The Friday Read: Timex x Huckberry, The Best Slippers for Winter & the Best 2022 Watch Trends

My friends, it’s just about *time* to roll into the weekend, is it not? I’ve got the perfect way for you to do that, of course, and with but a week left until Christmas Eve, well, time is of the essence. That’s why it’s essential that you shop the rugged new Huckberry x Timex Navi XL, a collaboration that’s a first between the San Fran retailer and the lauded American watchmaker. Is it one of the coolest men’s watches to buy right now? I’d certainly say it is, and that’s why it’s also sure to sell out quite fast. Do yourself a favor (or do a favor for the stylish guy in your life this Christmas) and stock up accordingly.

It’s the ideal sort of watch to buy now and wear all through the rest of the holiday season, and it’s a pretty fitting release this time of year, which involves everything from holiday parties to casual seasonal gatherings and more. I’ve got a few of those on my radar myself these days, seeing as I’m trekking back down to Florida to spend some time with my family this season. I’ll still be working away here on the blog, naturally, but you can expect more content on my Instagram covering the trip, too. For now, I’ve got some deadlines to take on at SPY and elsewhere before I pack up in style and roll into the weekend. Join me in ringing in the holiday season with a few of my favorite reads today. Let’s get to it, folks!

  • In need of one of the best men’s shirts for the holiday season? Of course you are, and that’s where this blog comes in handy. Head over to yesterday’s post covering one of the best men’s shirts for winter to check out how the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel can upgrade your seasonal style ASAP. It’s really that simple, my friends. Read the feature here. Cheers!
  • I mentioned above that I’ve got deadlines aplenty on my plate, the excellent gear and gadgets Web site for which I just started writing late last month, and that’s certainly the case. That being said, I’ve got a story that’s now live that I think you’ll enjoy all the same: I wrote about all the best watch trends to shop in 2022. Add to your timepiece rotation accordingly, my friends.
  • Here’s another essential read for a cozy and casual pre-holiday weekend. This season, you need a pair of the best, most stylish slippers on your feet. They’re going to upgrade your seasonal lounging with comfort and great looks in mind, which is why I wrote all about the top pairs to shop now at AskMen.

That’s going to wrap things up today for my latest weekend rundown, but let me leave you with one more piece of helpful style advice. The good folks at Everlane recently released a new run of men’s shoes, featuring some of the best men’s chukka boots I’ve seen in some time. Do yourself a favor by heading to my blog to read more. Here’s to the weekend ahead — stay safe, stay healthy and thanks for reading!


See Now, Buy Now: The Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Watch is the Perfect Summer Timepiece

Just as you’ve got your go-to pair of summer sneakers and your lightweight stretch jeans for hot days, so to should you have one of the best men’s watches for summer on your wrist. That’s right: In my book, there are absolutely stylish men’s watches that are practically made to be worn in the summer heat. It’s your lucky day as we dive into our latest See Now, Buy Now entry, because the visually striking new Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Sport Watch is one of the best watches for men to wear starting this summer and moving well beyond that. It’s the go-to pick when it’s too hot to wear a leather watch, which, news flash, is frequently the case in the summer months.

This watch, an exclusive to the good folks at Huckberry, first debuted to great fanfare last year, and for good reason. Again, the fact that you can only get this watch at Huckberry means that competition is steep to add this timepiece to your collection. It very well could claim that lofty spot as your new favorite watch, but the crucial first step is buying it right now. The Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Sport Watch has all the proper bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from extraordinarily durable and yet fairly priced Timex watches, for starters, including that red-and-black design (hence the “cola” name, of course).

SHOP: The Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Sport Watch

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This nicely priced men’s watch for summer (it retails for $189 at Huckberry) is entirely unique, designed from scratch by both companies and using military inspiration plus ’70s and ’80s Timex and watch trends. So while Timex has an extensive archive that designers like Todd Snyder frequently use for inspiration (to great effect!), this creation is even more unique, and just as covetable. It features a striking red-and-white military crosshair dial with luminescent markings, along with an aluminum bezel with a sharp red accent. It’s these design touches that help the Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Sport Watch stand out from the pack as far as the best watches for men are concerned.

The dial is also a fitting throwback as far as size is concerned: It’s a nice, sharp 38mm in diameter, making this a watch you can wear with a Huckberry T-shirt and hybrid shorts as readily as you can team it with a classic men’s polo and lightweight summer pants (loafers sold separately). The great news is that the Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Sport Watch is durable enough to wear with those outfits on consecutive days, and you can keep on wearing it all week long if you so please. At a price like that (again, it’s $189 at Huckberry), why wouldn’t you want to make this your go-to summer timepiece? The answer to that question is up to you.

SHOP: The Huckberry x Timex “Cola” Sport Watch