The Friday Read: The Best Men’s Blazers to Beat the Heat, The Rumpl Beer Blanket and Transitional Style

My dear friends and Style Guide readers, can you believe it’s Friday again already — and time for another Friday Read, at that? It’s pretty wild, but we’re nearly staring down Labor Day weekend. Are you ready for it? I already can’t wait to be headed back to Pure Michigan next Friday for a long weekend.

But for now, we’ve got business to take care of when it comes to men’s style essentials and preparing for changing seasons. The hot weather seems to have stuck around unusually long this year, so while we wait for that first crisp fall breeze, you should be focused on transitional pieces that tackle the current season swiftly (things like a stylish denim jacket and durable leather lace-up boots). Just know that in due time, we’ll be stepping out in rugged style essentials for brewery visits, football games and more fall fun. So, that’s what I’m excited about at the moment — along with an upcoming Brooklyn summer weekend featuring lots of iced coffee and a few craft brews. What about you? Let me know on Twitter, or join us at The Style Guide Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

  • If I were you, I’d want to stay as cool as possible these last few weeks of summer — Esquire is recommending a lightweight blazer to help you beat the heat in style. Shop accordingly (and be sure to check out my guide on how to wear a blazer with a T-shirt! Bingo).
  • Speaking of stylish, lightweight blazers, what say we revisit this #OOTD that covers how to beat the heat in style? It’s worth keeping in mind even as the calendar approaches September — how crazy is that?
  • And in that same vein — staying cool and beating the heat — perhaps it would behoove you to check out the Rumpl Beer Blanket, a handy craft beer accessory that I covered for GearMoose recently. Take a bunch of ’em out on your next weekend caming trip (Side note: Check out my picks for the best men’s camping gear) or football tailgate this fall. You won’t regret it!
  • Lastly — in the way of classic men’s style essentials that transition from season to season with ease, surely this list of the best men’s Oxford shirts will come in mighty handy (I pulled it together for The Manual, after all!). And if you can’t get enough stylish Oxford shirts, and want another option, you might as well read this site’s post on the best Oxford shirt to buy now, as well.

That’s going to wrap up today’s Friday Read. Still in the mood for more men’s style content? Read all about the best leather watch to buy right now.  Or, stock up on more menswear essentials to close out summer. We’ve got you covered! 

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