The Friday Read: Viral Instagram Poses, Summer Seersucker and The Strokes

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

How was your week? As it seems with most of these posts as of late, it’s the capper on another extremely busy one here at The Style Guide. It admittedly took me a day or two to get back into the swing of things after an extraordinarily fun weekend with great friends at the epic Governors Ball here in NYC; for more on the #menswear I brought with me, check out that post. There’s really nothing like great live music, and if you get the chance to check out any summer music festivals, I’d urge you to do so (in fact, we’ve got a summer festival style guide all set for you). Aside from that, it was great to catch up with the fine folks at JackThreads to see what they’ve got in store for the coming summer season, and we’re deep in the throes of preparing for Father’s Day over at The Style Guide HQ. What are you getting your dad this year? Check out my Father’s Day gift guide for more suggestions. Before you move onto the next task (or the next browser tab), stick around for a bit and check out this week’s #menswear news. For more random style musings, follow my stylish alter ego on Twitter, and check back here on the blog for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week.

  • The debut issue of GQ Style gets right into it by covering the viral Instagram pose you should never strike again — who even knew there was such a thing?
  • In the spirit of true summer style, the great folks at Maxim talk over the only 5 seersucker items you need this summer.
  • Here’s a style note for you: If you find yourself in the L.A. area this summer, be sure to check out the great pop-up shop being convened by the fine folks at Bridge & Burn (a Style Guide favorite); they’re running a special partnership with the team behind the Liberty Fairs trade show — that’s at 8366 1/2 West 3rd Street in L.A., if you get curious.
  • To close things out on a non-style note, it was an absolute treat to see The Strokes rock out at Governor’s Ball this past weekend — PAPER examines why New Yorkers love The Strokes.

Not done reading yet?

  • In addition to some of my choice Father’s Day picks on The Style Guide, I just had to cover essential Father’s Day gifts over at The Manual — some pieces were so great, they made it into both features!
  • If you still find yourself in need of summer swimwear, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Style Guide feature — and in the meantime, scoop up a great pair of JackThreads Swim Trunks.

So, that closes out another Friday Read; enjoy your weekend!

And as always… stay stylish,



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