Style Suggestion: Here’s What to Wear to Your Next Summer Wedding

You got the invite months ago, and the time has come — wondering what to wear to your next summer wedding can be quite the daunting question to answer. Right? Right.  If you’re in the bridal party, that part of the equation is likely covered — just be sure to get your measurements right when it comes time to get fitted for your rental kit. What are the rest of us going to wear, though? That’s where today’s style suggestion is coming to the rescue. We’re talking tailored style for the heat, namely. A classic navy blazer, slim linen suit trousers and crisp leather loafers are the building blocks of this outfit — no doubt about it. I think you’ll find that the below picks are all about staying cool and sharp even as temperatures rise — that’s crucial if you happen to be attending an outdoor wedding (as I just did in my latest trip to Charleston). And I think you’ll also find that any of the below #menswear picks can be repurposed for travel, too — that’s what classic summer style is all about. The navy blazer seen here? Wear it on the plane atop a classic Oxford. Those stylish leather loafers? Wear ’em on the plane, too. If your interest has been captured, read on for the full ensemble below. To see how I’m wearing tailoring in the heat, check out my Instagram account, or hit the ‘Like’ button over at The Style Guide Facebook page. Cheers!


The Jacket: GANT Diamond G Stretch Blazer with American Pima Cotton — $277

GANT Diamond G

Sharp, slim and breathable — just what’s needed for a summer wedding.

Here’s the first step to nailing summer wedding style — start with a great jacket. What do I mean by a great jacket? I mean a classic navy blazer in a modern — yet not overly tight fit — made with American pima cotton. Unlike lined suit jackets, this lightweight blazer blends nylon and cotton for a final product that’s stretchy, breathable and easy to wear for summer travel or a summer wedding.  Pick it up in dark navy or — if you happen to be wearing dark trousers — the jacket’s additional color option, a bright marine blue.

The Shirt: Outlier Freecotton Button-up in White — $165

There’s a hefty price to pay for this crisp white shirt — but it’ll perform well in the heat.

Want to stay cool during an outdoor summer wedding? It’s an extremely tough challenge — believe me, I’ve been there, done that. But there’s help on the way — companies like Outlier are blending breathable, performance-ready fabrics with the familiar tailored fit and styling details of classic dress shirts. The Freecotton Button-up should be your go-to shirt for the heat — that goes for a summer wedding or a high-pressure business meeting. Know that Mizzen+Main offers similarly well-made, breathable dress shirts, too.
The Pocket Square: The Tie Bar Stamped Flowers Coral Pocket Square — $10

A summer-friendly, highly affordable pocket square to complement that navy blazer.

Now, we’re skipping the tie in this semi-casul ensemble — if per chance you need to pick one up, reach for something classic, like a silver knit tie. We’re not, however, skipping over another crucial finishing touch: A stylish pocket square. And The Tie Bar makes options in a plethora of affordable colors and patterns. In particular, this coral-colored floral option should handsomely offset the dark navy blazer and sharp white shirt — ya dig?

The Trousers: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers in Charcoal OR Cobalt— $178

Taylor Stitch

Two color options from Taylor Stitch, each featuring comfortable fabric and a modern fit.

The trousers you go with here are all dependent on the color of your blazer — going light in color with your jacket? Reach for the cobalt blue, wool-linen blend Taylor Stitch Telegraph  Trousers. Going dark in color with your jacket, like the GANT Diamond G Blazer seen above? The light charcoal Taylor Stitch Telegraph  Trousers are your best bet. Either option features a tailored fit, excellent fabric and easy wearability in the heat. And the rest of the summer? Team them with a slim-fit white polo and classic suede chukkas on casual Friday.

The Loafers: Nisolo Chamberlain Loafers, $188

Nisolo men's shoes

Unique nubuck leather and a classic profile help set these Nisolo loafers apart from the pack.

If the wedding location happens to be outdoors — be it the stifling South or the dry heat of the West — you’re going to want to use any means possible to stay cool. Ditching the stuffy dress socks for a pair of stylish no-show socks and sharp leather loafers is as good a place to start as any. Luckily, the Nisolo Chamberlain Loafers balance a sleek silhouette with solid construction and great quality. Plus, they’re a nice style swerve from the sea of black shoes normally found at weddings — am I right, or am I right?

