Folks, welcome to Friday and another edition of the Friday Read, which’ll have you outfitted and ready for the weekend in no time. Speaking of getting outfitted for the weekend, well, that photo above says it all. Buck Mason, one of my favorite brands and purveyors of some of the best winter menswear around, is holding a very, very rare sale, featuring up to 60 percent off some of the company’s essential gear via the recently launched Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale (get it while you can, my friends). It’s even better than the well-stocked Buck Mason Last Chance Section, since these are deep discounts on a wide array of menswear. If you’ve had your eye on, say, one of the best men’s cardigans via the lauded retailer, now’s the time to shop. The Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale is a must-shop for your weekend — I’ll leave you to it, but please do keep on scrolling to kick off your weekend the right way.

For those of you who aren’t quite dropping everything to shop Buck Mason just yet, well, I’m with you — at least in spirit. That’s because this weekend, I’m heading somewhere extra layers aren’t really needed: I’m trekking down to breezy, sunny Florida to kick off my 30th birthday week (weekend?) and spend some time at Disney World with my family! I couldn’t be more excited to safely trek down there, and if you’d like to keep up with all the fun (and get some style tips in the process), you can — and should go follow me on Instagram. For now, I’ve got a few more stories to tidy up before the weekend, so I’ll leave you with some more reading and shopping tips below. Cheers to Friday, folks!

  • If you’ve been keeping up with the blog as of late, then you’re well aware that I’m a big fan of Detroit-based Shinola and its full array of some of the best men’s watches. That includes the remarkable new Shinola Bronze Monster (as I wrote about here), as well as the stunning, recently launched Shinola Forged Carbon Monster Automatic. This watch is truly a sight to behold, featuring light yet tough construction. What’s more, you can head to Maxim to read my full dispatch on this stunning watch.
  • Looking for a way to revamp your hair this winter, all the while avoiding hat hair on cold days? Then you’re in luck — if you read my latest AskMen guide on the best men’s hair sprays. Yes, that’s right: Hair spray for men is very much available, with the quick and easy potential to revamp your ‘do the right way. Check out that guide and let me know what you think.
  • Here’s one in case you missed out on the fun on the blog this week. It’s always wise to shop the latest and greatest Billy Reid menswear, especially when those layers are both rugged and refined, like this Billy Reid shirt jacket I covered just yesterday. It’s time to layer up in style, my friends.

So, that’ll wrap things up in fine form as we head into the weekend. There’s lots to read and shop if you peruse the pages of this blog and my other bylines, but I’d urge you — more than anything — to shop the exceptional Buck Mason Gettin’s Good Sale for the best deals on the best winter menswear and much more. If you do end up picking anything up, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and cheers to the weekend!