The List: These Are the Best New Men’s Style and Grooming Essentials of the Season

It’s high time you geared up for spring, is it not?

Still searching for the best spring rain jacket, like the Relwen Packlight Shell as shown above? Or perhaps you’re after other crucial pieces among a host of men’s style essentials you need for the season? We’ve got you covered with today’s new, spring-forward edition of The List — from a slim, sustainably made new polo to a crucial facial moisturizer crafted for daily use, enjoy all the gear you need now. Oh, and as ever … keep your credit card handy. You’ll need it.

Relwen Packlight Shell — $228 (Huckberry Exclusive)

The breathable, packable, functional shell that’s going to take you through spring.

As sold by the good folks at one of my favorite online shops, this stylish rain jacket is also seriously functional — it’s maybe the perfect spring jacket wear all day, every day (or at least on rain days, that is).

Colchester High-Top Sneakers — $79.98

The classic basketball shoes you didn’t know you needed.

We go from a stylish rain jacket right into the high-top sneakers you need now. These are a seriously affordable, subtly cool pair of high-top kicks you’ll want to wear with … well, everything. They also happen to be a remake of the original basketball shoe. Too cool.

Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1900 Watch — $890

A durable, tough, insanely well-made field watch to wear on the daily this spring.

The search for a functional, rugged & classic everyday watch is over — the Luminox Atacama is made for the field, but polished enough for a day of spring travel. Potentially an investment-worthy watch to splurge on? You better believe it.

Flint and Tinder French Terry Pullover Hoodie — $88

The casual, cozy, cool hoodie you need in your spring rotation.

Speaking of crucial spring layers, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite hooded sweatshirt. Able to be worn quite nicely with slim light wash jeans and vintage sneakers this spring, don’t you think?

Bespoke Post Crema Box — $45 (When Signing up for Bespoke Post)

This could be the best way to make espresso at home, take it from me.

Searching for perhaps the best way to make espresso at home? For a price that’s incredibly affordable? The Bespoke Post Crema Box is here to help you upgrade your coffee this spring.

Outerknown Dune Jersey Polo — $68

The breezy polo to wear all spring and summer.

You surely know Outerknown and handsome, trusty spring style essentials like the Outerknown Puffer Jacket. (An important note: You can use the code STYLEGUIDE25 to get 25 percent off any full-priced Outerknown item). Now, meet your new favorite spring and summer polo, the Outerknown Dune Jersey Polo. Made to feel a much-loved T-shirt and yet finished with the classic design details of a traditional polo, the use of garment-dyed Supima cotton (and Fair Trade craftsmanship) sets this stylish spring polo apart from the pack.
Flint and Tinder Heavy Slub Tee — $38

A classic T-shirt you’ll want to wear all spring.

From polos to T-shirts — and yes, more gear from Flint and Tinder. Thing is, we’re back this time with the best new T-shirt to buy now. How can you not love the slub texture, the pleasing spring colors, and the excellent versatility?
Faherty Brand Overdyed Denim — $178

Richly crafted and yet pleasingly faded — a new spring go-to.

Stop searching for the best men’s jeans for spring and summer, because this particular pair — always well-crafted from Faherty Brand — could be just the ticket. Wear them with that Outerknown polo shown above.
Cardon for Men Daily SPF — $20

A well-made moisturizer and SPF combo that seriously delivers.

Finding a simple, go-to product to add to your grooming routine for spring and summer can prove tricky — after all, the men’s grooming landscape is surprisingly crowded these days. That being said, Cardon for Men might be onto something. They’ve worked with some of Korea’s top skincare manufacturers to deliver a daily SPF and moisturizer that’s not oily or overly fragrant — in fact, it’s one of the best moisturizers for men that I’ve tried. Get a tube for yourself now via the brand’s Web site. A reminder that you can find them on Instagram right here, too.
Bradley Mountain The Rambler — $285

The exact bag you need for all your spring and summer adventures.

