#OOTD: How to Wear an Overshirt For Fall

It’s been a busy few weeks when it comes to fall style essentials and surveying the seasonal landscape here at The Style Guide. You might have even noticed a few posts in our new Tuesday Steal series replacing the traditional Tuesday #OOTD slot. But we’re back at it today with a new ensemble, and not a moment too soon for early fall. Let’s get to business. How to wear an overshirt for fall really does start with one of the best men’s overshirts, and the fact that it’s coming at you by way of Flint and Tinder is absolutely a huge bonus. It’s also accented by another stone-cold style essential, the kind of layer you won’t want to leave home without, and that’s one of the best men’s henleys for fall.

Shop an essential fall overshirt now

Today’s #OOTD shows you how to wear it

Now is the time to really let the building blocks of your seasonal wardrobe shine, and that’s where today’s #OOTD comes in. Gone are the days (hopefully) of sweating it out this summer and trying to figure out, say, how to wear chinos in the heat. No sir, fall brings with it some of the best times of the year for layering and for rugged adventure (even if said adventure simply involves a brewery tour and some cold, fresh beer). And of course, that means this look is filled with rich seasonal colors (think faded brown, tan and olive). But it all comes down to the gear itself. I think that you’ll quickly find the Flint and Tinder CPO Shirt Jacket delivers on everything you need in a stylish shirt jacket in this transitional time of year, from the lightweight construction to the durable and functional styling potential. If you’ve been stowing away your “shacket” through the hot summer months, it’s time to let it back out into the open, just in time for the best season in menswear. Let’s get back in the saddle with today’s #OOTD, shall we?

  • The Overshirt: Flint and Tinder CPO Shirt Jacket, $148 — This versatile overshirt, one of the best overshirts for men, is a study in durability and wear-anywhere style potential. It’s made with a blend of cotton and spandex for comfort and stretch in spades.
  • The Henley: Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley, $55 — This won’t be the last time we talk about one of the best men’s henleys for fall. This one is just lightweight enough to layer up comfortably on breezy fall days.
  • The Rugged Fall Pants: Filson Dry Tin 5-Pocket Pants, $135 — You can wear these rugged work pants just about anywhere, from the trail to a distillery or at home around a fire pit. Filson has long delivered the goods, and they continue to do so here.
  • The Boots: Rhodes Footwear Bozeman Boots, $225 — Complete with a well-built moc toe, rich leather and a comfortable-yet-durable wedge sole, these classic moc toe boots are ready for anything this fall.
  • The Watch: Shinola Runwell Automatic Watch, $1,095 — What’s not to love about this handsome, heritage-worthy leather watch? It’s more suited for weekend outings than rough-and-tumble wear, but you’ll be able to get plenty of use out of it this season.
  • The Hat: Howler Brothers Camp Howler Snapback, $35 — A classic ballcap is the only way to top off this outfit, especially one with a distinctive, retro logo. Throw it on at a moment’s notice to get out the door and hit the road.
  • The Wallet: Satchel & Page Slim Bifold, $70 — Could your everyday carry use a refresh? This elegant, hard-wearing leather wallet for men is just what the doctor ordered. It’ll break in beautifully with everyday use this season.
  • The Everyday Carry: Satchel & Page Slim Mailbag, $475 — No matter what you’ve got to haul (your headphones and a book or laptop, perhaps?), this remarkably stylish leather messenger bag is going to serve you well for years to come.

If you ask me, I’d say this #OOTD does just about everything you could ask of it this season. It’s got versatility and multiple styling options available by way of the two top layers, like a stylish shirt jacket and one of the best men’s henleys for fall. You can wear the henley on its own and keep the shirt jacket handy in your extremely cool, stylish leather messenger bag, for example. And it’s all helped along by the perfect blend of form and function via Filson’s rugged work pants, which can be worn to do actual work as easily as they can be worn to grab fall weekend beers. As I always say, no fall ensemble is complete without the right pair of boots, like the classic moc toe boots shown above from my friends at Huckberry. It doesn’t get any better than boots that can be broken in over time, and the same can be said for your other EDC essentials, like your newfound, supremely stylish leather wallet for men, courtesy of Satchel & Page. Invest in the best and reap the rewards this fall. I’m also of the opinion that you’ve got to keep your accessories on point, and that means finishing this outfit off with the right combination of high and low: An investment-level leather watch, not to mention an eye-catching ballcap. You’re ready for anything between those two fan favorites. Where will this #OOTD take you? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. Stay stylish this fall! 



