#OOTD: How to Dress for a Business Casual Office This Winter

How are you dressing for the office this winter? Perhaps you’ve been layering up for some time and are starting to hit a bit of a rut? That’s where today’s #OOTD comes into play. We’re going to have some fun with this one by shaking up the rugged layers you’d normally wear on a fall or winter weekend (including a classic flannel shirt), and we’re going to translate them to your 9-to-5 grind (especially if you work in a business casual office). That seems to be the case with most office environments these days, so that’s why we’ll kick it off with an office-ready flannel shirt and go from there. To wit: The same Faherty Brand flannel shirt you love to wear on the weekend (seen below) works in perfect harmony at the office when paired up with other favorites (like a casual knit blazer for a bit of polish and laidback cool). Other essentials are also critical here, including a classic pair of men’s denim for the ultimate in business casual style. The great thing about these picks is that, yes, you can also wear them during off-duty hours, too. But when you need to pull it all together? Once again, today’s  #OOTD makes it all happen. It’s cozy, it’s casual, it’s cool … and it’ll still turn heads (the right way) at the water cooler. Let’s get to work.

Layer up with a cozy flannel shirt and a classic knit blazer for all your winter office style needs.

So, who’s ready to head back to the office? OK, perhaps you’re not mentally ready to dive into work after a long holiday … but ideally, this #OOTD  will get you in the right frame of mind. Again, it’s all about taking pieces you’ve got in your rotation and then updating them for the office — that means your go-to top layer is the casual knit blazer from Grayers for a bit of easygoing yet office-minded style. It’s a nice complement to an office-ready flannel shirt from a brand that makes each and every piece with comfort and yet modern refinement in mind. Crucially, that whole combo works quite nicely with some of the best men’s denim — it’s a surefire business-casual winner, no doubt about it. Of course, things only get better when you step out with some of the best men’s dress boots, a pair uniquely suited to the office and the commute. The same can certainly be said of the Zodiac Grandville Watch you’re wearing for your next day at work — it’s a perfectly versatile everyday watch, and you can keep it handy for the weekend, too. Lest we forget, the reason this whole ensemble works so well is that you really CAN wear it outside — that’s where one of the best men’s winter parkas comes into play. When you round it all out with a pair of CHUP socks and Duke Cannon’s Proper Cologne, you can be sure your accessories are sealing the deal in terms of this office-ready #OOTD. Like what you see? Let me know on Twitter — and good luck at your day on the job.

#OOTD: How to Dress for The Office Any Day This Spring

So, it’s the night (or the morning) before another day at the office, and there you stand … with nothing in your closet to wear. Well, those days are gone. Today’s #OOTD will take a deep dive into how to dress for the office this spring, particularly if you work in a  modern office — one where you might have to suit up for a big client meeting, but where you can get away with *gasp* slim dark denim and other polished, business-casual style staples the rest of the week. Now, we already talked about how to wear jeans to the office during fall and winter, so consider this a seasonal update. Take our picks below, from the classic Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt to a stylish spring blazer from Grayers — you see, it’s all about finding versatile pieces you can wear in more than one way. For instance, you could even wear the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt all on its own, sleeves rolled, if need be. But that’s not why we’re here today. No sir, we’re telling you all about the best spring blazer and how to wear it, and it’s being paired up with stylish Chelsea boots, a pair of the aforementioned classic indigo denim, and other picks you might not think can work at the office … but absolutely do. How do you take on the challenge of stepping out in style for spring? Let me know on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

A mix of old and new favorites to get you ready for the office in style.

  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch The Jack Shirt in White Reverse Jacquard, $125 — As essential for on-the-clock style as it is for off-duty relaxation, the collar roll of this classic shirt means you can wear it with or without a knit tie.
  • The Blazer: Grayers Newport Blazer, $195 — From the Dusty Olive color to the cotton-spandex blend, this could be the best spring blazer for your wardrobe.
  • The Office-Ready Denim: Taylor Stitch Slim Jeans in Sol Selvage, $178 — Believe it or not, you can wear jeans to the office — these slim Taylor Stitch jeans are a perfectly dressy inky blue color & made with cotton and linen.
  • The Boots: Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots, $348 — We’re not out of the woods in terms of spring weather yet, so these stylish Chelsea boots from Taylor Stitch blend form and function admirably — and they’re seriously sharp for the office.
  • The Watch: Carpenter Watches G4 Brooklyn Gent, $724.98 — A refined, classic leather watch like this handsome timepiece from Carpenter Watches never fails — especially at the office … oh, and don’t worry about matching up your leathers precisely.
  • The Belt: Taylor Stitch Stitched Belt in Whiskey Eagle, $88 — A perfectly rugged yet versatile, stylish leather belt from Taylor Stitch — it pairs nicely with those Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots, too.
  • The Grooming Essential: Duke Cannon Solid Cologne in Bourbon, $25 — Just one of many men’s grooming essentials you need from Duke Cannon, the Duke Cannon Solid Cologne is the right way to upgrade your scent for the office (it’s important!)
  • The Finishing Touch: Smartwool Merino Sport 150 Boxer Briefs, $30 — When is your underwear more than just underwear? When it’s made with possibly the world’s best fabric, Smartwool Merino. Perfect any day of the week.