Finding the right bag for spring and summer travel was just made a heck of a lot easier, thanks to the Bradley Mountain Rambler; it’s made with both waxed canvas and bridle leather for outstanding looks and tons of durability.
Blundstone Super 550 Boots — $185

A classic pair of Australian boots that are now quite the style statement.

We’ve certainly talked in past editions of The List about how Blundstone boots might just be the best boots to buy for rainy weather. And well, that’s why they’re featured here again today.
Zeal Optics Windsor Sunglasses — $149

The right way to shake up your sunglasses rotation.

We’d be remiss not to include a pair of the best men’s sunglasses in this edition of The List for you, seeing as how summer is creeing every closer. And the Zeal Optics Windsor Sunglasses are highly unique and affordably priced, to boot.
Now, that’s going to wrap up today’s post. Do any of the above make your list of new menswear essentials? For me, I’d say you can’t go wrong with the perfect spring jacket — that’d be the Relwen Packlight, as pictured above. Feel free, as always, to let me know your thoughts via Twitter. Thanks for reading!

The Friday Read: Vancouver, Arkells & Hawthorne Grooming

The perfect gear essentials for any situation — all from Bradley Mountain and Bespoke Post.

It’s the first winter weekend of February — to me, that means it’s time for you to enjoy another Friday Read and also, perhaps, time for you to shop some new men’s style essentials from the good folks at Bradley Mountain. As seen above (and as sold by Bespoke Post), Bradley Mountain stocks exceedingly stylish and well-crafted leather goods, particularly fitting for winter travel. Speaking of winter travel, well, that’s the theme for yours truly this weekend — I’ll be heading to the great Western city of Vancouver for quite the exciting trip tonight. It’s a particularly special adventure, as I’m hitting the road to see Canadian mega-stars Arkells play a sold-out Pacific Coliseum on the “Rally Cry” Tour! They’ve become one of my favorite bands over the years (including three packed NYC shows at small clubs) — what’s more, they’ve got quite the support act in Lord Huron! But mainly, Arkells epitomize passion and work ethic with their uplifting blend of rock and power pop.

In fact, last year’s “Rally Cry” album was a huge favorite. To see a band play to about 300 people in Brooklyn — and then to be able to watch that same band sell out a 17,000-seat arena in its home country — is pretty special, to say the least! Aside from the show, what should I do in Vancouver? Let me know of any must-visit spots on TwitterAnd to follow along with my trip, head to my Instagram. For now, I’ve got some writing to wrap up before I hit the road — start your weekend with the right way with a new edition of the Friday Read, and be sure to enjoy tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. Cheers!

  • Recently, I had the chance to get acquainted with a new brand that stocks custom men’s grooming essentials aplenty — that brand would be Hawthorne, based right here in NYC. They make customized cologne, body wash & soap using a grooming algorithm and quiz that’s pretty neat — and the process yields some quality results. You can read the full men’s grooming review over at The Manual!

Alright, before we go … I’ll leave you with a few more crucial menswear reads and shopping suggestions. Namely, upgrade your crewneck sweatshirt with this classic crewneck from Todd Snyder x Champion. You really won’t regret it. Or, you can scratch that itch when it comes to the best new menswear for winter, via a recent entry in our shopping series The List. OK, ready for the weekend? Same here! Thanks so much for reading.


Style Pick of the Week: Harry’s Essential Travel Shave Kit

Harry's Grooming

Everything you need for a great shave — at home or on the road, courtesy of Harry’s.

