The Friday Read: Fall Sneakers, Liberty Fairs and Exploring Chicago with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

If this week wasn’t one of the quickest-moving weeks of the year, it sure felt like it — you ever have those weeks? It was a thrilling and exciting one though, as I spent time in Las Vegas for Liberty Fairs, an extensive and enjoyable menswear trade show that puts the latest and greatest menswear (in this case, for spring 2017) on display. I was able to explore the city in style and catch up with some great brands — of note, keep an eye on Crosby Square and these excellent denim chukkas featuring a casual crepe sole — it was just one of many stellar styles on display from the brand. Additionally, the folks at Jack Mason — a new Style Guide favorite — are in the business of making versatile, sturdy watches inspired by everything from nautical to aviation timepieces of old. It’s fitting that it took a trip all the way to Vegas to find out about them. My time on the road isn’t done yet, as more travel is in the cards today. I’m heading back to Michigan for my great friend Andy’s wedding weekend as we speak! Look for a full #menswear post in that regard coming Monday.

Are you hitting the road yourself this weekend? If a trip to Chicago is in the cards, I’d highly recommend you check out the excellent, engaging Chicago Field Guide put together by the great folks at Huckberry in partnership with Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. It’s a very neat and personal way to get a glimpse of Chicago as seen by Tweedy, and the product featured in the post is pretty cool, too — seriously, those Iron Rangers from Red Wing Heritage are a site to behold. Again, check it out here. And in the meantime, keep up with the week in menswear news and product launches below, and follow along with my daily outfits and menswear adventures on Instagram or Twitter.

  • Buying denim can be tricky sometimes, right? That is, it can be tough to find the right inseam length, and even then, you might have to roll or cuff ’em quite a bit to get the right fit. Not so with Scale Denim, a new made-in-the-USA denim brand that just launched on Kickstarter. They offer seven scaled, proportional inseams in relation to your waist size, and they do so when other premium denim brands might not have you taken care of.  Expect those to ship later this winter if you do back them.
  • We’ve got more Kickstarter news coming at you — if you  prefer a unique, premium Singapore-designed, Swiss-made watch, check out what the folks at Jubileon are doing with the Superellipse Watch. It features an eye-catching cushion-shaped design, a 39mm case diameter and the kind of refined look that can be tricky to find without dropping a grand. Yet, if you back it now, you get the Superellipse for just over $500 — quite the deal when you look at it.
  • Although it still feels like we’re dealing with an intense August heat wave, is already looking toward the best sneakers to buy for fall — know that this site will be pulling together a roundup of fall’s best high-top sneakers later on in September! Stay tuned.

Need something else to read?

  • If you’ve been looking to add a subtle bracelet or cuff — or a handsome watch — to your arsenal of accessories, look no further than Miansai’s fall menswear, as I covered for The Manual.

So, that’s all we’ve got on the menswear news front this week — check back tomorrow for our weekly Style Pick, and stay tuned for more menswear travel coverage on Monday!

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  1. […] With all that being said, the trip still seemed to come to an end all too soon — that could’ve been the early wake-up call to get back to NYC on Wednesday, too. My Life/After/Denim Club V-neck Tee (it’s proven quite the quick seller) was the ideal casual way to catch an early-morning flight — luckily, it fits the bill at my laidback office, too. And my Levi’s 505C Denim worked again to travel back — the hint of stretch is key, and the durability made them an easy pick when matched with the simple, stylish Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch. It’s now time to power through the work day, and unpack my bag until I travel next. With Labor Day on the way though, I’ve got some stylish adventures planned — I’ll be exploring the buzzed-about town of Asbury Park (that’s New Jersey, folks), and bringing along some stylish essentials (of course). Keep up with all the #menswear action on Twitter or Instagram, and check back here Friday for a weekly menswear news recap. […]


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