The Socks: Arvin Goods No-show Socks (Three-pack), $30

Arvin Goods

In a handy pack of three, these Arvin Goods no-show socks are a crucial summer wedding accessory.

As we just talked about, comfortable no-show socks are the way to make this whole outfit work. From the modern Taylor Stitch Telegraph  Trousers to those crisp Nisolo leather loafers, you’re not going to want any sock showing — are we clear there? Good. Arvin Goods makes its no-show socks in packs of three, so you have options to wear to and from the wedding — and the rest of the weekend when paired up with stylish summer sneakers.


The Belt: J. Crew Braided Leather Belt — $55

A reliable accessory pick-up from a reliable brand.

If you’ve got a trusty leather dress belt that you’ve had for years, this is the time to break it out. And if you’re looking to add some texture and visual interest to this summer wedding ensemble, J. Crew is the place to go. This belt should last exceptionally long for the price, and it’ll match up nicely with your Nisolo leather loafers in terms of color, too.
Ben Sherman

The Watch: Linjer Classic Watch — $250

Linjer Leather Goods

A sharp, sleek watch that’ll play nicely off your navy blazer and leather loafers.

We’re nearing the end of this summer wedding style suggestion — but not before we recommend a stylish leather watch for the occasion. If you recall, the folks at Linjer Leather Goods started with a small run of products like minimal wallets before ramping things up considerably. The result of that expansion is the mighty fine, mighty minimal and exceedingly sharp Linjer Classic Watch. Refined and sharp enough for a wedding, simple and sleek enough to pair with a stylish short-sleeve shirt through the rest of the summer.

The Sunglasses: Pacifico Optical Blair Sunglasses — $159

Pacifico Optical

Just the right balance of dressy and casual — just what you want at a summer wedding.

If you’re looking to check a few key boxes when it comes to stylish summer sunglasses, the team at Pacifico Optical might be able to sort you out. When it comes to wearing sunglasses to a summer wedding, leave the sports shades at home. Instead, think of a pair that’s simplistic, classic and versatile — yet slightly unique. In this case, the Pacifico Optical Blair Sunglasses get the job done quite nicely. And the rest of the summer, you can easily wear them to the beach or as a laidback complement to your favorite summer shirt.

Sutro Shoes Inc.

Did you pick out that wedding gift yet? Flight all booked? Done and done. And if you follow the above style tips, I’d wager you’ll be more than set to dress in style at your next summer wedding. If you keep the basics in line — starting with a navy blazer and a breathable-yet-crisp white dress shirt — you’ll set yourself up for success. From there, it’s all about nailing the fit and details of supporting accessories, including essential pieces like the Taylor Stitch Telegraph  Trousers. Round things out with sharp leather loafers — like the Nisolo Chamberlain Loafers — and hone in on stylish details like a Linjer Classic Watch or Arvin Goods No-show Socks. Add in sharp sunglasses — I’d recommend the Pacifico Optical Blair Sunglasses — and you’re ready to take on afternoon and early evening weddings in equal measure. What will you be wearing to your next summer wedding? Drop me a line in the comments below, and swing by Twitter for a lively discussion on all things men’s style.

Cheers and all the best — thanks for reading!


Southern Style: Celebrating a Family Wedding Weekend in Charleston

Stylish summer wedding gear, no-show socks included. My classic navy blazer from GANT Diamond G teamed nicely with my Dockers khakis and sharp Johnston and Murphy Cartwright Cap Toe Shoes. Sunglasses by Component. Printed shirt by H&M. Classic Watch by Linjer.

It was with summer in the air that I hit the road for my latest Style Guide trip, a family wedding weekend for my cousin Katherine in lovely (and hot!) Charleston (that’s South Carolina, folks). If you’re seeking tips for how to dress for a summer wedding, you might find today’s post of interest. Of course, the trip was about lots more than #menswear. Although I did my best to pack and travel in style, it’s always a really special time and a huge treat to catch up with family from across the country — those moments don’t happen too often, so it’s worth celebrating them when they come around! And who doesn’t love suiting up for a summer wedding — right? Luckily, the celebrations didn’t knock me down for the count — I was more than able to get around Charleston dressed to beat the heat in style. Maybe you caught some of my posts on Instagram — and if not, come along for the ride.

