Style Pick of the Week: Filson Kitsap Work Shirt

Filson Kitsap Work Shirt

The durable overshirt you need for plenty of spring layering.

If you’re in need of, let’s say, the perfect work shirt for spring, or quite literally one of the best men’s overshirts for spring and well beyond, then today is your lucky day. That’s because the Filson Kitsap Work Shirt checks all the proper boxes that you need, and then some. It’s exactly what you’d expect in a rugged workshirt from Filson, and that says a lot coming from a heritage outfitter with more than a century of making the best menswear on the market. Did I mention it’s also new for this season? Because it is, and it’s highly covetable. Mark my words, any time you get the chance to check out the best new men’s gear at Filson, you should assuredly take that chance, and quickly, at that. It’s not the first time you’ve seen it mentioned on the blog (check it out in a previous Friday Read), and it won’t be the last.

Consider it the answer to your search for a durable workshirt you can wear to take on any spring excursions or spring cleaning, and that’s an understatement. It all comes down to the tough-yet-lightweight fabric blend, for starters. The Filson Kitsap Work Shirt is made with a breathable pre-washed cotton that should function nicely as a top layer over a thermal shirt or your favorite Filson T-shirt, but you should also be able to throw it on as a standalone spring shirt, too.

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Filson men's shirts

Your new go-to spring shirt, no questions asked.

It’s exactly the kind of versatility and quality that Filson has perfected over the years, with the toughness to stand up to early morning projects in the yard and the style to take on leisurely weekend afternoon strolls in equal measure. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the Filson Kitsap Work Shirt comes in two cool color options (my favorite is the Dark Charcoal Jasper), so you can pair it with, say, Filson indigo denim for all-day style. The two front flap pockets on this stylish overshirt provide critical room for your everyday carry essentials, which you can also stock up on at Filson (but I bet you knew that already!).

The fact that the Filson Kitsap Work Shirt is made with pre-washed fabric is also crucial. That should limit break-in time, and it’ll feel breezy and comfortable right out of the box. To me, this shirt screams expert casual style for spring and summer days aplenty, no matter how often you wear it for, y’know, actual work. I’ll be wearing best men’s overshirts for spring around the borough for seasonal beers and park strolls, and I hope you’ve got the same ideas in mind. Cheers to the season, folks!

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The Thursday Buy: The Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket is the Toughest Spring Jacket on the Market

Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket

An unstoppable spring workwear jacket, no matter where the season takes you.

What if I told you there was a simple way to ensure you always had one of the best men’s jackets for spring at your disposal? A way to keep that jacket close at hand in your rotation constantly? It all starts with buying one of the best men’s jackets for spring, and to do that, you need to heed my advice first: The Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket is the answer to the above queries, and one of the toughest men’s jackets for spring, at that. You’ll find it in the Filson New Arrivals section, always a harbinger of quality seasonal gear offerings.

It was designed with the open road and with spring adventure in mind (it’s the best jacket to wear while riding a motorcycle, if that’s your thing), but it also functions handily day-to-day. That’s because it’s got all the same remarkable qualities in a Filson work jacket from the brand’s main line, with the  added flair of the fact that it comes from the new Filson Alcan workwear line. Why fix what’s not broken? Well, think of it as Filson taking what was already next-level and making it even better. The Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket will run you $450 at Filson, but as with any gear picks from the lauded Pacific Northwest heritage retailer, it’s worth the investment.

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Filson Alcan Workwear

A seemingly simple silhouette blended with tough materials and top-notch construction.

The Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket, although subtly designed and not too flashy on the surface, makes up for that with tough-as-nails materials and design. It starts with a waxed cotton exterior build using waxed cotton from British Millerain, the sort of material found in jackets by the likes of Taylor Stitch and more.  The reinforced exterior is further bolstered with a quilted design and Cordura ballistic nylon reinforcements at key stress points (in this case, the shoulders and arms). The rib knit collar and cuffs also provide some added protection from the elements in a classic bomber-style cut. And the drop-tail hem, with a longer back cut, is also ideal for the open road. How does that sound for your new favorite jacket for spring, ehh?

These design touches come together seamlessly to make one of the most rugged men’s jackets you’re apt to find these days, and the PrimaLoft insulation provides warmth on chilly, blustery spring hikes or early morning strolls alike. And if you just want a cool, rugged men’s jacket to wear as you grab an outdoor beer? The Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket is your go-to menswear move, folks.

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The List: Get Ready for Early Spring with the Best Men’s Style Gear from Filson

Filson men's new arrivals

Your new favorite spring gear comes from Filson, folks.

