The Tuesday Steal: The Best Winter Workshirt Is Under $100 From Filson Right Now

The most extreme conditions require the best gear on the planet, which is where Filson frequently steps in to save the day with, among other things, a full lineup of the best men’s shirts for winter. Such is the case with today’s Tuesday Steal, the Filson Field Flannel Shirt. Simply put, it’s one of the best men’s shirts under $100 on the market (it’s ($98 at Filson), and if you act quickly enough, it can be on its way to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Of course, it’s just part of what’s up for grabs right now at Filson, including one of the most rugged shirt jackets you can find, along with an incredibly affordable beanie cap for winter. In short, there’s little you find at Filson that isn’t overbuilt (in a great way), and yet surprisingly accessible in terms of price — when you consider how much wear you can get out of these pieces, that is.

The Filson Field Flannel Shirt is particularly exceptional in terms of its design, affordability and performance, all of which you should come to expect from the lauded Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter. It also seems to be a hot seller among the entire rotation of Filson men’s shirts, which is no surprise either. To wit: The Filson Field Flannel Shirt is billed as lightweight yet tough, easy to layer and yet warm when worn the right way. It only gets better from there, especially if you seek a reliable layer for outdoor winter pursuits.

Product lifestyle image

Crucially, the Filson Field Flannel Shirt uses a medium-weight 7oz. cotton flannel that’s been garment-washed for softness (and to prevent shrinkage — this is much-needed if you’re layering it over, say a rugged Filson thermal shirt). Two large front-button chest flap pockets provide critical space for your everyday carry essentials and small tools, turning the Filson Field Flannel Shirt into a true workshirt, as opposed to just a casually rugged flannel shirt (never a bad thing to have on hand, either). The Filson Field Flannel Shirt‘s affordability is a big bonus, given that you can wear it with everything from Filson’s indigo blue jeans to work pants and hard-working leather boots.

The Filson Field Flannel Shirt also comes in different colors beyond just your typical flannel shirt, including an eye-catching Legion Blue color (this Brooklyn writer’s personal favorite). Pick it up in one of two different lengths depending on your needs, but know that the Filson Field Flannel Shirt can be worn tucked in or untucked with work pants, some of the best men’s chinos or the aforementioned Filson men’s jeans. Whatever you need to get done this season, the affordably priced, well-made Filson Field Flannel Shirt belongs in your closet — all at a low price considering the versatility you’re getting.


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