Hitting the road with my Owen and Fred Voyager Waxed Weekender. I focused on versatile, comfortable and easygoing travel gear, starting with my Nautica Colorblock T-Shirt and SYD Leather Date Watch, accented with my Apolis Standard Issue Utility Chinos and Component gunmetal sunglasses.

The trip really started in earnest with an early Friday morning flight to Charleston — I plugged into my Bespoke Post Vibes Box headphones and hit the road. In anticipation of the hot weather — and looking forward to a refreshingly cold craft beer in South Carolilna — I threw on my Nautica Colorblock T-Shirt in a versatile white-and-grey combo, finished off with my Apolis Standard Issue Utility Chinos (and my sharp-yet-rugged Nautica SYD Leather Date Watch). For catching up on some of my favorite tracks on the plane — including those from last weekend’s show by The Killers — I plugged in with my Bespoke Post Vibes Box headphones, always a crucial travel accessory. The overall combo was breezy and easy to wear, complemented by one of my new favorite pairs of sneakers — the vintage-inspired, crisp Abercrombie and Fitch x Tretorn Nylite Sneakers in a head-turning shade of deep green. On the accessories front, I slipped on a slick pair of Component gunmetal sunglasses nearly the moment I hopped off the plane in Charleston. For an afternoon catching up with family, getting lunch at The Glass Onion (a fantastic spot) and sipping brews at the fantastic Lagunitas Charleston TapRoom, my picks proved critical. What did I use to carry all of my gear? A stylish weekender bag was just the ticket. In this case, my Owen and Fred Voyager Waxed Weekender continued to perform well (just as it did for a Memorial Day weekend trip to Florida). And the key takeaway? For style that can go from the plane to a beer hall, reach for slim-fitting basics, crisp chinos and classic sneakers.


Sharp-yet-laidback style courtesy of Mizzen+Main and Life/After/Denim, complemented by Johnston and Murphy Allister Lace-ups and the reliable-as-ever Timex x Todd Snyder Military Watch.


Casual style fit for exploring the lovely streets of Charleston. My Zipline Shirt from Life/After/Denim and Rockaway Chambray Shorts from Mizzen+Main teamed up perfectly with my Johnston and Murphy Allister Lace-ups!

Saturday presented a two-fold challenge — that of both dressing for a summer wedding and dressing for a casual weekend day prior to the wedding. As seen above, I think I took on the first challenge quite admirably — but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Crucially, I grabbed my Component sunglasses and the performance-ready Mizzen+Main Rockaway Chambray Shorts. The shorts were mobile enough to go from the famed Billy Reid Charleston shop to lunch in a pinch. They featured four-way stretch and a tailored fit — the ideal set of bottoms to team up with my easygoing Life/After/Denim Zipline Short-Sleeve Shirt (a gift from the brand — thanks, guys!). The key finishing touch in terms of comfort and style were my Johnston and Murphy Allister Lace-ups — as crisp and stylish a pair of white leather sneakers as you’ll find on the market. And for casual style mixed with durability and a classic edge, I always enjoy bringing my Timex x Todd Snyder Military Watch on trips both long and short. With a busy day exploring Charleston in the books (including a stop for lunch at Gentry downtown), it was time to transition to summer wedding style — let’s see how I did!

It was an exceptionally hot day for a wedding in Charleston, and with a casual evening on the horizon, I tried to take it on accordingly. Crucially, I paired up my GANT Diamond G Stretch Blazer — crafted with American pima cotton — with a lightweight, floral short-sleeve shirt, easy for breathable style that fit in with the evening’s dress code. The jacket merged a tailored silhouette with helpful moisture-wicking properties thanks to the cotton-nylon blend, too.