Hopefully by now, you see the right way — or at least, one way — to make office dressing work for you. We’re not doing anything too fancy here, just pairing up a great spring shirt (theTaylor Stitch Jack Shirt) with a  stylish spring blazer from Grayers for no-fuss, no-frills style that’s still a cut above the rest. And keep in mind that when you step out in slim Taylor Stitch jeans in an inky indigo color, you’re absolultely going to be polished enough for the office — the difference is that rich, dark blue color. As ever, stylish Chelsea boots from Taylor Stitch strike the right balance between rugged, casual & perfect for the office — especially if it’s a breezy, rainy spring day. And your accessories are keeping things nice and sharp, too.  Take the office-ready nature of the stylish leather belt shown here — it’s as simple as that, and the combo looks even better when paired with a classic leather watch, specifically one that wears well at the office. The little details really do matter, which is why we’re recommending comfortable, durable Smartwool Merino boxer briefs, not to mention the right scent for any occasion — the Duke Cannon Solid Cologne in Bourbon. All told, this combo is the perfect way to dress for your office, no matter what day of the week. And again, yes … you can wear jeans to the office. Give it a try!


#OOTD: Tailored Style for Spring

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

So we’re slowly but surely creeping towards warmer spring weather, at least in NYC. That’s good news if, like yours truly, you were getting sick of the cold (as much as I love layering with rugged winter style staples). As the weather warms up and gets more breezy, you might run into the temptation to shelve your blazer (or your black dress shoes) in favor of more laidback style combos. But you can definitely still nail a sharp business casual look using pieces that are in play the rest of the year — namely, a classic navy blazer with a subtle pattern, plus a sharp white shirt. The below look should be sharp but not stuffy, featuring just enough personality to set you apart from other, less well-dressed fellas. That’s the goal of these things, right? To leave #OOTD suggestions of your own, head over to The Style Guide Facebook page. Stay stylish!

Business-ready spring style with sharp black Oxfords and subtle patterns.

Business-ready spring style with sharp black Oxfords and subtle patterns.

The Blazer: J. Crew Factory Thompson Microdot Blazer, $131.50 — Recognize this blazer? It was first featured in this St. Patrick’s Day style feature, but it works plenty of other times of the year thanks to the subtle variation in pattern.

The Shirt: Paul Fredrick Extra Trim Fit Non-Iron Button-down Dress Shirt, $89.50 — The upscale, dressier answer to a more laidback Oxford-cloth shirt, this piece is part of the brand’s new, slimmer offerings.

The Pocket Square: The Tie Bar Corduroy Dots Pocket Square, $10 — Dots on the blazer and … dots on the pocket square? Yes, indeed — the color and scale are just different enough where it works out, plus the corduroy breaks up the dots on your top half, too.

The Pants: J. Crew Factory Slim Bedford Linen-Cotton Pant, $55.50 — While lightweight khaki chinos can also work here, these pants will serve you well in breezier, warm spring and summer days alike. The slim stripes and light grey color are a nice change of pace, too.

The Shoes: Jack Erwin Noah Quarter Brogue Oxford in Black, $195 — Black shoes can still be worn in spring and summer even when everyone else turns to brown; it makes this outfit all the more sharp sans tie.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Classic Belt, $100 — Just the right mix of casual and formal, this is a go-anywhere belt that works in casual and formal situations.

The Socks: Society Socks in Visionary Blue, $9.20 — Lest this outfit miss out on the sudden arrival of color that is spring, these socks add a definite pop to the get-up.

The Watch: Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield in Silver, $229 — Daniel Wellington’s watches, while a step up in price from a Timex or another casual watch, provide sharp, versatile style — and in this case, sufficiently dressy looks.

The above ensemble perhaps isn’t the most groundbreaking offering — it does feature a navy blazer, a white dress shirt and black Oxfords, for instance. But that’s where subtle changes in pattern, better quality (in the case of the shoes) and a bit of color — by way of the pocket square and socks — come into play. The black leather watch and belt shown above are timeless staples that’ll work in any outfit across the rest of the year, too. Plus, the shirt should fit nice and trim if you take off that blazer during the course of the day. Now, roll up those sleeves and get work — this new gear won’t pay for itself!

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