Ever been stuck on the road without the means of getting the perfect shave you might be used to back home? Well, the Harry’s Essential Travel Shave Kit solve that problem for you. Now, I like to take care of my beard using simpler methods, so I haven’t personally broken out the Travel Shave Kit quite yet — but I can assure you that if Harry’s is the brand behind it, it’s gotta be good.  Having something so essential to carry with you is going to prove mighty effective as you dress for fall travel — and the Travel Shave Kit  also gives you an excuse to change up your stubble or beard for a new season. It’s everything you need to get a great shave, packed into a stylish dopp kit. The brand aims to be different, offering quality designs and a quality shave at a lower cost — in fact, $2 lower per blade than the big guys. That adds up in the long run — and the excellent blades & clean design are just part of what makes the Essential Travel Shave Kit so, well, essential for guys who hit the road frequently. And even if you don’t need to pack up the Travel Shave Kit every week, you still get even more bang for your buck (something we certainly love here at The Style Guide). In this case, Huckberry members get a gift card for four additional blades from Harry’s, in addition to the four that ship with the Travel Shave Kit. Oh, and those blades work hand-in-hand (blade-in-blade?) with the brand’s Winston copper-handled razor — your everyday shave, this is not.  That includes the bells and whistles it comes with — and in. Make sense?


The brand’s copper-handled razor makes for a smooth and stylish shave.

Crucially, the Travel Shave Kit really is a full kit, seeing as it’s housed in a custom-made, water-resistant Harry’s dopp kit. What’s more, you get the brand’s famous shaving cream and post-shave balm included — seriously, is there anything the Travel Shave Kit can’t provide for the guy on the go? Well, OK … it can’t pack your stylish weekender bag. But other than that, it should be incredibly useful. After a long day on the road, it’s nice to freshen up with a crisp shave (says the guy with a full beard). At any rate, it’s tough to find something as thoughtfully designed and executed as the Travel Shave Kit — and at an excellent price, too. We’re talking under $50 for Harry’s Essential Travel Shave Kit— that’s blades, shaving cream and all. And the even better part? You can certainly use the gear from the Harry’s Essential Travel Shave Kit when you’re not on the road. The brand’s razors are an incredible value and incredible quality, or so I’m told. At any rate, the next time you pack up in style, your saving grace in terms of grooming essentials could be the Harry’s Essential Travel Shave Kit. We’re in the midst of a new season, so step your game up accordingly.

Do you have any experience with the Harry’s Essential Travel Shave Kit? Will you be taking the Travel Shave Kit  with you on the road this season?

Online Shopping Picks: Top Men’s Summer Grooming Essentials

Editor’s note: Click this link for a full set of online #menswear shopping suggestions.

If you’re lucky, by this point in the season, you’ve got lots of your summer style essentials taken care of. There are some other style details that should be left out though, and it goes without saying that summer grooming essentials should also be on your shopping list. After all, what’s the benefit of rocking a stylish pair of shorts or some crisp white sneakers if you don’t have the proper grooming products to complement ’em? It’s all about the little steps that really create a holistic lifestyle, and that goes particularly for how you’re taking care of your skin in the sun. It’s something I can certainly get better at, and in that vein, you can expect more grooming-centric content in the coming weeks here (we’re in this together, folks). And today, we’re talking sun care, skin care and a bit of everything else. To get a jump on on the brands pictured below, head here to learn more about Baxter of California — and for the rest of the grooming essentials you need, carry on.

The Sun Protection: Manda Organic Sun Paste — $28.98

A refreshing look and feel, different from your average sunscreen.

A refreshing look and feel, different from your average sunscreen.

While great grooming is essential any time of year (particularly in the winter), there’s a defining attribute that makes summer skincare so essential, and it’s right up there at high noon. Grabbing a bottle of basic sunscreen is definitely one way to go (and other grooming brands also stock sun protection products), it can be nice to grab something that’s out of the ordinary in both packaging and its approach. This organic sun paste is more expensive, but again, it’s a nice, worthwhile change of pace from the ordinary.
Frank & Oak

The Daily Routine: Tread For Men Facial Cleanser — $25

A premium facial cleanser that packs a serious punch.

A premium facial cleanser that packs a serious punch.