The combination paired up sharply with my dress shoe of choice — that would be the classic Johnston and Murphy Cartwright Cap Toe. Crucially, the handsome brown leather of the Cartwright Cap Toe straddled that tricky area between dressy and casual, and it played nicely off my Linjer leather watch — a minimal and stylish leather watch pick. The next time you’re faced with a hot summer wedding, reach for a breathable-yet-classic navy blazer and sharp brown leather dress shoes.  In sticking with the casual theme of the wedding, my Dockers Alpha Stretch Khakis, made with elastane for comfort and a sharp Tobacco color, fit the bill quite well. It really couldn’t have been a more enjoyable evening or a more enjoyable wedding (congrats again, Katherine and Cole!).


A moisture-wicking polo, stretchy shorts and a tough dive watch from CHAPS — all essential for a hot summer Sunday, right alongside my Huckberry Explorer’s Cap.

With a banner wedding in the books, it was all too soon time to say goodbye to the quaint, history-rich and thoroughly enjoyable city of Charleston. I’ve had the great fortune of attending two weddings in the past three years in the city, and I hope to be back again soon. With that being said, I still had to dress to beat the heat for my last few hours in the city — with protection from the sun in mind, I threw on my trusty Huckberry Explorer’s Cap and a pair of stylish Nautica sunglasses. To blend both prep style and warm-weather functionality, my Nautica Slim-Fit Wicking Polo Shirt proved unbelievably ready to take on the heat of the day — it was much-needed, trust me.

The shirt fit right in with my Ministry of Supply Going Places Shorts, themselves an apparel piece designed to wick moisture and keep the wearer (in this case, yours truly), cool in the sweltering sun. My feet were more than comfortable, too — my Jack Erwin Cooper Boat Shoes made sure of that, and I’d highly recommend you pick up Arvin Goods no-show socks the next time you need to slip into stylish summer footwear.

To finish off this mobile, stylish look, the rugged-yet-refined CHAPS Bransen Diver was the perfect watch, what with its sporty hits of red and blue. In all, I found I was more than able to navigate Charleston in style before heading back to NYC. Weekend trips like this — particularly weekend weddings spent with my amazing family — always remind me how grateful I am to have them in my life. Although chances to reconnect with them from across the country can be few and far between, I’m always left appreciative of those opportunities  — even if my trip includes an occasional flight delay. Any time I can hit the road to celebrate and reflect — with some stylish gear in tow — is a great weekend by me. It’s about much more than menswear, that much is true.

For now, we’re wrapping this one up — join me tomorrow to check out an all-new summer style ensemble, and thanks for reading!


Style Upgrade: The Slim Wallet

Editor’s note: This is the first in an ongoing series covering quick and easy upgrades to style dilemmas a guy might face once in a while. Check back for more entries in the series.

Does this look like your wallet? Or someone you know? Friends don't let friends stuff their wallets.

Does this look like your wallet? Or someone you know? Friends don’t let friends stuff their wallets.

What’s the one thing you carry with you, likely everywhere, everyday? A wallet, or some way or system of storing credit cards, cash, etc. But the thing with that is … it can be a lot. Sometimes, George Costanza-esque (although hopefully not!). Getting your wallet and valuables in order is but one step that goes hand in hand with bettering your style – and your lifestyle in general.
Ben Sherman US
Swapping out that wallet, of course, requires an evaluation of the goods you’ve got in your current one. Excess or old gift cards or receipts? Unless you’re overly sentimental, those can probably be tossed. That value rewards card for a store you never visit? Ehh, probably to the trash can. So that leaves you with the essentials. Storing those is the next step – and with clothing getting slimmer all the time, what does one reach for? Even if you find yourself leaning toward straight leg pant cuts, a good answer is the card case.

What your wallet and credit cards situation should probably look like instead. Read on to learn more about both of these options.

What your wallet and credit cards situation should probably look like instead. On the left: Land’s End Landmark Newton Cardholder. On the right: Linjer Leather Goods’ Mocha Cardholder. Read on to learn more about both of these options.

In a way, it’s like a Lean Wardrobe for your wallet – making do with less, but using those items more efficiently. Paired with a sturdy money clip (like this clever option from Owen & Fred) for some cash, it’s a combination that truly does look stylish while also serving a nice function. And luckily, designers and brands big and small are making versions that lean either super luxe or quite rugged. New leather goods startup Issara makes a truly sleek version with two exterior slots for cards and one additional interior slot at a price that’s not quite investment-grade (but not exactly cheap, either).