#OOTD: How to Wear An Overshirt This Spring — The Best Way

If you’re looking to shed some extra layers in style, and if you’re looking for advice on how to wear an overshirt this spring, you’re in the right place. Simply put, if it’s a rugged men’s shirt you seek for spring, the kind that can go anywhere you ask it to go, then the Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt is the one you want right now (and today’s #OOTD is the one to check out). It’s both one of the best men’s overshirts and one of the best standalone shirts in its own right, and that’s the way the rugged gear purveyors at Filson would like to have it. An overshirt is a workhorse of your wardrobe, as you’ll see today, with the ability to be worn atop your favorite henley (more on that in a moment) for breezy early spring style, no matter how blustery things get out there.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, new style moves and new opportunities to get back out there after a long, cold winter, and the best gear has just got to be up to snuff — that’s the way it is these days. And when you find yourself standing once again in front of your closet, pondering what to wear for a spring stroll or a day enjoying some socially distanced patio beers, you’ll find the proper answer below: The Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt  is the casual overshirt you need ASAP.

How to wear an overshirt this spring

A rugged and reliable overshirt from Filson for spring layering.

  • The Lightweight Overshirt: Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt, $125 — Made from a pre-washed, midweight cotton twill, this is the sort of stylish overshirt to throw on as a reliable top layer this spring whenever you could use one.
  • The Henley: Flint and Tinder Raglan Waffle Henley, $62 — It wouldn’t be an early spring ensemble without a rugged men’s henley to serve as an excellent base for your #OOTD, ehh?
  • The Pants: Proof Rover Pants, $98 — You’ve assuredly read about the Proof Rover Pants here on the blog, and they’re some of the best work pants for whatever spring throws at you (even if it’s just an afternoon of outdoor brews).
  • The Boots: Beckett Simonon Lopez Boots, $239 — Because spring days can be jam-packed, you need some of the best leather boots for both durability and serious style. Plus, you can use the code BEAU for 20 percent off
  • The Socks: American Trench Retro Stripe Socks, $12.50 — No pair of leather boots is complete without some of the best socks for men, ehh? This retro pair takes the cake.
  • The Belt: Tanner Gods Classic Belt, $105 — One of the best leather belts should be a staple of any man’s wardrobe, and this Tanner Goods belt is a longtime favorite of mine.
  • The Watch: Timex Standard Leather Strap Watch, $79 — The right way to finish off this #OOTD? With one of the best men’s watches under $100, of course. Nothing better.
  • The Spring Beer: Craft Beer Club Beer of the Month Box, $44.75 (12-Pack) — Folks, how cool is this? Join this monthly craft beer club and get 12 beers a month for under $45, featuring plenty of seasonal styles like the Zipline Kolsch and more.
  • The Outdoor Essential: DISCOMMON Bottle Opener, $110 — Casual beers on your back porch just got a whole lot cooler — this titanium-and-leather bottle opener is a beautifully designed addition to your EDC, and perfect for weekend afternoon utility.

If you ask me, every great #OOTD for a new season is built from the ground up (or the top down) on the strength of both the little things (take the retro stripe socks shown here, some of the best socks for men) and the big things. Of course, the centerpiece of this rugged and on-the-go outfit is the Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt, a durable and well-made overshirt to wear through breezy spring days on end. It doesn’t all come together with the right layers and the right supporting cast, like a rugged men’s henley and a pair of the best work pants for spring adventures, days in the field and days kicked back at the outdoor beer garden. How’s that for versatility, ehh?

That versatility is also the name of the game with a pair of the best leather boots, a hard-working plain toe pair of leather boots — a pair that’s also 20 percent off with the code BEAU, lest we forget. Round it all out with one of the best men’s watches under $100, and pair that combination up with a stylish leather belt from Tanner Goods. Last but certainly not least, stock your fridge for spring with beers from a handy monthly craft beer club, and keep cracking ’em open with one of the coolest bottle openers out there. Does that check off your list of spring style needs to start things off right? I sure hope so. Cheers and happy shopping!