#OOTD: How to Dress for a Spring Weekend

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

When the weather finally starts to warm up, bit by bit, it raises some interesting style questions — like “Where did I put those shorts?” or “Where are my sneakers?” (right?). We’re here today to answer some of those questions for you — whether it’s a spring bar crawl or just a casual weekend outing, keeping those crucial style principles of proper fit and functionality in mind is crucial. As this #menswear writer has mentioned before, casual doesn’t have to mean sloppy. That’s what the below #OOTD covers — be it a trip to a farmer’s market, a stroll in the park or a nice outdoor meal, it’ll be just as great to get outside in some warm weather as it will to look great doing it. If you have suggestions for additional #OOTD entries, let me know on Facebook! Stay stylish.

A lightweight jacket and a sharp popover take this outfit to another level -- read on for more details!

A lightweight jacket and a sharp popover take this outfit to another level — read on for more details!

The Jacket: Grayers Reston Quilted Jacket, $165: Because it might still be a bit breezy (or chilly, or rainy), this jacket is going to keep you dry, warm and stylish this spring. Previously featured on this site’s Spring Style Wish List.

The Shirt: Taylor Stitch The Summer Popover in Navy Aloha, $98:  A popover is a welcome swerve from a stylish polo or even a well-crafted pocket tee; this one is visually interesting thanks to the rich pattern and color — waiting for it might be the hardest part (you can snag a similar one from J. Crew in the meantime).

The Shorts: Johnnie-O Catalina Shorts in Navy, $79: While there can be a tendency to reach for khaki shorts (never a bad thing), navy shorts are going to offer a nice monochromatic look alongside the jacket, and bring out the blue in that popover. Plus the 9″ inseam is a good length for most of us.

The Sneakers: SeaVees Legend Sneaker Standard, $78: A stylish pair of white sneakers is, as SeaVees might say, a standard (and essential) spring style pick. This silhouette is classic, crisp and affordably priced.

The Socks: J. Crew Factory No-Show Socks, $7: These socks have popped up in a few recent outfits here on this blog — get used to rocking no-show socks this spring and summer, folks.

The Belt: J. Crew Factory Striped Belt, $14.50: With so much blue going on in this outfit, it only makes sense to reach for a belt that provides a nice bit of contrast thanks to that olive color.

The Watch: Shinola Rambler 44mm GMT, $750: Is this watch pricey? Heck yes. Is it the sort of extraordinary timepiece that we should all aspire to own? Well, yes. That as well.  (For more on Shinola, check out my latest Effortless Gent feature!).

While it might still be a bit too breezy for shorts in some cases, the above outfit is definitely one to keep in mind as the weather heats up. Slim navy shorts are a bit of a change of pace from a standard pair of khaki shorts, and a crisp popover adds a great bit of visual interest, too. A hybrid jacket is going to get the job done when the sun goes down and things get chilly, and pieces like sharp white sneakers and an outstanding watch will never go out of style. After all, that’s the goal with these #OOTD pieces. Have any suggestions for gear you’d sub in? Let me know!


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