Before you get ahead of yourself and skip onto other parts of your grooming routine, make sure your face is taken care of first. This no-frills facial cleanser incorporates Vitamins A and E, oats, olive and jojoba oils (among other ingredients) to hydrate, repair and firm your skin. It also flushes dirt and removes dead skin cells in the process — having tried it out recently courtesy of the brand, I’ve been very pleased with the results so far. It really has left my skin feeling refreshed and energized, and that’s all too rare before I’ve had my first morning coffee. Plus, the label is well-designed, the directions are easy to read and the glass bottle the product comes in feels a bit more premium than other skincare products.
The Skin Protection: Ursa Major Perfect Zen Body Lotion — $26

Never used a body lotion before? Try this one on for size.

Never used a body lotion before? Try this one on for size.

If you do happen to get too much sun, getting that recovery process going is critical (and ASAP, too!). Ursa Major makes very effective, if pricey, grooming gear that’s a bit more unique — it seems not many brands are doing body lotion for guys (and if you know of any great recommendations, jump in over on Twitter). Either way, this body lotion is going to soothe and soften your skin, and it works throughout summer and into the drier climes of fall and winter.

The Must-Have: Baxter of California Deodorant — $19

Another upgrade from a typical deodorant.

Another upgrade from a typical deodorant.

It goes without saying that deodorant is quite necessary in the summer, yes? One that’s made with a more premium approach than a standard drugstore pick-up can be a welcome style upgrade that pays dividends (better performance and better scent among them). The citrus scent and the solid gel won’t stain or discolor your clothes, so that’s another positive. And if you show off that time in the gym  in a tank top, it always helps to have deodorant on (another no-brainer, right?).
The Hair Care: Byrd Matte Pomade — $22

An easy way to look good -- a bit of matte pomade and some light styling can go a long way.

An easy way to look good — a bit of matte pomade and some light styling can go a long way.

In addition to finding the right ‘do for your hair — maybe a bit more of a classic hairstyle  or one that’s closer-cropped — it can be a bit of a struggle to figure out what exactly to do with it. Well, that’s where a touch of pomade works out nicely. Keep it matte, so you avoid the shiny, spikey haircuts so common in the early 00s (yes, I modeled my hair after boy bands, too).  In this case, less product is better — and if your hair is already cut shorter to begin with, that’s all the better. Like the other grooming products on this list, it’s an investment in terms of price — but worth it if you use it the right way.

The Finishing Touch: Everyman Jack Signature Face Lotion — $6

A small container that holds an essential key to grooming success.

A small container that holds an essential key to grooming success.

The adage that seems to hold true in most matters of #menswear holds equally true in matters of men’s grooming — namely, a little goes a long way. Just a bit of face lotion (only $6 worth!) can help soothe dry skin and razor burn at the same time. Plus, this face lotion offers a much-needed chance to keep your face looking hydrated and healthy even outside of summer — consider it the last step in your daily grooming routine.

Stocking up on the right grooming products for summer — or any other season — revolves around meeting your daily needs head-on, whether you spend a ton of time in the sun or spend a ton of time indoors, keeping your skin hydrated and healthy is quite important. And if you find yourself unsure of where to start in terms of products, reaching for upgraded basics — like a better deodorant or pomade — is often the way to go. That holds true for figuring out the rest of the menswear world as well, but it can be a big help if you only need a few key grooming products to get started. Have any thoughts on brands that should’ve made the cut, or any grooming must-haves for summer? Join the conversation at The Style Guide’s Facebook page, or on Twitter.

Thanks, as always, for reading

Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.

Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Grooming Products for Winter

Editor’s note: For more menswear-minded online shopping picks, including Oxford shirts and weekender bags, head here.