It’s been a bit since we used The List — our recurring series covering the best new menswear — to talk specifically about the best gear to buy at Filson. So, as with all things spring, it’s time to get into the spirit of a wardrobe refresh with the best spring menswear from a legendary heritage outfitter. As with my favorite gear picks from Huckberry (for example), it seems like the team at Filson really does have something for everyone, from rugged waxed jackets to lightweight spring outerwear and plenty more. March breezes and the occasional chilly day are upon us, April showers are coming, and you need to be ready. Shop new spring arrivals at Filson with my picks below, then consider yourself set for the season.

The Best Men’s Gear to Buy This Week at Filson

Filson Pioneer Solid T-Shirt — $50

Filson men's T-shirts

A dependable and sturdy T-shirt to wear all spring and summer.

Yes, we’re starting things off with a humble T-shirt. Humble, yet remarkably well-made and durable, it’s one of the best men’s T-shirts for spring and summer, available in versatile colorways (like Gold Ochre as shown above), to boot. Well-done, Filson.

Filson Draftsman Canvas Pants — $130

Filson Draftsman Canvas Work Pants

Rugged new work pants from an esteemed brand.

Some of the most affordable work pants you can buy in any season, these rugged midweight canvas work pants also have built-in elastane for helpful stretch and comfort.

Filson Herringbone Jac-Shirt — $175

Filson Jac Shirt review

Make this a new layer for blustery spring days aplenty.

Because you’re not out of the woods just yet when it comes to blustery spring weather, this rugged shirt jacket is a tough, durable Filson style staple when you need it the most.

Filson Rugged Twill Compact Briefcase — $360

Filson Rugged Twill Briefcase

Your new go-to work and travel bag for all your properly sized essentials.

It wouldn’t be a roundup of the best new men’s gear at Filson without featuring a new everyday carry essential built from the brand’s famed twill fabric. Use this one, well, every day.

Filson Alcan Canvas Cruiser — $495

Filson Alcan Canvas Cruiser

A tough canvas jacket made for road trips and spring urban exploration.

This is one of the best spring jackets for men, made with rugged waxed cotton and crafted to be worn on the open road through inclement weather.

Filson Rustic Oxford Shirt — $98

Filson Rustic Oxford Shirt

Your new, reliable shirt for work or play.

Looking for a durable everyday shirt, the kind you can wear for casual weekends at home or spring trips up north? This Filson Oxford shirt is your best bet, no questions asked.

Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans — $165

Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans

The ideal pair of spring jeans for men, without a doubt.

If it’s the perfect pair of spring jeans you want, the kind that you can wear with a relaxed T-shirt or with a Filson Oxford shirt, these are the jeans to buy. Head here on my blog to learn more about ’em.

Filson Uplander Boots — $375

Filson Uplander Boots

Some of the coolest leather boots for men, and for all your spring and summer adventures, at that.

In addition to making durable menswear like a rugged shirt jacket, Filson also does one heck of a job when it comes to crafting the best leather boots for men, like this go-anywhere pair.

Filson Watch Cap Beanie — $45

Filson Watch Cap Beanie

The perfect watch cap for rainy, windy and cold spring weather.

I can’t state enough the importance of proper headwear when spring weather really takes a turn for the worse, and this classic Filson beanie cap gets the job done in style.

Filson Bridle Leather Bifold Wallet — $135

FIlson leather goods

A tough leather wallet you’ll find yourself using a ton.

Filson really can round out your whole wardrobe, right down to the best everyday carry essentials around. That includes this rugged leather wallet that you’ll have for years to come.

Does that add a few items to your spring style wish list? I know it adds more than a few to mine, but that’s what you’re getting with new spring arrivals at Filson: An action-packed look at the coolest gear around, from the simple things (like a classic Filson beanie cap) to the larger items that are worth investing in, and then wearing all the time (like the Filson Alcan Canvas Cruiser or a Filson Oxford shirt, or the perfect pair of spring jeans). Let me know your favorites in the comments below, and thanks for reading!


The List: Here’s The Most Rugged, Best Gear to Buy From Filson ASAP This Week

Exactly how your Filson gear should look if you get the most out of it — which you will!

Alright, my friends. These past couple weeks, we’ve taken the chance to dive into one specific brand during each weekly edition of The List (from Huckberry to  Buck Mason), so before we get into Black Friday madness, we’re going to focus on just one brand once again: That’d be the all-American gear purveyors at Filson, makers of the best darn equipment and menswear for outdoor adventures for more than a century. I’ve long been a fan of this Seattle brand, as you know if you read the blog, and can’t recommend picks like the Filson Dry Tin Pants enough (as but one example). With that being said, here’s the best gear to buy right now at Filson for the rest of fall … and the start of winter.  Keep in mind, these are assuredly investments that’ll pay off — and look great while doing so. Cheers and happy shopping!