A money clip like this one from Owen & Fred will help you keep track of cash once you slim down that wallet.

A money clip like this one from Owen & Fred will help you keep track of cash once you slim down that wallet.

Another significant upgrade at an affordable price would be the Land’s End Landmark Newton Cardholder. It’s on sale right now for just under $15, a pretty darn good price when you consider it’ll go with you everywhere, and the middle-of-the-road brown or black options work in equal measures. Linjer Leather Goods also makes a nice and slim card case in brown as seen above. If you can’t quite let go of your traditional wallet but want to lose the excess bulk, the Mocha Leather Billfold from Linjer is sleeker yet not quite as toned down as a card case.

The slim silhouette and eyecatching use of fabric make this piece from The Hill-Side a true splurge.

The slim silhouette and eyecatching use of fabric make this piece from The Hill-Side a true splurge.

Skagen’s Torben Card Case also would get the job done quite nicely, although there’s a small branded logo stamp on one side, which some might not like. If you really feel like selling out when it comes to this style upgrade though, The Hill-Side (one of GQ’s best and brightest) makes what looks to be an amazing navy herringbone tweed wallet featuring burnished edges, Italian cowhide leather – and more importantly, a slimmed-down yet still traditional wallet shape. There’s no way that thing’d get bulked down by receipts … right?

That’s all for the first Style Upgrade in this series – have you made the switch yet? What card case and/or money clip are you carrying around these days? Let me know!

Ernest Alexander

Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Travel Accessories

Where in the world (or across the country?) will you be heading this summer?

Where in the world (or across the country?) will you be heading this summer?

So with summer coming up quickly and Memorial Day approaching even faster, there’s a good chance you’ll be hitting the road in the coming weeks and months – be it for a music festival, a trip to see old friends, a summer wedding or some much-deserved R-and-R. Either way, how exactly are you going to get there and what are you going to bring? I’ll leave you to figure out your travel reservations — but in the meantime, get prepped to pack with all of the stylish essentials you’ll need, from a great weekender bag to the clothing you might want to throw in it.

The Weekender Bag: Navali Stowaway Weekender Bag — $200

The Navali Stowaway Weekender bag in Carafe.  A different color than the version up on the site now, but still a great model.

The Navali Stowaway Weekender bag in Carafe. A different color than the version up on the site now, but still a great model.

While the version for sale on the brand’s site right now comes in different color options than the bag pictured above, the nuts and bolts are still the same. With a Navali bag, you get a unique combination of quality and a relatively affordable price — a bag you’re going to depend on for getting from point A to point B had better be reliable, well-built and good-looking to boot.  It’s made from durable cotton canvas and features added reinforcement at key stress points and leather handles. If you’re in need of a larger or more business-friendly suitcase, you could pick up something sleek and minimal from Tumi.

The Dopp Kit: J. Crew Factory Carson Travel Kit — $34.50 And Toiletries — Brickell Men’s Products

J. Crew Factory's Carson Travel Kit pictured with some other travel essentials. Rubber strap watch by Stuhrling. Stainless steel watch by Invicta. Toiletries by Brickell Men's Products.

J. Crew Factory’s Carson Travel Kit pictured with some other travel essentials. Rubber strap watch by Stuhrling. Stainless steel watch by Invicta. Toiletries by Brickell Men’s Products.

Once you’ve loaded up your weekender bag with budget style essentials fit for a trip, what are you going to do with those toiletries? Even doing something as simple as buying a nicer receptacle for that plastic Ziploc bag to get through security helps tie together the complete travel/style combination. J. Crew Factory’s Carson Travel Kit comes in rugged shades of olive, khaki or deep navy, any of which would be a fine (and durable) addition to your travel lineup. On the cheaper yet still nice-looking side, Target is also making a nice toiletries kit. As far as grooming supplies go, you can’t go wrong on the skin and body care front with some travel-sized essentials from Brickell  Men’s Products — they’re affordably priced and they really do work wonders for your skin (full review here).

The Everyday Carry: Issara Laptop Sleeve (11″ or 13″)  — $116.10 OR $125.10

Navy + leather = quality your laptop can appreciate.