We’ve talked a bit about grooming lately here on The Style Guide,  namely in the form of this Doc Elliott giveaway earlier in January. But that giveaway is just the tip of the iceberg. Here in NYC, and I’d guess elsewhere for a lot of us #menswear fans, it’s pretty cold. And windy. And snowy, or rainy. All of that wreaks havoc on your skin, and if you don’t have a solid grooming routine in place, you could end up looking like this. There are a couple parts to assembling a solid grooming routine though, from caring for your face and beard (or stubble, or heck, no beard) to caring for your hands — so the below picks cover each of those bases (hopefully pretty well, too!). It’s not the full list of every brand you could look into certainly, but it’s a heck of a place to start — if I do say so myself. And if you haven’t given much thought to grooming before, it’s another small upgrade that can work in tandem with other style upgrades, especially if it was one of your style resolutions for 2016. So read on and stock up — you’ll beat winter in no time.

The Essential Moisturizer: Baxter of California Oil-Free Moisturizer, $24.00

A small tube that packs a big punch.

A small tube that packs a big punch.

One of the first steps to taking on winter is making sure your face is properly taken care of — and that starts with a hard-working, effective moisturizer from a brand that knows what it’s doing. The Baxter of California Oil-Free Moisturizer fits the bill perfectly. It’s a bit pricey for a small tube of lotion, but it’ll make a big difference — I’d say (although I’m no expert), using this as your last morning grooming step and your last nightly grooming step can definitely fight the effects of winter.

The Ultimate Beard-Care Kit: Doc Elliott Grooming Beard Care Combo Kit, $30

Two essential items in one package.

Two essential items in one package.

While $30 might at first look a bit steep for such a small package, rest assured that Doc Elliott Grooming absolutely knows what it’s doing in terms of beard care. This Beard Care Combo brings you two-in-one — the brand’s Beard Serum should work quite well as far as conditioning and smoothing that beard of yours, while the Beard Balm offers up even more protection. Two refined scent options are available, along with an unscented pick. There’s no wrong choice, my bearded brethren. And if you find yourself needing shaving essentials, we’ll cover that further down the line here.

The Hand Cream: Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, $15

From a brand known for its quality and longevity.

From a brand known for its quality and longevity.

Another oft-overlooked part of grooming — dry hands. We’re all prone to ’em, particularly in winter and even if you’ve got yourself some nice leather gloves. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve uses a blend of botanical oils and natural wax (derived from olive oil, no less), should definitely prove a hydrating combination. Trust me, your co-workers — and yes, your partner — will thank you. The price is a bit steep for a small container, but the 22oz. size isn’t a bad value.

The Shaving Cream: Baxter of California Super-Close Shave Formula, $20

This shaving cream would be a wise pickup from a brand that does things like this quite well.

This shaving cream would be a wise pickup from a brand that does things like this quite well.

We turn again to a reputable brand known for its everyday essentials, particularly its well-known Super-Close Shave Formula. It’s hydrating and crafted with coconut oils for a smooth shave — having checked out some myself, it’s the real deal. It leaves no mess (it’s a thicker, fluffier blend than typical shaving cream), it’s a solid value and it’s got a hint of refreshment built in.

The Finishing Touch: Brooklyn Grooming Anchor Aftershave Tonic, $16

Handmade using organic ingredients, with a touch of Brooklyn edge to boot.

Handmade using organic ingredients, with a touch of Brooklyn edge to boot.

For when you’re all set shaving (and even if you just like to freshen up your beard after a quick trim), reach for a crisp aftershave made in part with aloe vera gel.  The brand says its scent blends exotic woods and balsam resins among others, and if you’re into it, it’s imbued with some unique spiritual elements (yes, indeed) — like immune-stimulating “holy wood.” At the end of the day, you be the judge of whether that works — but it should handle the basics in a refreshing way regardless.

While the above list might be a bit longer than the stock you have in your medicine cabinet right now, the best advice would be to pick and choose what works for you — at the very least, some solid basics, like a nice moisturizer and hand cream, can definitely sort out your grooming situation to start. And when used as part of a solid daily routine, they can impart some nice structure, style and of course, refreshment to your day. In the long run, they’ll all help you fight the aftereffects of winter — and come spring, the same routine will continue to take you far.

What’s your winter grooming routine like? Do you own any of these products or will you be making any new purchases.