#OOTD: How to Layer a T-Shirt This Spring

We talked in our last #OOTD about how to wear a sweater for spring, and it’s high time we took that same approach again, is it not? Well, not the exact same approach, but with a similar focus on spring layering. That’s why we’re here with a new #OOTD, and it’s all about how to layer a T-shirt for spring, because it’s not all fun and games out there. Spring weather can be breezy and blustery and downright unpredictable, which is why pieces like a spring overshirt or the best spring trucker jacket are going to be so valuable. It’s much the same with finding the best T-shirt for spring, one that’s well-made and durable enough to stand up on its own while also looking great when layered up accordingly. Of course, you’ll find all the supporting gear you need and more, from your new favorite spring jacket to the best affordable watch for men to the best men’s jeans for versatility and classic looks all the way.

After all, a guy has to make the right move when it comes to dressing for weather that can go any which way, and when the pursuits of spring are so varied as well (from weekend strolls to outdoor beers to days working from home), your gear has to pass muster, too. And with all that being said, here’s the #OOTD to help you get the job done, whatever that job might be this time out.

The coolest way to wear your T-shirt? You be the judge.
  • The T-Shirt: Grayers Acme High Twist Tee in Forged Iron, $45 — This ensemble has to start with the very best, and in this case, that means one of best T-shirts for men and in a nice color, too.
  • The Lightweight Jacket: Billy Reid Flight Jacket, $350 — When wearing your new favorite T-shirt, it’s best to keep spring weather in mind, like we mentioned earlier. That means one of the coolest men’s jackets for the season is also crucial. You’re investing in the best here.
  • The Spring Denim: Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans in Medium Indigo, $165 — Now, we’ve talked about the best men’s jeans for spring in the past on the blog, so it’s high time you kept getting great wear out of ’em.
  • The Spring Boots: R.M.Williams Gardener Chelsea Boots, $470 via UNCRATE — Head to the well-stocked digital shelves of UNCRATE to get a perfectly rugged pair of the best Chelsea boots for transitional spring weather.
  • The Socks: Flint and Tinder Surplus Collection Socks, $18 — A pair of rugged Chlesa boots calls for an accompanying pair of the best socks for men, and it’s helpful that the new Flint and Tinder collection has the pair you need.
  • The Watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT, $1,795 — Bear with me here on the price of this rugged stainless steel dive watch, because it’s going to deliver every bit of the functionality you need this season, plus some added style points.
  • The Everyday Carry: Billykirk No. 480 Small-Batch Carryall, $675 — No matter where your spring season takes you, especially if it’s a busy day of spring weekend errands, you need a stylish way to carry all of your gear. Luckily, Billykirk’s small-batch carryall is exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • The Grooming Essential: Duke Cannon Standard Issue Face Lotion, $10 — Leave it to the good folks at Duke Cannon to get your spring grooming refresh squared way with one of the best face moisturizers for men.
Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

So, that’s going to wrap up this very carefully composed, highly stylish and spring-ready #OOTD. Whos’ felling more ready for the season, ehh? I know I am, and it starts with the little details, like a stylish way to carry all of your gear, and it rolls right through to the big-ticket items, like the centerpiece of this ensemble, the best T-shirt for spring. It’s the sort of T-shirt you can wear with just about anything, including al on its own but this look gets a major leg up thanks to the exceptionally cool Billy Reid Flight Jacket shown above. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, as it were, because a pair of the best men’s jeans are putting in in plenty of work when it comes to rugged, dependable spring style. The same can certainly be said for that pair of the best Chelsea boots for maximum spring style and performance, no matter the weather or where your travels take you. Accessorize with a pair of the best socks for men, then top it all off with a rugged stainless steel dive watch to stay on time in style. It gets even better when you consider the utility and style of Billykirk’s small-batch carryall, and the entire thing is capped off quite nicely with a crucial moisturizer from Duke Cannon. The next time you need to look great for casual spring style, start with the best T-shirt for spring and build your outfit from there. It won’t let you down. Happy shopping, folks!


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