See Now, Buy Now: These New Taylor Stitch Shorts are A Seasonal Must-Buy Right Now

Best shorts for men to buy now.

It’s always refreshing, at least in my book, when one of your favorite menswear brands switches things up and introduces a fresh twist on classic menswear essentials. That could mean a new fabric, a new silhouette or some combination of the two, and there are certain companies that do it better than others.

Take my friends at Taylor Stitch: Be it one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer or one of the coolest denim jackets on the market, these modern menswear masters are doing things just different enough, and that’s also true with a pair of the best men’s shorts for summer. The shorts in question are the Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts, which harken back to ’50s and ’60s dockside shorts in a way that only a brand like Taylor Stitch can do.

Of course, it’s the rugged-yet-soft organic cotton fabric that gives them a perfectly summer-ready feel, but they’ve got even more going for them beyond that.

Most stylish men's shorts for summer.

The key here with these shorts is the use of a few different stylistic touches, including a cuffed and tacked leg and a slight front pleat. Yes, that’s right: The Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts boast a front pleat, but they’re not like the baggy pleated pants of decades gone by — the pleat is more streamlined and gives them an eye-catching sort of look, one that’s different (and more casual) than other of your favorite pairs of chino shorts.

The Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts are also pigment-washed for an even softer and more retro look right out of the box, while the 8-inch inseam works on multiple body types, even for the taller among us.

Sizes are also available in two dusty, washed-out colors, each of which you could pair up with everything from a Taylor Stitch chambray shirt to the famed Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee. Casual yet cool summer style in the heat just got an upgrade via an old-school-meets-modern pair of the Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts — shop accordingly this season, my friends.


The Thursday Buy: Mack Weldon’s Maverick Tech Chino Shorts Belong in Your Summer Wardrobe ASAP

Is the search for the perfect set of summer menswear essentials ever really, truly at an end? It depends, but oftentimes, there’s just a bit more that can be done to help you step out in style and comfort this season — and today’s recommendation to help you in that quest? That’d be buying a pair of the best shorts for summer from Mack Weldon, a set of go-anywhere shorts that perform well, look great and offer versatility to the max. The shorts in question? The Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts, which check all the right boxes and provide plenty of style points in the process.

The NYC-based team at Mack Weldon already does a bang-up job of delivering on gear for all seasons, particularly as the thermostat rises and you need gear that both performs in the heat and looks great. Take one of the best men’s henleys, for instance, or a stylish men’s polo. Of course, you can now add the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts to that list, and for plenty of great reasons.

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The real key with the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts is that blend of tech and fashion that’s so critical nowadays. We’re talking a water-resistant four-way stretch fabric designed to move and flex with you, along with a crucial six pockets and an easy-to-style 7.75-inch inseam that works well on most guys. Yes indeed, the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts check all the right boxes, and they come in stylish shades like grey, olive and navy, to boot.

And hey: Because the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts are priced at $98, you’re getting free shipping and some nice bang for your buck this summer. Your next few months just got even more comfortable and stylish, my friends.