#OOTD: How to Layer a T-Shirt This Spring

We talked in our last #OOTD about how to wear a sweater for spring, and it’s high time we took that same approach again, is it not? Well, not the exact same approach, but with a similar focus on spring layering. That’s why we’re here with a new #OOTD, and it’s all about how to layer a T-shirt for spring, because it’s not all fun and games out there. Spring weather can be breezy and blustery and downright unpredictable, which is why pieces like a spring overshirt or the best spring trucker jacket are going to be so valuable. It’s much the same with finding the best T-shirt for spring, one that’s well-made and durable enough to stand up on its own while also looking great when layered up accordingly. Of course, you’ll find all the supporting gear you need and more, from your new favorite spring jacket to the best affordable watch for men to the best men’s jeans for versatility and classic looks all the way.

After all, a guy has to make the right move when it comes to dressing for weather that can go any which way, and when the pursuits of spring are so varied as well (from weekend strolls to outdoor beers to days working from home), your gear has to pass muster, too. And with all that being said, here’s the #OOTD to help you get the job done, whatever that job might be this time out.

The coolest way to wear your T-shirt? You be the judge.
  • The T-Shirt: Grayers Acme High Twist Tee in Forged Iron, $45 — This ensemble has to start with the very best, and in this case, that means one of best T-shirts for men and in a nice color, too.
  • The Lightweight Jacket: Billy Reid Flight Jacket, $350 — When wearing your new favorite T-shirt, it’s best to keep spring weather in mind, like we mentioned earlier. That means one of the coolest men’s jackets for the season is also crucial. You’re investing in the best here.
  • The Spring Denim: Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans in Medium Indigo, $165 — Now, we’ve talked about the best men’s jeans for spring in the past on the blog, so it’s high time you kept getting great wear out of ’em.
  • The Spring Boots: R.M.Williams Gardener Chelsea Boots, $470 via UNCRATE — Head to the well-stocked digital shelves of UNCRATE to get a perfectly rugged pair of the best Chelsea boots for transitional spring weather.
  • The Socks: Flint and Tinder Surplus Collection Socks, $18 — A pair of rugged Chlesa boots calls for an accompanying pair of the best socks for men, and it’s helpful that the new Flint and Tinder collection has the pair you need.
  • The Watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT, $1,795 — Bear with me here on the price of this rugged stainless steel dive watch, because it’s going to deliver every bit of the functionality you need this season, plus some added style points.
  • The Everyday Carry: Billykirk No. 480 Small-Batch Carryall, $675 — No matter where your spring season takes you, especially if it’s a busy day of spring weekend errands, you need a stylish way to carry all of your gear. Luckily, Billykirk’s small-batch carryall is exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • The Grooming Essential: Duke Cannon Standard Issue Face Lotion, $10 — Leave it to the good folks at Duke Cannon to get your spring grooming refresh squared way with one of the best face moisturizers for men.
Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

So, that’s going to wrap up this very carefully composed, highly stylish and spring-ready #OOTD. Whos’ felling more ready for the season, ehh? I know I am, and it starts with the little details, like a stylish way to carry all of your gear, and it rolls right through to the big-ticket items, like the centerpiece of this ensemble, the best T-shirt for spring. It’s the sort of T-shirt you can wear with just about anything, including al on its own but this look gets a major leg up thanks to the exceptionally cool Billy Reid Flight Jacket shown above. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, as it were, because a pair of the best men’s jeans are putting in in plenty of work when it comes to rugged, dependable spring style. The same can certainly be said for that pair of the best Chelsea boots for maximum spring style and performance, no matter the weather or where your travels take you. Accessorize with a pair of the best socks for men, then top it all off with a rugged stainless steel dive watch to stay on time in style. It gets even better when you consider the utility and style of Billykirk’s small-batch carryall, and the entire thing is capped off quite nicely with a crucial moisturizer from Duke Cannon. The next time you need to look great for casual spring style, start with the best T-shirt for spring and build your outfit from there. It won’t let you down. Happy shopping, folks!

Style Pick of the Week: Outerknown Pagoda Stripe Tee

From the mind of surfer Kelly Slater comes a heck of a stylish T-shirt via Outerknown. Get this one on your person!

