#OOTD: How To Dress for Thanksgiving This Year

Let’s get down to business — what’s your favorite holiday? Is it Thanksgiving? And if so, do you have any idea what to wear for Thanksgiving this year? This #OOTD answers at least one of those questions for you … you can figure out the rest. It’s a tricky holiday, in that it still calls for your best men’s style essentials, yet tailored to the situation. Perhaps you might need to add a stylish blazer to the below ensemble, or even *gasp* a tie. Conversely, maybe you need to ditch the handsome Aymar James Sweater (the centerpiece of our outfit) in favor of going solo with the Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford and some classic five-pocket pants from Faherty Brand. And there are other considerations at play — perhaps you’re heading to visit family, or you’re meeting your significant other’s parents (gulp), or you’re just spending leisurely downtime with friends. Regardless, the situation calls for truly classic fall style essentials that can spring into action when the rubber meets the road. Specifically, that’s where a pair of footwear like the Rhodes Dean Boots come into playin this ensemble (as you’ll see below). They work for holiday travel, they work for Thanksgiving itself, they work for Black Friday shopping, and they’re refined and stylish enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone you run into at the bar on Wednesday night. How are you tailoring this #OOTD to make it work for you? Let me know on Twitter— enjoy the holiday, my friends!

Just one way you should dress for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • The Sweater: Aymar James Sweater, $150 — If it’s too warm to layer up where you are, ditch this stylish sweater in favor of the shirt on its own. If not? The Aymar James Sweater could be a new favorite.
  • The Shirt: Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford, $98 — Assuredly, a classic Oxford shirt is timeless all year around. But this Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Oxford is especially fitting for a nice holiday outing.
  • The Pants: Faherty Brand Comfort Twill 5-Pocket Pants, $148 — Just as you can wear these stylish five-pocket pants in a fashion that’s a bit more rugged (see this #OOTD), you can also dress ’em up a bit for Turkey Day.
  • The Stylish Leather Boots: Rhodes Dean Boots, $220 — A handsome profile, beautiful leather and that cool cap toe detail make these dressy enough for Thanksgiving and laidback enough for a bar visit the night before.
  • The Socks: Anonymousism Zigzag Crew Links Socks, $24 — The little details go a long way, and stylish socks (sans holes!) are a must when padding around the house once you’ve taken off your Rhodes Dean Boots.
  • The Belt: Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Leather Belt, $89 — Trust me, considering the length of time you’ll have the Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Leather Belt, it’s worth buying in advance of Thanksgiving.
  • The Watch: Laco Aachen 42 Watch, $369 — A special holiday calls for a special watch — this  handsome leather watch from Laco checks all the right boxes.
  • The Gift for Your Host: Bespoke Post Over Easy Box, $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post) — Meeting your significant other’s parents? Staying with friends? Just heading home to family? This Bespoke Post box right here is a fun and welcome Thanksgiving host gift.

Now, who’s excited for Thanksgiving dinner yet? I know I am. And I hope you’re excited to dress in style for the day. If you see chilly weather in the forecast, there’s no better route to go than layering up with a rugged sweater like the Aymar James Sweater — it perfectly complements a classic Oxford shirt for easygoing-yet-polished style. And since you’re going to be relying on comfort for your lower half, the Faherty Brand Comfort Twill 5-Pocket Pants are sharper than sweatpants, but fit and feel like denim. And again, if you see inclement weather ahead — or if you simply love a stylish pair of leather boots — you can’t possibly misstep with the excellent Rhodes Dean Boots a wining style to wear for Thanksgiving and through the holidays. In the way of accessories, I’d say Thanksgiving is a holiday where you should swing for the fences — getting the chance to wear my dad’s Rolex (Hi, Dad!) one year drove home that point nicely. So, the beautiful Laco leather watch shown above gets it right. The same can be said for your newly upgraded leather belt: The Red Wing Heritage Pioneer Leather Belt. If you don’t eat too many extra helpings of Thanksgiving dinner, that is.  And to top things all off? Step into stylish socks, then show up with the Bespoke Post Over Easy Box.  Your perfect Thanksgiving weekend awaits with this #OOTD. Thanks for reading!

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