The Sunday Sale: Shop and Save Right Now on the Best Men’s Boots from TAFT’s Last Chance Section

Best fall boots for men.

Alright, my friends. Welcome back to another Sunday Sale, where we’re diving into some of the best menswear deals on the market, including the chance to shop and save on the best boots for men from a retailer that knows a thing or two about the category. That retailer would be the impressive E-commerce bootmaker TAFT, a personal favorite of mine when it comes to crafting the best men’s dress boots and plenty (plenty!) more.

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Now, perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to take a look at what I’m recommending today: That’d be a deep dive into the TAFT Last Chance section, which offers deep discounts — in some cases up to 40 percent off — a fast-selling array of the best men’s boots and dress shoes. TAFT specializes in rich, textured leather and sleek silhouettes that lean dressy, but can very easily be paired up with your favorite pair of blue jeans and a rugged henley, for instance.

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The selection within the impressive (and again, fast-selling) TAFT Last Chance section runs the gamut from luxurious hiker boots to some offerings of the fan-favorite TAFT Jack Boots, and that’s just the tip of the menswear iceberg. Remember, you can shop and save on an array of the best boots for men, going as high as 60 percent off. In the depths of fall, that’s a deal worth shopping ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The TAFT Mack Boots are Some of the Best Dress Boots to Shop Today

Best men's dress boots for fall

‘Tis the season to… shop some of the best men’s dress boots, if you ask me, and if you’ve been reading your favorite style blog, perhaps you agree. Where to start your search for boots that strike the right happy medium between rugged and refined, between durable, dependable and yet sleek? That answer — at least in my book — is quite easy.

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Head over to TAFT, makers of a wide range of the best men’s boots (and dress shoes), with enough designs to suit every style. Today though, we’re talking specifically about the TAFT Mack Boots, a versatile and handsome pair of the best boots for men to carry you through this season. I’m also a fan of the more rugged captoe TAFT Rome Boots, and both pairs are worthy of your consideration right now.

Most stylish fall boots for men.

It’s your best bet right now to pick up the TAFT Mack Boots in a brand-new, fall-ready shade of Brown. It’s a deep, rich color that works with fall tones ranging from olive to burgundy to tobacco tan and of course, navy blue as found in the best jeans for men. As luck would have it though, the TAFT Mack Boots have plenty of the right design specs to make them worth your while, too.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

To wit: The TAFT Mack Boots feature handmade, Blake stitch construction, which makes ’em resoleable after years of wear. They’re also handcrafted in Spain, always a hot spot for the best shoes for men. The brown Spanish Suede upper on the TAFT Mack Boots adds some nice, fall-ready texture and style.

Satchel and Page

What’s more, the sleek wingtip profile should sit nicely underneath everything from an aforementioned pair of the best jeans for men to a fall-friendly wool suit. Between the refined style, the standout construction and their all-around great looks, the TAFT Mack Boots are absolutely worth the price ($295). Style them accordingly today, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Lace Up the Stylish TAFT Rome Boots to Get Ready for the Season Ahead

Best leather boots for men.

We’ve been talking this week on The Style Guide about how to get ready for early fall in style — and trust me when I say it’s never too early to gear up the right way. Among the right ways you can outfit yourself with the best men’s style essentials? Get started early and often by shopping for some of the best boots for men from a brand that knows plenty about how to get ’em right — the brand in question is TAFT, a personal favorite of mine when it comes to rugged, dependable style.

In fact, the brand toes the line nicely between rugged and refined, offering up some of the best men’s boots at agreeable prices given the quality and style points on offer. Take, for instance, today’s featured pick: That’d be the TAFT Rome Boots, as versatile a set of stylish men’s boots as you’re apt to find these days. What makes them so essential for early fall (and beyond)? It’s, well, quite simple, really.

To kick things off, you’ll find that the TAFT Rome Boots are a true fan favorite, rated at 5 stars through more than 1,400 reviews. How’s that for positive customer feedback as you shop for the best boots for men, ehh? It comes down to more than that, though. The TAFT Rome Boots blend a textured full-grain leather upper with a sleek cap toe design, resulting in a set of go-anywhere men’s leather boots you can dress up (with a navy wool suit for fall) or dress down (with your favorite pair of blue jeans, for instance).

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The TAFT Rome Boots also feature resoleable Blake construction for durability and longevity, while rubber inserts on the sole add even greater dependability through fall and winter weather. Although the TAFT Rome Boots aren’t quite a pair of boots you’d want to rock in the snow or in inclement weather, the rich leather and sleek, easy-to-style profile make them some of the best boots for men to shop now.

And at under $300, I think you’ll find they’re fairly priced for how often you’ll want to wear them this season. Here’s to shopping for fall style picks early and often, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Get the Rugged Boots You Need for Spring in the TAFT Last Chance Section

The best TAFT leather boots for men.

Spring might at first call to mind the chance to bring some lightweight style staples out of storage, but first and foremost, you need a pair of the most rugged boots for men. Specifically, you need to lace up a pair from the durable-yet-refined boot purveyors at TAFT, an excellent source for boots that blend standout looks with standout specs. The brand makes some of the best boots for men in more areas than one, be it dressy Chelsea boots or rugged lace-up captoe boots, the kind you can wear with jeans or even canvas work pants. I myself have sung the praises of TAFT — I love the variety of options up for grabs, from floral-printed boots to woven dress shoes and hard-wearing leather boots. Taken all together, it’s this variety that makes the TAFT Last Chance Sale an excellent way to save on some of the best men’s boots.

