The Friday Read: The State of #Menswear, Batman v. Superman and Spring Style

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here

As things stood going into last week’s Friday Read, I was quite hoping we’d have the chance to talk some Michigan State basketball here on the blog. But. Well. We’ll leave it at that. At any rate, it was still fun to host my great friend Stephen Brooks he covered Notre Dame in the NCAA Tournament, and all that activity played into a big week itself. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of catching up with the four brothers behind Brothers & Craft — Zac, Clay, Kirk and Matt –who happened to be in NYC for a whirlwind trip as they launched their next special project (check out their Instagram for more stylish things ahead!). They’re a great group of guys, generous with their time, fun to be around and a real pleasure to know. I was lucky enough to be able to hop down to the opening of the Daniel Wellington SoHo pop-up shop that very same night. And on that note, look for more details on Daniel Wellington’s new line tomorrow on the blog! As the week rolled along, it was even more thrilling (if that’s possible!) to attend the  prestigious WWD Menswear Summit on behalf of my day job at Coyne PR — it was an excellent look at the state of the industry itself, and covered everything from social media to retail trends to designer outlooks for the next few years. What a week — it really is extraordinary to get continually greater opportunities so frequently. It’s busy, to say the least — and given all of that, I need a bit of a nap this weekend. Maybe before you settle down, take a glimpse at the below #menswear reads. Enjoy!

  • Have you been following any other brackets out there besides March Madness? Namely, any style brackets? The one put together by the team at Get Kempt moved into the Style Sweet Sixteen this week.
  • Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have been hitting the road to promote the upcoming release of the much-hyped Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice flick — but have they been doing it in style? investigates.
  • The massive trade show that is Baselworld just wrapped up this week, and offers up its drool-worthy list of the top watches from Baselworld that you should get on your wrist … now.
  • While this is neither a long read nor a style note, Lollapalooza announced a truly epic run of artists to celebrate its 25th anniversary, from LCD Soundsystem headlining to Lana Del Rey, Kurt Vile and stellar folks like DREAMERS and Arkells billed further down.

Is your shopping cart empty? Fill it up with some buying suggestions.

    • Grab a stylish spring sweater to layer up with for those chilly nights, in case you missed our latest Online Shopping Picks piece.
    • Stock up on more spring style essentials via my latest post at — this one was a ton of fun to write!


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