Filson TIn Cloth Short Lined Cruiser Jacket — $395

Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket

A tough-as-can-be jacket from an iconic brand.

Yes indeed, we’re kicking this post off the right way: With a look at one of the best men’s jackets for fall and winter, an iconic number from Filson: Of course, it’s the Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket. Cheers, my friends!

Filson 24-Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase — $395

Filson 24-Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase

Pick up your new favorite getaway bag this season ASAP.

I’d be remiss not to mention the iconic Filson 24-Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase in this roundup of the best Filson gear, and it’s with that in mind as I check it off the list. It’s perhaps the best bag for fall and winter getaways (of the quick variety!), no doubt.

Filson Ultralight Jacket — $195

Filson Ultralight Jacket

A lightweight-yet-durable jacket to wear this season.

If you live in a more temperate climate, or one where temperatures can dip unexpectedly, then the Filson Ultralight Jacket, with its packable design, nylon shell and warm insulation, is the right way to go, seeing as it’s one of the best fall and winter jackets.

Filson Dry Tin Cloth Utility 5-Pocket Pants — $165

Filson Dry Tin 5-Pocket Pants

Dependable five-pocket pants that can mimic jeans or work pants based on what you need this season.

As mentioned above, the Filson Dry Tin Pants are some of the toughest men’s pants on the market, with the kind of style that’s right at home as you kick back on the porch in the morning or head out to take care of some fall and winter yard work.

Filson Beartooth Camp Jacket — $250 

Filson Beartooth Jacket

A tough-as-nails jacket that looks great with jeans or chore pants and a henley in equal measure.

A new addition to the latest line of Filson coats and jackets, the rugged Filson Beartooth Camp Jacket is classically designed and perfectly suited for, say, winter mornings at your cabin or on the road.

Filson Long-Sleeve Henley — $85

Filson Long-Sleeve Henley

An unstoppable henley to wear on its own or layered up.

What pairs up very well with everything from the Filson Dry Tin Pants to the Filson Beartooth Camp Jacket, all at once ? Why, the Filson Long-Sleeve Henley, of course. Consider it a casual and cool weekend base layer, whether your weekend involves spinning records with coffee in hand or tackling some intense yard work.

Filson Watch Cap Beanie — $45

Filson Watch Cap Beanie

One of the most reliable winter hats on the market, folks,.

So, you’ve got your Filson Long-Sleeve Henley for chilly mornings at home and on the road … now, get one of the best winter hats for men via this well-made Filson Watch Cap Beanie.

Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt — $350

Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt

A cool, rugged and easy-to-layer shirt jacket for inclement fall and winter weather.

If you check out the blog regularly or subscribe to my newsletter, you recognize the perfectly durable, highly stylish shirt jacket that is the excellent Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt. Shop accordingly this fall and winter.

Filson Service Boots 2 — $395

Filson Service Boots 2

Rugged and durable boots from Filson for adverse conditions anywhere.

The best boots for fall and winter — or, possibly some of the best boots, I should say, — could just be the rugged and highly dependable Filson Service Boots 2. Lace ’em up, my friends.

Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater — $350

Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater

Quite possibly your new favorite sweater for fall and winter.

Let’s keep it rolling with one of the best sweaters for men this winter, and it’s here not a moment too soon. The Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater is one of the best of the best around, made to keep you warm and cozy no matter what. Wear it for winter mornings aplenty, and it helps that it’s naturally rain-repellent, too.

Filson Northwest Wool Shirt — $165

Filson Northwest Wool Shirt

Layer this classic wool shirt atop a henley for excellent fall and winter style that won’t miss a beat.

This durable Filson wool shirt is the kind of shirt to wear on cold fall and winter days and nights the whole way through, preferably with a pot of coffee on and your favorite record playing. How about that?

Filson Bridle Leather Bi-Fold Wallet — $135

Filson Bi-Fold Leather Wallet

Perhaps the only leather wallet you’ll need to buy for years to come.

Last but certainly not least: You’re absolutely investing in the best when it comes to this rugged leather wallet from Filson, the kind of everyday carry essential you’ll have for years and years … and years.

OK, folks. I know it’s always a tough, tough call to sort through the best Filson menswear out there, especially when the brand has such a storied pedigree, but what’s your top pick from the above list? As for me, it’s hard to choose between something like the Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater or the Filson Service Boots 2 … or perhaps, the Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt. See, a total toss-up! Let me know your top picks over on Twitter, and be sure to comment below if you’ve got any particular favorites. Again, thanks for reading and happy shopping!