Navy + leather = quality your laptop can appreciate.

For those of us who pack up the laptop when we hit the road, carrying around something with a bit of a luxe feel to it can be a nice upgrade. There are less expensive, sporty options out there but something made out of fine full-grain leather like this laptop sleeve feels great to the touch and befits a laptop that probably cost a pretty penny. This piece and others are available for pre-order now, so keep that in mind as you hit the road. On another note, the navy leather is another step up as far as travel gear goes. If that color isn’t your thing, it’s also available in cognac or black.

The Wallet: Linjer Leather Goods Mocha Billfold

Made out of vegetable-tanned leather and with enough room for everything you need to hit the road.

Made out of vegetable-tanned leather and with enough room for everything you need to hit the road.

This accessory is another item that can easily become part of your everyday carry outside of travel, too. Linjer’s mocha billfold wallet is a beautifully crafted piece made out of supple leather. It’s got enough space for six cards and a nifty hidden pocket for important documents (or just extra cash). The site is taking pre-orders for those pieces currently, but if you travel exceptionally light and want a piece with some personality, The Hill-Side’s card cases combine excellent fabrics and leather in a slim profile. Of course, as part of your everday carry, it’d be wise to pack a sharp watch — best be on schedule!

The Reading Material: A great book

Weekend reading pictured. Would recommend a smaller book for travel. Leather valet tray by Made Supply Co. Stainless steel dive watch by Invicta.

Weekend reading pictured. Would recommend a smaller book for travel. Leather valet tray by Made Supply Co. Stainless steel dive watch by Invicta.

I’m a voracious reader in my spare time (if you’ve been following along with the weekly Friday Read pieces, you know that much), but getting into a great book is one of my favorite things to do when traveling. Picking up something digitally if you have a Kindle is definitely a nice option, and I also prefer excellent longform-focused sites like Narratively for digital perusal.

The Travel Outfit

An outfit that moves from place to place with easy. Unconstructed navy blazer by J. Crew. Chambray shirt by GAP. Suede wingtips by Oliberté. Stainless steel dive watch by Invicta. Black denim by American Apparel.

An outfit that moves from place to place with easy. Unconstructed navy blazer by J. Crew. Chambray shirt by GAP. Suede wingtips by Oliberté. Stainless steel dive watch by Invicta. Black denim by American Apparel.

What to wear while traveling is likely an entirely different post in and of itself (keep your eyes peeled for that!), but outfits that straddle the line between dressy and casual definitely seem to work the best — think something casual-cool, like the unconstructed blazer seen above with a four-season chambray shirt and black (or blue) denim for spring & summer travel. The goal would be to look good but be comfortable moving around and sitting — the suede wingtips seen above could easily be swapped out for white sneakers, while the chambray shirt could be traded in for a pocket tee; in the cold weather, a navy wool blazer would work just the same. Conversely, a great bomber jacket and a short-sleeve henley worn with dark denim works for spring and summer layering as you travel between chillier and hotter climes. Of course, if you’re bringing a suit to a destination, the best suggestion seems to be to simply wear it — more terrific suggestions on dressing for travel from the team at Dappered over here.

Now that you know the bag to grab and what to fill it with, let me know — what are your must-have travel essentials? What items not shown here would pack instead?

The Watchery


The Product Review: Linjer Leather Goods Mocha Billfold

Editor’s note: Thanks to all who participated in the recent giveaway run in conjunction with Linjer Leather Goods!

Enough room for the essentials and some cash. Much slimmer than a regular wallet.

Enough room for the essentials and some cash. Much slimmer than a regular wallet.

Now that the blog’s given away a fantastic Linjer Leather Goods piece to one lucky winner, it’s time to turn our attention to an alternative way to snag a great leather piece from the company for those who didn’t come out lucky — and that way, my friends, would be through yet another fundraising round. Uf you’re unfamiliar with Linjer, they launched early last fall and delivered successfully on a popular INDIEGOGO campaign, promising to cut down on the cost of leather goods while delivering the same top-line quality as more expensive brands. Funding opportunities for company’s new line launch today via the link at the start of this sentence. Linjer’s second push is shooting to raise about $15,000. The new line includes a card holder, a vertical wallet, the billfold seen here and a passport wallet, along with a tote bag. If funded, those items would join a selection of briefcases, a satchel and a messenger bag, among other items in luxurious-looking leathers, already for sale at the company’s official website.

