Online Shopping Picks: Here Are The Best T-Shirts to Buy Right Now

For years, you’ve likely had a closet or dresser drawer jammed with tees. Old high school and college tees, loud logo tees, maybe a much-loved band tee here or there … but what about a stylish T-shirt to wear when, well, you just want to wear a great-looking, no-fuss slim T-shirt for summer? That’s what we’re covering in today’s #menswear rundown. We’ve talked about how to wear a T-shirt with a  suit (it can be done!), but it’s even more refreshing to see that some of your favorite menswear designers are taking the classic staple and upgrading it with quality fit and fabrication.


Indeed, the humble T-shirt can turn into a style weapon of sorts …. if you buy the right one, that is. And if you, like me, love shopping for the best new  gear for men, I’d urge you to leave some space on your list for what might be your new favorite T-shirt (or heck, several new favorite T-shirts). You’ll recognize brands familiar — like Outerknown — and perhaps more unfamiliar, and that’s what we want. Buy one of the best men’s T-shirts on this list, and you’ll be set for layering with a light wash denim jacket, teaming with an unstructured navy blazer and rocking it on its own to your next music festival. Let me know what you think of the below picks in the comments or on Twitter. Oh, and as per usual … you can see how I’m styling my T-shirts on Instagram. Let’s get right to it!
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#1. Outerknown Pagoda Stripe Tee in Whitewater OR Ink Stripe — $53.98

Two unique, textured tees fit for wearing with plenty of ensembles this summer.

OK, so you’ve surely seen Outerknown and the brand’s Pagoda Stripe Tee in our Style Pick of the Week series — right? If you’re on the hunt for a tee that can work reliably well on its own, you’re going to want something with a bit more texture and heft to the fabric — and that’s what the Pagoda Stripe Tee brings to the table. Your Style Guide author likes it in the crisp, pleasingly earthen Whitewater shade, but the Ink Stripe Tee would look great with a slim denim jacket or a grey cotton blazer. Two options, two winners — both among the best men’s T-shirts for summer, no questions asked.

#2. Flint and Tinder Slub Tee in Dusty Field Grey OR  Coral$38

Flint and Tinder

Two broken-in options from F&T — both featuring a modern fit and excellent colors.

The key with picking out a stylish slim T-shirt to wear entirely on its own, sans jacket or other layers? Looking for a T-shirt that’s crafted with proper texture and fit in mind. It’s those visual details that make the difference — and as always, Flint and Tinder gets the little things right. The Flint and Tinder slub tees for sale this season get the little things  just so, with a range of dusty color options ideal for pairing with slim light wash denim and your favorite suede chukka boots. As for me? I love the Flint and Tinder Coral Slub Tee, and would definitely wear it with a khaki cotton blazer.

#3. Bread & Boxers Relaxed V-neck in White — $28

Bread & Boxers

A simple, classic V-neck tee made for easygoing style.

We’ve talked about how the best men’s T-shirts incorporate subtle visual details, right? Well, let’s make some room for that timeless men’s style essential, the classic white T-shirt. There should be space for one in every closet — even if you only wear it in the most pared-down of style situations. We’re talking slim grey denim, stylish leather high-top sneakers and a tee like the Bread & Boxers Relaxed V-neck — for example. And when you want to layer it — say, under a classic chambray shirt or a cotton bomber jacket — it’ll work just as stylishly. And the Relaxed V-neck is priced right, too.


#4.  Old Navy Textured Stripe Pocket Tee — $16.94

Old Navy

You get what you pay for with Old Navy — simple, quality style.

There are times when you just want an affordably priced tee with a simple (yet visually interesting) design, right? That’s where Old Navy comes in. You could feasibly stock your closet with the brand’s no-frills basics, including this neat red striped tee that’s available for under $20. With the cash you’re saving here, you should have some left over for a burger and a beer — wear it with a leather moto jacket for a dose of added cool.

#5. Iron and Resin Indigo Tide Tee — $43.98

Iron and Resin

A well-made, richly colored tee that’ll earn you serious style points.

