Style Pick of the Week: Jack + Mulligan Ali Duffel

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Ali Duffel 2

If you’ve been paying any attention to your television or the Internet across the past week, you’ll know the Rio Olympics are well underway. They’ve given us a bunch of gold medals for the U.S., and a seriously large amount of Michael Phelps face memes (that’s the last you’ll read of it, sorry). Even yours truly at The Style Guide published a post on what to wear to watch the Olympics. Well, there’s still plenty more where that came from — and the best part about this week’s Style Pick? You can use it all year-round. Yes indeed, the Jack + Mulligan Ali Duffel is your answer to quite a few different questions. Namely, where can I find a gym bag that actually looks good? Maybe one that’s not too bulky, either? Truly, the stylish gym bag is an underrated style upgrade you should definitely consider making, and the fact that this option’s got patriotic roots only helps during this time of year (the $115 price tag isn’t too bad, either). The bag is named for the great boxer and Olympic gold medalist himself (that would be Muhammad Ali, folks), and it’s part of Jack + Mulligan’s “Pursuit of Greatness” capsule collection. The Ali Duffel is available in four colorways, but allow me to put forth a little Saturday menswear argument — the Ivory/Sport Blue combination is the only one you need if you find yourself Stateside. Why’s that? Keep on reading.

Available in three additional colorways, the Ivy/Sport Blue might be your best bet. Photo courtesy of Jack + Mulligan.

Available in three additional colorways, the Ivy/Sport Blue might be your best bet. Photo courtesy of Jack + Mulligan.

The water-repellent canvas body is stylishly offset by what’s truly a sporty blue colorblock on the bottom panel, plus fittingly American red-striped handles made from sturdy cotton.  Right down to the blue water-resistant nylon lining, the whole combination is old-school yet crisp. It’s the kind of bag that might stylishly complement something like a rugged-refined Todd Snyder graphic T-shirt as part of a casual off-duty look. And when you do take it to hit the gym, it’s going to stand out subtly and stylishly — no garish athletic logos or overly padded shoulder strap here. The entire combination is surprisingly sharp, and the patriotic look and feel of the moment means there’s no better time to buy it. If you’re heading to an Olympics viewing party, it’s a neat way to lug a few everyday carry essentials (plus a few brews) around — and it can serve the same function the rest o’ the year, as well. If you’re feeling particularly patriotic, you could even grab a Jack + Mulligan U.S.A. Baseball Cap to really complete the look. Finish it off with the comfortable, athletic-inspired Ace Short from Mack Weldon and you’ve got an entire ensemble that’s patriotic, fresh and ready for some relaxation (and rabid cheering, of course).

Will you be buying the Jack + Mulligan Ali Duffel?

Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.



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