The mocha billfold in action.  What bank do I belong to and where am I from? There you go.

The mocha billfold in action. What bank do I belong to and where am I from? There you go.

Roman from Linjer Leather Goods was kind enough to send me the first mocha billfold they produced, and it’s a piece that delivers on the quality the company promises. Some crowd-funding campaigns can be quite iffy in terms of actually delivering nice items in time (or at all), but Linjer’s stepped up to the plate, for sure. This particular mocha billfold is a lot slimmer than even typically slimmed-down wallets (about 40% of the traditional thickness) and uses exceptionally soft leather that should develop a nice patina over time.

The first-ever mocha billfold from Linjer Leather Goods.

The first-ever mocha billfold from Linjer Leather Goods.

This same leather features prominently in the company’s briefcases, satchels and messenger bags — it’s vegetable-tanned, giving it that soft-to-the-touch feel. It features two pockets for cash (one of them dubbed a “secret pocket” and enough space for 6 cards, which should be the perfect amount for most of us. Crucially, the presentation of the wallet in terms of packaging was also on-par with what you might expect from a reputed company — Roman and the team were kind enough to include a handwritten card.

I currently carry a brown leather card case, but this presents a sturdier, more durable and attractive option. There’s more than enough space for cards I need and the cash slots offer enough room for some bills. The inner lining of those sleeves is a soft twill that’s also a step up from the plastic-like lining you find on some brands. While these pieces are close to $50 right now, it’s an investment that’s worth making — doubly so when you consider a wallet’s on your person every day with both casual or dressier outfits. This Linjer billfold is sharp enough to go with both — and everywhere in between.

Reader Giveaway Opportunity: Linjer Leather Goods

A beautiful leather billfold in mocha from Linjer — read on for details on how to enter!

A beautiful leather billfold in mocha from Linjer — read on for details on how to enter to win this or other great offerings from the brand.

If you follow the Men’s Style section of this site with any regularity, you might remember last fall’s brand profile on Linjer Leather Goods. They launched an INDIEGOGO campaign that quickly took off, with the aim of providing high-quality leather goods like briefcases, messenger bags and satchels at prices far below luxury brands. The company blew by its initial fundraising goal on INDIEGOGO (by 287%, no less!) and is now getting closer to an initial production run of its products, most of which are set to ship in March. They’ve got some beautiful-looking offerings up on the site right now, including a soft leather briefcase in an eye-catching navy and a slick messenger bag. They have plans to launch new items soon, including the mocha billfold pictured here and a stunning set of vertical wallets, passport wallets, cardholders and work totes.

These are outstanding products made to last with high-quality materials, and given all that, I’m proud to be able to give away another tremendous offering from the company — your pick of a Linjer Leather Goods billfold, passport wallet, cardholder or vertical wallet!

Enough room for the essentials and some cash. Much slimmer than a regular wallet.

Enough room for the essentials and some cash. Much slimmer than a regular wallet.

Unlike the last reader giveaway on the site, this involves the actual product right upfront. The mocha billfold pictured here came into the Siblings With Style Brooklyn outpost earlier last week and seems to live up to the reputation the company’s built for itself in just a short period of time — it would be an awesome pick for the lucky winner of this contest.

The leather is rich yet supple and should develop a nice patina over time, and it’s extra slim — around 40% the thickness of a traditional wallet thanks to only two layers of leather. It features enough space for 6 cards and two slots for cash. A more in-depth review of this particular piece is planned for early March, but before that time, a great Linjer piece could be yours! Simply follow the instructions on the giveaway below, and check out some close-up photos of the cardholder, vertical wallet and passport wallet in the meantime.

Slim, sleek and well-made. Photo courtesy of Linjer Leather Goods.

Slim, sleek and well-made. The mocha billfold is just one of the potential options for the giveaway winner. Photo courtesy of Linjer Leather Goods.

For full details on the giveaway, follow the listed link! Good luck and thanks for reading!

Win a Linjer wallet!