As we’ve talked about previously, the best men’s T-shirts pack a serious punch in terms of quality style, excellent visual details and the best fabric money can buy. For a shockingly low price, that’s what Iron and Resin delivers with its handsome, rugged Indigo Tide Tee. Featuring a custom look that comes from the unique indigo dye process, the Indigo Tide Tee is made from soft cotton jersey — that makes it the exact type of tee you’re going to want to wear with your favorite chinos and stylish summer sneakers. Feel free to layer it under a rugged cardigan when the temperature drops this fall, too.

#6. Bespoke Post Crew Box — $45

Bespoke Post Crew Box

You get two excellent layering pieces for the price of one — including a stylish pocket tee.

We’re going beyond our usual five picks today, if only because there’s simply too much out there when it comes to stylish men’s T-shirts. Just as with other Bespoke Post gear — if you’re not familiar, get acquainted — the Bespoke Post Crew Box packs a tremendous value for a low price. In fact, you get plenty more than just a classic pocket tee in the Crew Box — you also get an easy-to-layer indigo crewneck sweater, perfect for breezy summer nights or packing up some of the best gear to head to the beach. Wear the tee on its own, then add the sweater as it gets a bit colder — you can’t go wrong.

#7. Huckberry Modern Visual Language Pocket Tee — $32

An entirely unique pocket tee with a cool design — easier to wear than you’d think.

Want a T-shirt that’s anything but ordinary? Enter the Huckberry Modern Visual Language Pocket Tee. It’s a visually intriguing, conversation-worthy tee designed for Huckberry by artist Kyle Steed. Featuring an unexpected white-and-pink color combo, it’s a breezy summer tee to wear on your next bar crawl — preferably alongside slim chino shorts as you sip on one of the best summer beers, ehh?

#8. La Paz Guerreiro Pocket T-shirt — $54

La Paz menswear

A timeless option available through Huckberry for an affordable price.

Last but certainly not least, take a cue from the easy, breezy style of guys the world over by putting on a classic striped T-shirt this summer (and well beyond). As it were, the La Paz Guerreiro Pocket T-shirt provides the perfect chance to step out in continental style — think slim chinos, white sneakers and perhaps an unstructured grey linen blazer. Given the fit and quality fabrication of this La Paz tee, it’s even the type of T-shirt you can wear with a suit (preferably the handsome Taylor Stitch Telegraph Suit, ehh?). So, that’s a lot of value packed into just one tee — what are you waiting for?

OK, folks. That’s all for today in terms of stylish men’s T-shirts to buy now. What did you think? As we’ve discussed before, designers and brands continue to do a very reliable job in terms of upgrading the fabrics and fits of your favorite T-shirts. Whether you’d consider a classic American-made shirt — like one of the essential Flint and Tinder slub tees as seen at the top — or if you want to go with something a little bolder (like the Modern Visual Language Pocket Tee), there are options aplenty.

And there are certainly tees that can work in situations both casual and dressy — the Indigo Tide Tee from Iron and Resin can easily slip under a khaki cotton blazer or a light wash denim jacket in equal measure. If quality and value is what you seek, then I hope the Bespoke Post Crew Box gives you what you’re looking for. In the way of classic American style, it’s also true that an essential white tee belongs in your wardrobe  — I think the Bread & Boxers Relaxed V-neck more than gets the job done.  Lastly, continental style can be had in spades with a pick like the La Paz Guerreiro Pocket T-shirt  — as with the rest of our picks for the best men’s T-shirts, getting the look you desire is as simple as buying a tee that you love. To add to this list, hit up The Style Guide Facebook page or leave a comment below.

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The Product Review: Gustin Spring Plaid Shirt

A sturdy shirt with details that reflect the price. Spring Plaid Shirt by Gustin. Dark denim by Mott & Bow. Glasses by Warby Parker. Brown leather watch by Stuhrling.

A sturdy shirt with details that reflect the price. Spring Plaid Shirt by Gustin. Dark denim by Mott & Bow. Glasses by Warby Parker. Brown leather watch by Stuhrling.

Editor’s note: For other product reviews covering more menswear categories than you can shake a stick at, click here. 

