The Friday Read: March Madness, South by Southwest Music and Spring Camo

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here

Since we last spoke during the ole Friday Read, it’s certainly been quite the week. I had the great fortune to spend this past weekend in Florida visiting with my dad and as luck would have it, a few friends from Michigan State University. Add to that mix a busy work week, some building buzz surrounding the NCAA Tournament and oh yeah — St. Patrick’s Day yesterday (!!), and it’s been a heck of a week! I’m even more excited for this weekend though — I’m hosting my best friend from college, Stephen Brooks, as he covers Notre Dame men’s basketball in the NCAA tourney … in Brooklyn, just a few subway stops away (catch all the action over at his Twitter) . Isn’t it crazy how things work out sometimes? Hopefully, you’ve got an exciting weekend of college basketball — or just relaxation — ahead of you. If you’re catching all that college basketball action live, here’s what to wear for the NCAA Tournament.  And if you’re still recovering from St. Patrick’s Day? Godspeed, and hopefully, the below #menswear news makes things a bit more bearable.

  • This humble menswear writer figured the camo trend was waning a few years ago, but it’s still sticking around — picks out three ways to wear camo this spring (fairly tastefully, that is).
  • I always enjoy reading what the folks at Well-Spent have to say, particularly in regards to the goods they’d buy this month…instead of covering rent.
  • The state of the New York menswear scene — much like the state of the menswear scene in general — is shifting, expanding and changing pretty rapidly at the moment. The trend forecasters at WGSN offer a pretty excellent analysis of the whole thing, thankfully (note that to get full access, you need to be a subscriber … sigh).
  • Long Read of the Week: If you’re lucky enough to have made it through most of this week at South By Southwest, there still might be a few top music acts you need to catch — Consequence of Sound picks the top 40 acts at SXSW.

Not fully ready to start the weekend? Fear not.

  • Spring jacket season has (thankfully) arrived — look for a full rundown on this site on Monday, and catch up on the Bridge & Burn Hayden Gray Jacket through my latest GearMoose post.
  • Throne Watches crafts sturdy, durable timepieces with an eye toward inspiring American cities as part of its 1.5 Collection — get the full scoop over at VOUCH Magazine.


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