Is a T-shirt ever really just a T-shirt? Certainly not, especially if it’s the Outerknown Pagoda Stripe Tee — today’s choice #menswear pick for your reading (and purchasing?) pleasure. Why is it worth it to upgrade your T-shirt game — to the tune of a nearly $70 T-shirt from the fine folks at Outerknown and Huckberry? Well, riddle me this, folks: What’s an essential you can wear everyday, underneath everything from a slim light wash denim jacket to a breezy navy blazer and heck, all on its own? A well-made, modern-fitting and stylish T-shirt, that’s what.  The Outerknown brand — and by extension, the Pagoda Stripe Tee — sprang from the mind of legendary surfer-turned designer Kelly Slater, and who knew he could put together such an essential, functional and wearable collection of #menswear? Surely, not me.

You very well should recognize the brand’s tees from this site’s #OOTD on what to wear to a summer barbecue, and the Pagoda Stripe Tee would also make a fine addition to any casual summer wardrobe. Make no mistake, it certainly belongs on your list of summer style essentials. Why’s that, exactly? It starts with the eye-catching striped pattern and moreso with the neutral Whitewater color, incorporating easy-to-match white and tan stripes. The Pagoda Stripe Tee  is a perfect example of the dusty tones that are such a welcome change of pace from bright blues and reds in the summer months. You could even team this tee up with a similarly earth-toned pair of chukkas, like the Astorflex Greenflex Suede Chukkas. Add in some slim light wash denim, and you’re set for a weekend coffee run, a casual Sunday brunch or a few patio brews.

Subtle styling details and organic jersey cotton fabric make this tee a comfortable and environmentally friendly T-shirt option.


As we said before though, a stylish T-shirt is never really just a stylish T-shirt. In the case of the Pagoda Stripe Tee , that’s only a positive. Outerknown joins the ranks of brands doing their part to make the industry more sustainable and stylish in the process — this tee is made with organic jersey cotton for breathability, comfort and an eco-friendly production process. And the jacquard stripe pattern is a step up from your average white tee in terms of texture, style points and easygoing versatility. If you’re wondering how to wear this T-shirt, fear not.

Again, you could throw this tee on as is, or you could slip the Outerknown Evolution Shirt Jacket over it on a breezy summer evening. From city to country and campsite to your favorite bar back in town — busy, busy — it can take it all on in style (at least, your Style Guide author thinks so). Plus, its retro and slightly boxy fit is just a bit different than a plain white tee — feel free to roll up those shirt sleeves a bit, and you’ve got my full permission to perform the J. Crew tuck (T-shirt style, that is). Are you a fan, and will you be picking up the Pagoda Stripe Tee  this summer? Chime in over on Twitter — and as always, you can check out how I wear my stylish summer shirts over on Instagram.

Most importantly — thanks for reading!


#OOTD: How to Dress for a Casual Summer Day

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

Past #OOTD features here at The Style Guide have tackled everything from dressing up linen pants to dressing down a chambray blazer, but what about those times when you just …. need something in-between to wear? The title of this #OOTD might be a dead giveaway, and it might be a bit “boring,” but maybe you’re grabbing coffee and groceries and then a beer or lunch, maybe you’re strolling through the park  — but it’s a casual scenario, it might be hot (but it could get a bit breezy later), and you want comfort, good looks and an easy-to-wear #menswear ensemble.  That’s the aim of today’s #OOTD — it’s taking somewhat expected pieces (like classic, slim denim and a V-neck tee) and matching them up in a way that’s cool, simple and effortless (and more on why we’re sticking with denim in a second). If you want more daily styling tips or appreciate a great outfit grid (as I do), check out my Instagram feed for more — and chime in on Twitter with suggestions on topics for the next #OOTD. Got it? Good!

Pairing up items you've already got -- like a V-neck tee -- with sharp sunglasses, lightweight sneakers and a trusty denim shirt.

Pairing up items you’ve already got — like a V-neck tee — with sharp sunglasses, lightweight sneakers and a trusty denim shirt.

The Denim: Mott & Bow Slim Mercer Light Denim, $108 — Mixing things up from typical dark or light wash denim is a must, and the light tan color of these jeans matches up pleasingly well with blue and grey — as you’ll see below. Plus, they’re a little more versatile than shorts — although if it gets too hot, those would work fine here.

The T-Shirt: Life/After/Denim Club V-neck Tee, $58 — Here’s the casual part of the outfit –a garment-dyed V-neck tee in a rich blue color that fits slim and looks better than a standard crewneck tee.

The Overshirt: JackThreads The Denim Shirt, $34.99 — A light wash denim shirt is an unexpected summer style move — lest you think it’s too heavy, know that this shirt is lightweight and should offset the deeper blue of the tee nicely; wear it slightly buttoned up for a layered look, or leave it open during a stroll by the lake.