San Francisco-based Gustin has been known across the menswear community these past few years for the excellent, sturdy (and American-made) denim they’ve been producing — don’t forget about their tough, durable chore coats either. The brand is expanding even further as of late into new, essential categories like T-shirts and (starting in June), sneakers. And you can add another category to the list of things the brand does very well — casual shirting. Gustin launched its shirting with a focus on the  basics, like chambrays and Oxfords. They’ve since broadened that approach even further, to the point where they’re now funding a third release of shirts with lauded heritage shirtmaker Thomas Mason. They’ve done a nice job adding seasonal fabrics as well — like the Spring Plaid shirt you see here.

Shirtails are slightly long in the front and back for my personal taste, but it's still fit to be worn untucked.

Shirtails are slightly long in the front and back for my personal taste, but it’s still fit to be worn untucked. Dark denim by Mott & Bow. Photo credit: Liz Todd.

This release was funded in the depths of this past winter (February if memory serves?) and at only $76 for this made-in-America piece, it’s not hard to see why. While that price is on the higher side if you’re on a budget, a one-off purchase like this can be an excellent way to get exposure to made-in-America craftsmanship and quality, if only infrequently to start. The shirt uses Japanese cotton cloth with a vintage plaid pattern — it’s nice to see another brand making use of plaid patterns in places other than fall or winter-weight clothing. The colors in this shirt are pretty vivid, and yet the overall pattern is subtle enough to have a pleasing effect on the eye from afar.  The combination of red, green, blue, yellow and white might seem a bit much at first, but it definitely works in this case. Being able to glance closely and see different bits of color crossing over each other is a nice effect, too.

On the lookout for spring. Shirt by Gustin. Khaki Travel Jacket by Combat Gent. Pocket square by Banana Republic. Glasses by Warby Parker. Photo credit: Liz Todd.

On the lookout for spring. Shirt by Gustin. Khaki Travel Jacket by Combat Gent. Braided leather belt by Target Merona. Pocket square by Banana Republic. Glasses by Warby Parker. Photo credit: Liz Todd.

It’s the type of shirt that adds some punch to an outfit without taking away too much attention from elsewhere – and the multitude of colors pairs well with a neutral piece like the Slim-Fit Khaki Travel Jacket from Combat Gent shown above. Perhaps the most important thing to note on this shirt is the fit — although this shirting model isn’t on-sale now, that same design carries over to the brand’s other pieces. In a Slim-Fit Medium, the armholes are high but not restrictive, the sleeves have a tailored and clean (but not overly snug fit), and the shoulders are the right width on my 6’1″, 180 lb. frame. The shirt is just a tad on the longer side when untucked for my personal taste, but it’s more than able to be worn that way comfortably. As far as the overall fit, it’s very close to a slim-fit casual shirt from J. Crew or Club Monaco. (Editor’s note: Does anyone have any experience with the Classic Fit shirting style from Gustin?).

A closer look at details of the shirting and the blazer. Pocket square by Banana Republic.

A closer look at details of the shirting and the blazer. Pocket square by Banana Republic.

Other shirting details absolutely live up to the purchase price as well. The two-piece front placket and sleeve cuffs feel sturdy, not flimsy — that’s key when rolling up shirt sleeves. The buttons are attached firmly to the shirt and at the buttondown collar – no loose threads or buttons in danger of falling off here.  Crucially, the collar itself has a substantial (yet not overly large) roll to it, making it easy to wear without a tie. It’s little details like these that bring together a complete shirt fit for business-casual or more laidback wear. The pattern on this has the sort of scale that wouldn’t detract from a striped cotton tie in dressier instances, and yet the collar could stand up under a linen cardigan or V-neck sweater, too.

So, assuming the brand doesn’t pull a price hike and continues to fund new shirting releases in the current pricing range (roughly between $70 and $93), it’s absolutely worth a shot to snap one up that catches your eye. New product releases from Gustin tend to be funded in a matter of days, if not even more quickly, but at the rate the folks in Cali pump out stellar designs, there should be more than enough opportunity to pick up one of your own soon. Consider this writer sold for the future.

Have you bought any casual shirting from Gustin? What’s your experience been like? What other products have caught your eye from the store?

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