The best men's hiking boots on sale.

You can save 40 percent, at least, on your new favorite boots and sneakers, with enough unique design details to make even the most avid boot collector stop and look twice. You’ll find rugged-yet-refined hiking boots (like the TAFT Viking Boots shown above), plus sleek Chelsea boots and patterned sneakers marked down plenty from their original prices, yet with still all the same quality inherent with the TAFT name. If you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on some TAFT men’s boots, I’d wager the TAFT Last Chance Sale is a mighty nice way to do just that. These deals on men’s boots aren’t apt to stick around long, so make sure you’ve got your credit card at the ready.

The Thursday Buy: These Rugged Leather Boots from TAFT Are the Best Men’s Boots for Spring

Taft men's boots

A pair of rugged and durable, yet lightweight, boots to carry you through spring from Taft.

Now that we’ve hit March, perhaps you’re under the impression that your rugged leather boots can be stowed away. To that, I say, well, not so fast. The best men’s boots on the market can be worn in at least three seasons, spring very much included, and that’s why we’re here to talk about the TAFT Dragon Boots 3.0, some of the coolest boots for men that I’ve seen (and wear-tested!) in some time. Now, these aren’t the TAFT Dragon Boots we talked about earlier this season on the blog in the Sunday Sale — these are an upgraded (and pricier) version. Not familiar with TAFT? It’s your lucky day, because they’ve got just about everything you need in a footwear brand, with a focus on dress boots at agreeable prices (given the fact that you can wear these boots pretty much anywhere, that is). Oh, and the fact that this particular pair is waterproof and ready for spring rain? That’s all the better.

TAFT men’s boots are designed in the States and crafted with care in Spain and Portugal. Both countries are a footwear hotbed these days, and that attention to detail pays off, at least in my experience with the TAFT Dragon Boots. They’re made from rugged suede leather that doesn’t scuff or break down too easily at all — and if your boots do get a bit scuffed up, isn’t that all the better? Keep in mind that TAFT also makes handsome wingtip dress boots & other silhouettes that wear more easily with, say, a tailored suit, but the TAFT Dragon Boots 3.0 are the perfect blend of rugged and refined.

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TAFT men's boots review

Details really make the difference when it comes to rugged TAFT men’s boots, ehh?

As I always say, it’s the little things that separate the best boots for men from, well, cheaper pairs, and as you might expect, TAFT has a lot going for ’em. When it comes to the TAFT Dragon Boots 3.0, they’re made from waxed Commander Suede that, once again, is waterproof and ideal for seasonal storms. The Dragon sole, featuring a fairly slim profile and yet crucial studded treads for added grip, is also ideal when it comes to all-day comfort (trust me, I’ve worn mine for hours all around Brooklyn).

Plus, the TAFT Dragon Boots 3.0, especially in a cool and classic Rust shade of tough leather, are perfect for pairing with your favorite spring style essentials. Those style essentials should include, say, light wash denim and a rugged short-sleeve henley (for starters). But you can also wear them with a khaki cotton suit and a denim dress shirt for a nice mix of dressy, high-low spring style, and that’s what makes them some of the best spring boots for men right now. Step into them and see for yourself.

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The Sunday Sale: It’s Your Last Chance to Get 40 Percent off these Durable TAFT Leather Boots

TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust

These classic leather boots are a standout deal right now from TAFT.

Here’s the thing about shopping for the best men’s boots for winter (and beyond) — if you don’t act quickly enough at times, you’re liable to miss out on what could be your new favorite boots. Don’t believe me? Witness the TAFT Last Chance sale section, your final opportunity to get standout deals — in this case, a remarkable 40 percent off — on the best boots for men, made to last season after season. And today’s Sunday Sale pick is a real winner: The TAFT Dragon Boots blend rugged appeal and timeless style, plus excellent functionality, and you really can’t beat the fact that these boots are 40 percent off right now. I’ve got a pair of TAFT Dragon Boots myself, and have been more than pleased with the blend of the tread outsole, the sleek profile and the rugged leather. These are boots to wear with jeans or with tailored wool trousers in equal measure (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — keep scrolling for the full specs). And if you’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on a pair of hyped TAFT men’s boots, or if you’ve simply been curious about the brand, you’re in luck today.

SHOP: The TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust

TAFT men's boots

A sleek design and textured leather make these boots casual, rugged and yet sharp as can be.

The brand uses European leathers and hand-cutting & painting to get the sort of detailing other shoe brands can only dream about (just check out the best-selling TAFT Jack Boots, for instance). And since TAFT launched in 2013, it seems the brand has built a cult following that sometimes makes its stylish men’s boots tough to come by. All of this is to say, when you can get a pair of the best boots for men on sale for 40 percent off, and in plenty of sizes, you should hop right on it. Of course, the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust are a terrific deal at full price, too: They’re made with Stead Waxed Commander leather for unique texture and durability — they’re fully waterproof. How’s that for some bang for your buck? Waxed laces and a full leather lining are touches that ensure a comfortable fit and premium quality.

That rich brown leather also makes the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust a fine candidate to wear with herringbone wool trousers and a classic Oxford shirt when you have to get back into the office. And when you clock out, wear them with your favorite pair of dark blue denim and a classic pocket T-shirt during warmer weather. Yes indeed, the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust are simply that good — and simply that much more affordable via the TAFT Last Chance sale section. Can’t get better than that, can you? No, sir.

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