The Watch: Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch, $138 — Lest we get too far ahead of ourselves, know that this Timex x Todd Snyder watch is indeed on backorder — but it should ship soon, and you’ve got the perfect #OOTD ready when it does.

The Sneakers: UGG Freamon Sneakers, $110 — Am I the only one who didn’t know that UGG made men’s sneakers? Maybe so? Either way, this pair of chukka sneakers features water-resistant suede, lightweight traction & a nicely versatile color.

The Belt: Arcade Belt Co. Crawford Belt, $36 — Style comes down to the details, and this belt combines the look of a crisp tan leather belt with a high-tensile navy elastic for comfort.

The Socks: American Trench Pima Cotton Houndstooth Socks, $22.98 — American Trench reliably makes excellent socks that breath well even in the heat, and these should be no exception. Again, if it’s too hot, trade the denim for shorts and swap in a pair of stylish no-show socks.

The Sunglasses: Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses in Gunmetal, $209.98 — When you’re pairing up classic pieces like a denim shirt and a V-neck tee, there’s no need to go overboard with your shades; classic aviators are the way to go here.

The above outfit might not gain you major street style snaps, but it’s effective, solid and reliably stylish because the basic pieces are well-made and well-fitting. Plus, accessories like a  crisp NATO strap watch and classic aviator sunglasses can take you anywhere the rest of the season. And that denim shirt can also work in the fall when layered over your favorite long-sleeve henley. The more scenarios you can take on with one outfit, the better off you’ll be — and that’s the case with this #OOTD. Got any feedback? Give us a shout in the comments below! And be on the lookout for a great reader giveaway coming up tomorrow.

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Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Pocket T-Shirt


Not just any old T-shirt, thanks to the vintage wash and subtle styling details.

Not just any old T-shirt, thanks to the vintage wash and subtle styling details.

If you follow The Style Guide or peruse occasional photos from this author on Instagram, you’ll know I love me a great T-shirt. When you talk about a T-shirt that incorporates texture and subtle styling details, I’m sold (take this Stock Mfg. Co. Pocket Tee, for example). Sure, a tee’s not as fancy or nearly as crisp as a classic blue Oxford or a slim chambray shirt, but it’s a particularly useful summer style essential — and in the right cut and fabric, it’s a surefire style upgrade compared to athletic or logo-ridden tees you might be used to rocking. And on that note, I’m pleased to give you Exhibit A — this ridiculously stylish Todd Snyder Pocket T-shirt. It’s vintage-washed and weather-dyed for a broken-in, authentic look, and it features the sort of premium styling details we’ve come to expect from Mr. Snyder. The lauded American menswear designer is a favorite of this site (and a heck of a lot of other publications) for his approach to both continental, classic tailoring and rugged sportswear inspired by both vintage & Americana themes. It’s quite the combination, and it’s done in a way that’s wearable and relatable for the everyday guy. The Todd Snyder Pocket T-shirt is nearly as premium and well-made as a tee can get, and that means it can be rocked plenty of ways this summer.

Todd Snyder pocket T-shirt

Just one styling option for this Todd Snyder pocket T-shirt — it’ll go just as well with sweatshorts as a slim suit.

It’s done up with just the right amount of style details, including subtle double-stitching on the sleeves, pocket and collar. The button at that front chest pocket is a nice visual change of pace, too. Those small touches make it the type of tee you can wear very confidently atop your favorite pair of dark blue denim, and they also make it very suitable to rock with slim olive chinos and some classic white SeaVees sneakers, for example. The slim fit and premium construction make it Exhibit A for another reason, too. Thinking about trying the oft-tricky styling move of pairing a T-shirt with a suit? A tee with some variation in texture plus a slim cut is going to be the way to. Heck, it might not look all that bad with one of the Todd Snyder White Label suits that seem to be gaining in popularity, either. In more casual situations, it’s going to look just as right. Rock it with slim chino shorts and stylish leather loafers for a solid high-low style combo on the weekends, then pair this slim pocket T-shirt up with an unconstructed chambray blazer during the work week. Beneath a sportier crewneck sweater, it’ll also fare well in the fall and winter. The price is assuredly a lot for “just a T-shirt,” but you’re getting so much more styling potential and quality than that. Just tell them to put one on hold for me, ehh?

Are you a fan of this Todd Snyder tee? In what ways would you style it? Chime in on Twitter or via Facebook!
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